Sonic Soccer is my very third Fan Game!


Sonic was walking around Mobius Plains, looking for something to do. "Hmm...." then he saw a soccer ball lying in the grass. "Hey.... I've got an idea!" he said. Sonic picked up the ball and ran off. But unknowingly there was someone watching him. In Eggman's Lair, Eggman was spying on Sonic with a telescope thingy. "HAHAHAHA!" Eggman laughed. "I've gotten an idea! HAHAHA!" "Oh boy what is it this time?" Metal Sonic questioned. "You see... I'll gather up 5 people! Me,You,Eggman Nega,Shadow Android and one of my specially picked mechs! HAHAHAHA! I'll hold a soccer tournament! The winning team gets the Chaos Emeralds!" Eggman held up the seven Chaos Emeralds. "Wow. How'd you manage to get those?" Metal Sonic asked. "I...know a guy." Eggman replied. Outside of the door..."Hmm... so he's holding a soccer tournament,eh? I've gotta gather some people on my team! I can't let Eggman get those Emeralds!" Sonic ran off....again.

Story-Only Teams

Sonic Runners

Sonic (Captian)Speed

Tails (Teammate 1)Skill

Knuckles (Teammate 2)Power

Elise (Teammate 3)Skill

Sharah (Goalie)Skill

Shadow Chaos

Shadow (Captian)Speed

Rouge (Teammate 1)Skill

Omega (Teammate 2)Power

Gamma (Teammate 3)Skill

Black Doom (Goalie)Power

Amy Hearts

Amy (Captian)Speed

Cream (Teammate 1)Skill

Big (Teammate 2)Power

Cheese (Teammate 3)Speed

Chocola (Goalie)Skill


Vector (Captian)Power

Espio (Teammate 1)Speed

Charmy (Teammate 2)Fly

Mighty (Teammate 3)Speed

Fang (Goalie)Power

Silver Psychics

Silver (Captian)Skill

Blaze (Teammate 1)Speed

Mephiles (Teammate 2)Power

Iblis Minion (Teammate 3)Power

Iblis (Goalie)

Gold Flashes

Gold (Captian)Speed

May (Teammate 1)Skill

Bronze (Teammate 2)Power

Jupiter (Teammate 3)Power

Gold Android (Goalie)Speed

Techno Smarties

Techno (Captain)Speed

Shelly (Teammate 1)Skill

Skull (Teammate 2)Power

Martin (Teammate 3)Speed

Tech Clone (Goalie)Speed

Eggman Mechs

Eggman (Captain)Power

Metal Sonic (Teammate 1)Speed

Shadow Android (Teammate 2)Speed

Eggman Nega (Teammate 3)Power

Egg Pawn (Goalie)Speed


Green Hill Court:Home to the Sonic Runners. No Gimmicks Here!!! Best for Newbies.

The ARK Court:Home to the Shadow Chaos. Watch out for Artificial Chaos!

Amy's House Court:Home to the Amy Hearts. Watch out for room acsessories!

Chaotix Base Court:Home to the Chaotix. Watch out for Espio's Ninja Stars flying at you from NOWHERE!!!

Crisis City Court:Home to the Silver Psychics. Watch out for collapsing objects!

Lightning Road Court:Home to the Gold Flashes. Watch out for Lightning!

Underground Base Court:Home to the Techno Smarties. Watch out for Sparks out of the ground!

Eggman's Lair Court:Home to the Eggman Mechs. Watch out for missiles from airships!

Special Moves (Captians Only)

Sonic: Sonic Wind:Sonic kicks the ball in the air and jumps up, creates a Blue Tornado, and shoots the ball into the goal.

Shadow: Chaos Control:Shadow uses Chaos Control to freeze time and kicks the ball into the goal easily.

Amy: Hammer Slammer:Amy takes her hammer and smacks the ball into the goal.

Vector: Music Blast:Vector sings loudly and the shockwave moves the ball to the goal.

Silver: ESP:Silver uses ESP to move the ball to the goal and he runs over to kick it in.

Gold: Lightning Flash:Gold sends down a streak of lightning to knock the ball to the goal.

Techno: Computer Smash:You'd think he'd do something with a computer for his special right? Yep! But... Techno puts the ball in a computer and throws the computer to the goal.

Eggman: Revenge of the Pawns:Eggman calls out a bunch of Egg Pawns who carry the ball to the goal in a stampede.


Sonic's Team stood there in front of a defeated Eggman's team. "Give up, Eggman! You lost!" Sonic smirked. "Never!" Eggman refused. "OH, GOD DANG IT GIVE UP ALREADY!!!!!" Metal Sonic yelled. Sonic stood there with a 0_o face. They all then started to laugh. "SHUT UP!" Eggman screamed. Then Sonic left with the Chaos Emeralds. His team followed him. "Sonic....we won!" Elise congragulated. "Heh... I know." Sonic said,shaking his index finger as usual. Then he rushed off as he heard Amy's voice running for him.Tails,Knuckles,Elise and Sharah all laughed as Sonic and Amy ran off into the distance.

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