This is a list of all the Upgrades in the game Sonic Shockwave Riders.

Upgrade Use
Grind Grinds rails.
Fly Can enter through Flying Rings and fly.
Power Can break objects.
Max Speed Average speed increases.
Boost Boost increases.
Cornering Gear turns easier.
Off-Road Speed remains steady when going off-road (grass, mud, water etc.).
Turbulence Creates bigger and more powerful turbulence.
Trick Gives an extra boost before jumping.
Durability Recovers faster after having stopped or hit by an enemy.
Gravity Control When turning gravity stops allowing big objects such as boulders to move to reveal shortcuts, changing gravity enabling the player to ride on walls and ceiling and changes the fall of water into upside down.
Tornado Curve Creates a small tornado when turning.
Air Pack Wastes less air.
Air Resistance↑ Falls slower to the ground after a trick, during Freefall or Trick Dive.
Air Resistance↓ Falls faster to the ground after a trick, during Freefall or Trick Dive.
Rail Link While grinding, the player automatically grinds to the next rail instead of jumping. A small light connection appears.
Shockwave When landing on the ground after a trick, it created a small electrical shockwave that damages all racers near.
Barrier When hit, the player does not lose rings.
Cyclon When passing through Air Rings the player leaves a small cyclon which slows the opponent down.
Ghost Passes through power-type shortcuts.
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