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* = Starter

Sonic the Hedgehog*

Miles "Tails" Prower*

Knuckles the Echidna*

Rest unlocked in story mode

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Sonic the Werehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega


Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat


Part 1

The first part starts off with a battle; Sonic vs Knuckles. Eggman comes in and drops a bomb and Tails comes and flies in, but Eggman shoots Sonic, causing him to go flying. Amy unfreezes him and they go off.

Part 2

Meanwhile, when Tails and Knuckles look for Sonic and instead find Metal Sonic and battle him. Back with Sonic and Amy, it is now night and Sonic turns into a werehog. They then talk about the events in Unleashed and they go off.

Part 3

This part of the story follows Shadow, Rouge and Omega. They find themselves surrounded by Eggman's robots. After the first battle, they become unlockable. The three agree to join Eggman, but plan to betray the doctor.

Part 4

This part follows Silver and Blaze. Metal intends to destroy the future. After fighting Metal Sonic, Blaze and Sliver become unlocked.  Once they reach Cream and Emerel, they must protect them from Metal Sonic who has caught up with them. Following this is an adventure stage.

Part 5

Sonic and Amy meet up with Tails and Knuckles, where Sonic tells them their story, when they are ambushed by both Metal and Mecha Sonic. After the battle, Shadow Rouge and Omega meet with Silver and Blaze, where Silver and Shadow get into a fight, but afterwards, decide to join forces.

Part 6

Cream and Emerl are flying away and meet up with Shadow and Silver. Then Gemerl comes then emerl and cream fight after that we meet back with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Mecha Sonic shows up. After that battle, Dr. Eggman accidentally blurts out his plans. Upon discovering he's been revealed, he runs off.

Part 7

After an adventure stage, the group meets up and finds Dr Eggman, who unleashes robots and missles that the heroes easily dodge. He then sends out a robot that reflects your player character.

Part 8

After Eggman fails, his robots and the final boss Mecha Egg come out and wipe out all the heroes. Sonic turns super and the final brawl ensues. After that, Eggman flies away and Sonic turns back to normal and the story comes to an end.

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