In Sonic Shockwave Riders each team has its own story. This is Team Shockwave's story.

Team Shockwave

The story begins with a group of ancient scientists testing on what appears to be a giant blue sphere of light. The scientists talk and together they agree to seal the magical sphere into 6 small cubes. They do so and put 5 of the 6 cubes into diffrent chambers which are blasted off to space, landing on a mystical planet, millions of miles away. They keep 1 cube in their possession.

Years later, at a conference, it is revealed that the cubes called Shockwave Keys have fallen to the wrong hands. Moreover the Babylon Gardens that crash landed on Earth must return to their home planet. A group of 2 warriors is selected to head to Earth and return with the Shockwave Keys and the Babylon Gardens.

After a failed attempt to enter Dr. Eggman base, the duo escapes in the forest while being pursued by an army of SR-4X.

Stage Misty Forest
Mission Complete the stage in under 2:10 minutes and finish first or second.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia

The duo manage to lose the robots inside the forest. Atticus reveals his Shockwave Key which releases a small projection of Jet. They decide to go to him for help.

Stage Metropia Interstate
Mission Pass through 30 gate rings and finish in under 2:10 minutes.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia

Atticus and Lavinia eventually find Jet and his friends having a competition. They ask Jet's help to assist them on finding the Shockwave Keys. Jet reveals one in his possession. The team decides to have a conversation somewhere safer as Eggman's robots are approaching.

Once inside the blimp Atticus reveals his Shockwave Key to Jet and his team. Jet has one too. Atticus' Shockwave Key releases a projection which reveals a Macroverse. Lavinia reveals the team's actual plans to locate the rest o fthe Shockwave Key and activate the Babylon Gardens and teleport them back to their home planet. Sonic, Jet and friends agree to help Lavinia and Atticus on their search. Knuckles has heard rumours of a shiny blue object in a near village but he himself never bothered to go looking for it. The journey begins.

Stage Enchanted Weir
Mission Finish in first place.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia or Amy

The teams reach their destination; a steampunk village in a waterfall. Knuckles immediately spots the Shockwave Key which powers up a water mill. As Lavinia obtains it, they are ambushed by Dr. Eggman's robots who attempt to steal it. Among the robots are Metal Sonic, Fang and E-10000G. The 3 teams split up to escape from the hands of Dr. Eggman's sinister robots.

Stage Frigid Chase
Mission Hit Fang 5 or more times and finish in 1st place.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia or Amy

Dr. Eggman's team of bounty hunters continue to pursue Team Shockwave for their Shockwave Key. The SR-4X shoot missiles in an attempt to kill them. Team Shockwave leads Fang and the SR-4X in a steep snowy gorge filled with sharp rocks where Fang and the robots are unable to pass. Team Shockwave lose Fang and the robots at the gorge where all the robots are helpessly destroyed by smashing on the rocks. A furious Fang abandons his pursuit and heads back defeated. As the team celebrates their victory they are interrupted by a hologram of Jet from the Shockwave Key which gives them the coordinates of their next destination. They continue their journey for the next Shockwave Key.

Stage Moonshine Asgard
Mission Finish in first place under 2:10 minutes.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia or Amy

Following the coordinates, their path leads them to the remains of a temple in the sea.

As the team enter the temple they realize it is a sunken Babylon Garden. Team Babylon await them inside. Team Heroes arrive some time later. They witness an altar where they place the 2 (and a half) Shockwave Keys. As soon as they place them, a blur hologram appears which unravels the mystery.

Thousands of years ago, in a when before this, there was one kingdom and 6 kings who ruled them all. The people of Babylon were proud thieves. This ancient machine was their sun, a mystical force capable of producing perpetual energy, like a neverending battery. It was their valuable treasure. However such power could not be controlled. One day, something went wrong and the Divine Sphere produced a giant electromagnetic wave which eradicated every life near it. The wave hit the nearest planet, Earth/Mobius, which whiped out all living things on that planet, killing all the dinosaurs.It was the when Babylonians realized in what danger they were in. Time was running out, so the high priests sealed the sphere and sealed it into 6 small cubes which were given to the king of each kingdom. Babylon Garden was divided into 6 kingdoms and sent away, never to be found. It is said that these so called Shockwave Keys are able to track down and re-activate each fallen Babylon. For the activation of the Babylons and the "Divine Sphere" it is required a superior power. If all of these keys are combined with the power of the Chaos Emeralds the fabled "Divine Sphere" will appear once again.

As the hologram fades away, the Shockwave Keys release 3 beams in 3 diffrent directions. The team rushes outside, on top of the palace to see the direction of the beams. Together, they decide to split up and follow the beams.

Stage Deep Inferno
Mission Get 300 points by performing tricks.
Characters Atticus or Lavinia or Amy

Atticus, Lavinia and Amy are walking in among the ruins, carrying their boards. Amy asks Atticus and Lavinia questions like what will happen if all Shockwave Keys are united, what will happen if Dr. Eggman takes control of them and where are they from? As they continue to march on the hill of the volcano their view is blocked by the volcanic fumes, unabling them to see where the beam leads. Lavinia takes out her Shockwave Key which immediately floats and starts moving torwards the next Shockwave Key. The trio follow the object and finally find the location of the final Shockwave Key.

The scene changes to Amy, having reached the top of the volcano, watching the view and the destination of the beam Sonic followed. Atticus sits on a rock looking the Shockwave Key with awe while Lavinia contacts Storm. The trio prepares to follow the last beam.

The beam leads the trio inside Dr. Eggman's Metropolis where they come across their rivals Fang, Metal Sonic and E-10000G who are prepared to attack them. The two teams clash outisde Eggman's base in an attempt to steal each others Shockwave Key. Fang's Shockwave Key falls down to the abyss but Atticus is fast enough to retrieve it. While racing inside Eggman's base, the place is slowly being destroyed by what it appears to be Jet's blimp. They are soon reunited with Team Heroes, Wave and Storm but Dr. Eggman releases his latest killing machine; the Egg Moth, in a final attempt to destroy them. However, as the robot is not yet ready, it is destroyed by Sonic who later steals Eggman's Shockwave Key. They escape Eggman's base altogether with all of the Shockwave Keys in their possession. Eggman is left inside his crumbling base, defeated but ready for revenge.

The scene changes to a green valley where the 3 teams are together. Lavinia and Atticus activate the 6 Shockwave Keys. They release beams which cause the 6 Babylon Gardens to rise. The duo is ready to head back to their home planet...

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