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With the 3rd Ex World Grand Prix Being a Bust Sonic and the gang decide to enter the 4th Ex World Grand Prix. With a new kind of way to ride, Sonic and Friends are ready to Ride into the Sky!

Heroes Story

Sonic Tails and Knuckles were invited to travel to Skyworld, a Giant Floating Contient in the center of Mobius. The reason, to enter the Ex World Grand Prix 4. When they arrived they are greeted by Arrow, Cloud and Harp of the Sky Mobian Race. Also Team Babylon Team Rose, Team Dark and Team Silver have arrived to enter the Gand Prix. But All is not what it seems. When Dr Eggman was found on the Contient he entered the Race Along With His Robots. What Can He be Up To?

Skyla Story

Arrow the Robin, son of Skyworld's Leader, King Sirrus, reads about the feats of Sonic the Hedgehog and his victories in the previous 3 World Grand Prix. The King Declared that that next World Grand Prix will be held all over Skyworld. In need of some more compotition, Arrow sent out invitatons to all of Sonic's Friends. He also paied Jet and his Team a visit to not only get him to enter the races, but to recover a lost powerful artifact. So powerful that he has gotten word that Eggman is after it. Inorder aid the Babylon Rouges, Arrow along with his friends: Cloud the Eagle and Harp the Peacock enter the races.

Babylon Story

Jet after watching Metal Sonic and Sonic Racing he decided to home in on his skills after the 3rd Grand Prix. Arrow of Team Skyla and Close Freind of Jet Invited him and his team to Skyworld to test out the New Extreme Gear Used in the 4th Grand Prix. On the way there Arrow Informs Jet about a treasure on the Contient. With a new oppertunity to Challenge Sonic The Hedgehog and a Treasure to be found Jet enters the 4th Grand Prix

Silver Story

Marine who followed Blaze into Sonic's World meets Silver who was invited to Join the Ex World Grand Prix 4 But Like the Previous 2 Times he and Blaze couldent be a Team. With out a Third member he couldnet go. All that changed when Marine Decided to Enter with Blaze.

Dark Story

Shadow and Rouge were informed that Eggman Has Found an Energy Source On The Skyworld Contient, Where the 4th EX World Grand Prix was being held. Shadow Knew that Sonic, Jet and the others would be there and needed a new third member. Omega Couldent Join Because he is on a Mission, So they Invited a new Recruite named Titan to join them

Rose Story

Amy, longing to be near Sonic drags Cream Along to Enter the 4th EX World Grand Prix, But she didnt know that once she arrived on Skyworld She needed a 3rd Member to Join her and Cream. Vector Already Said no before she asked and to her supprise an Old Friend has returned. Cosmo. Cosmo wanted to suprise everybody (expecially Tails) So She traveled to Skyworld and praticed using Gears To Ride. This Girl team only has one goal...WIN WIN WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!

Final Story

In the end of the Comet Cup's Final Race a 5 Way Draw with Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Jet and Arrow was announced. In order to decide the winner. The 5 Teams (Heroes, Skyla, Babylon, Dark and Silver) Must Compete in One more Cup Circuit. Before the Race Could End All of the Characters Hear Eggman on the intercom: " You Fools! I was Using the Tie Breaker Cup To Sneak into the Church. And Steal the Sky Emerald!" But the Gem mutated the doctor's evil into a namifestation of pure evil and has begun to reak havocOnly the Team Leaders can Stop him now.

Special Story (Free DLC)

(Note this is a Team that has Nothing to do with the story) Guess...Who's..Back.... Classic Sonic, Classic Tails and Classic Knuckles have returned in an extra story in where Extreme Sky Gear has somehow been teleported into the past..Dr. Robotnik/Eggman Copied The Designs and Used Rider Robots to rea havok around the world. Its Up to Classic Sonic's Team to save the Day.


Free Roam and Custom Character

A first in any Sonic Series, A Character Designer Feature was created to utalize Free Play's Free Roam Enviroments. A Player Must Complete a Cup in Story Mode with Atleast One Team. (free roam is also avaible for Regular Characters). A Custom Character can be used in Free Play. Grand Prix Mode, Multiplayer and Online Modes. Also Along With Character Creations Comes the Custom gear Feature. A player can Make his/her own Extreme Sky Gear (ESG) With Parts, Paintjobs and other things.

Extreme Sky Gear

ESG or Extreme Sky Gear, were created for the soul purpouce of Riding Higher than Extreme Gear could ever do. But because it isnt perfected the ESGs Special Sky Ride Feature would only work when a Rider would Ride over a Wing Emblem on a track. Sky Ride Mode would enhable the Rider to enter a "Second Layer" of a track nad to ride on Sky Rails (not like for Speed Characters)

Regions For Free Roam

This Section is Unfinished

Grand Southern City- The Biggest Map in Free Roam Mode, it is located in the center of the Southern region of Skyworld. Its special shop allows characters to Try Out Missions in Story Mode (Story Missions)

Skyoplis- The Eastern Long yet Thin Region of Skyworld. It's a Colourful City With Busy Lights,, Busy Streets and a Casino where you can Win big or Go Home Broke.!

Aquacloud City: The Northeastern Area of Skyworld in where the water funs mostly everything here

Main Themes

Theme Of Sonic Sky Riders/Team Heroes : RIDER OF THE SKY

Theme of Team Babylon: Free

Theme of Team Skylar: RAISING HELL

Theme of Team Dark:

Theme of Team Silver: High Flying Groove

Theme of Team Rose: My Sweet Passion


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