In Sonic Shockwave Riders each team has its own story. This is Team Metal's Story.

Team Metal

Dr. Eggman has achieved in capturing 1 of the 6 mythical Babylon Gardens, hoping to track down the rest and unlock a hidden secret. He also plans on connecting the 6 Babylon Gardens in order to create a vast spaceship that will enable him to conquer the world. In order to locate the Babylon Gardens, Eggman needs the Shockwave Keys which will reveal their exact location. So he sends Metal Sonic and E-10000G to find one of the best treasure hunters in the world, Fang the Sniper.

Stage Classic Canyon
Mission Place first or second.
Characters Metal Sonic or E-10000G

Metal Sonic, E-10000G and the army of SR-4X arrive at a westren themed city. Metal Sonic enters the local saloon and finds his target sitting at the bar, having a drink. It is none other than Fang the Sniper. Metal Sonic approached Fang and ejects a hologram of Dr. Eggman from his body. Dr. Eggman demands Fang to help him search the Shockwave Keys and in exchange he will reward him with money. However Fang is not interested, causing Eggman to lose his temper and order his army to destroy Fang. Fang quickly pulls out his guns and shoots many of Eggman's SR-4X robots causing mayhem at the saloon. Metal Sonic and Fang engage in battle. After a fight between the two, Eggman is impressed (he could see the fight through Metal Sonic) and offers Fang his latest and best, most upgraded extreme gear. Fang finally exepts the offer and goes to Eggman's base to retrieve it.

At the base Eggman presents his extreme gear to Fang who greedily accepts it. Along with Metal Sonic and E-10000G, Fang goes to find the Shockwave Keys. Eggman is counting on him.

Stage The Queen's Royal Castle
Mission Pass through 30 gate rings and finish first or second.
Characters Metal Sonic, Fang or E-10000G

The team spots Sonic and his team in Steampunk Falls where they attack them. Metal Sonic goes after Team Heroes, Fang goes after Team Shockwave and E-10000G goes after Team Babylon.

Stage Thunder Ravine
Mission Hit Sonic 5 or more times and finish first, second or third.
Characters Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic and an army of Dr. Eggman's SR-4X pursue Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. The robots shoot missiles but the team dodges them at the gorge. A furious Metal Sonic targets and shoots Sonic in the back, knocking him down. The Shockwave Key breaks in half and Metal Sonic obtains one of the two parts. Knuckles attacks Metal Sonic but Metal Sonic and the robots flee.

In Hanging Rocks E-10000G pursues Team Babylon along with an army of SR-4X.

Stage Lithic Pathway
Mission Hit Jet 5 or more times and finish first or second.
Characters E-10000G

E-10000G and the SR-4X trap Team Babylon in a steep cliff. While preparing to fire a group of monks suddently attack them, saving Team Babylon. E-10000G and the army of robots flee without the Shockwave Key.

In Frost Peaks, Fang and an army of SR-4X pursues Team Shockwave.

Stage Glacial Drive
Mission Finish in first place.
Characters Fang

Dr. Eggman's team of bounty hunters continue to pursue Team Shockwave for their Shockwave Key. The SR-4X shoot missiles in an attempt to kill them. Team Shockwave leads Fang and the SR-4X in a steep snowy gorge filled with sharp rocks where Fang and the robots are unable to pass. Team Shockwave lose Fang and the robots at the gorge where all the robots are helpessly destroyed by smashing on the rocks. A furious Fang abandons his pursuit and heads back defeated.

The scene changes to Dr. Eggman who watches Team Metal (via Metal Sonic) failing their mission. He keeps producing and sending more and more SR-4X to hunt down the Shockwave Keys but in vein.

Back to Team Metal, Fang reunites with Metal Sonic and E-10000G. After all the action Fang wanders off to the desert for some relaxation and quiet when he stumbles upon a huge dome. Metal Sonic and E-10000G approach Fang who is watching the dome from a cliff. He is sure a Shockwave Key is hidden somewhere inside the dome.

Stage Desert Dome
Mission Complete the stage in under 2:35 minutes and finish in first place.
Characters Metal Sonic, Fang or E-10000G

Once inside the dome Fang spots the Shockwave Key. The team retrieves it and exit through the broken ceiling.

Outside E-10000G contacts Dr. Eggman to inform him that they have retrieved a Shockwave Key. Eggman orders them to come back to the base where Team Heroes and Team Babylon are attempting to break in and steal the last Shockwave Key.

Team Metal rushes back to the base where they spot Lavinia, Amy and Atticus. Outside the base, the two
Azureus Rising Platform by Hideyoshi

The suburbs of Eggman's base where the two teams face each other.

teams clash in an attempt to steal each others Shockwave Key. While battling Fang's Shockwave Key slips from his hands and falls down to the abyss (the left side of the image). Atticus, Metal Sonic and Fang race down the steep gates to catch it but Atticus is much faster and reaches it first before it falls down to darkness. Hethrows it to Lavinia and the 3 escape inside the base. The team hears explosions insid ethe base and see Jet's blimp bombarding the base. A furious Fang quits the team but takes the Extreme Gear with him. Dr. Eggman orders E-10000G and Metal Sonic to pursue Sonic and his friends who are invading his base. The duo race inside the base with an army of SR-4X to hunt down the remaining heroes.

Eggman's army is closing on Sonic and his friends. Eggman unleashes his giant monstrosity, the Egg Moth to finish the mayhem but Atticus, Lavinia and Amy attack and prevent Eggman from destroying Sonic and escape altogether.

The game ends with Eggman looking silently outside the window. He then enters a chamber where his Egg Moth is reconstructed and anouncing to his robots that "it isn't over...Not yet..."

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