In Sonic Shockwave Riders, each team has it's own story in the Story Mode. This is Team Heroes' story.

Team Heroes

The story for Team Heroes begins as Knuckles enters Tail's lab, full of extreme gear protoypes and machinary. He remembers all the good times and fun they had riding on their boards and how they met the Babylon Rogues. Seconds later, Tails arrives and chats with Knuckles. After a few moments Knuckles asks Tails where Sonic is and Tails simply replies: "The usual...".

Tails and Knuckles hop on their boards and get out of the lab and into the city center of Metal City where Sonic, Jet and Storm are having a trick contest, who will pull off the most impressive tricks. Wave is seen working on her new extreme gear, plugged on her lap-top. Amy is seen sitting next to her cheering up for Sonic. As they finish with their competition Jet claims to have won while Sonic seems not to care.

Suddently they here a voice coming from above saying "Impressive". As they look above, a group of two characters are standing on the roof of a tall building. The two characters hop on their extreme gears and descend the building with incredible velocity, stopping right in front of Jet, Sonic and Storm. Jet states that he can do much better than that but he gets no reply. Before the new Babylon Rogues introduce themselves an army of Eggman's SR-4X surrounds the team. Tails and Knuckles arrive at the scene where they manage to destroy several of Eggman's new robots. Jet suggest they take shelter to his airship, located at the outskirts of the city. The team must rush to the airship before it's too late.

Stage Metropia Avenue
Mission Place first, second or third.


Sonic or Tails or Knuckles

Inside Jet's blimp Atticus reveals his "control box" which suprises Jet as he owns one too. Atticus activates the "control box", filling the entire room with a blue hologram. Small planets, stars etc. appear. Lavinia explains that the "control box" is called a Shockwave Key and the hologram that is made is called Macroverse. The Shockwave Key is a key that reveals the location of a Babylon Garden. Lavinia states that the mad scientist (Dr. Eggman) is planning on collecting these keys and stealing the 6 fabled Babylon Gardens. Jet states that his Shockwave Key was given to him by his father Napoleon the Hawk. Lavinia also explains that the two Shockwave Keys they own will lead them to the next ones and that they need all Shockwave Keys to teleport the Babylon Gardens back to their original planet. Jet says that one of the Babylon Gardens has already been awakened (The Babylon Garden at the end of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) but he soon learns that it as been taken by Dr. Eggman and is slowly transformed into a factory. The team sets on for the second Babylon and the hunt begins.

Stage Steampunk Falls
Mission Place first or second.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles

In Steampunk Falls Jet and Atticus' Shockwave Keys begin to glow. Knuckles spots one at the core of a water mill machine which generates power. As Sonic and the team claim the third Shockwave Key, they are attacked by Metal Sonic, Fang and E-10000G. Metal Sonic attempts to steal it from Sonic but he is faster. The 3 teams split up and so do Team Metal: Metal Sonic goes after Team Heroes, Fang goes after Team Shockwave and E-10000G goes after Team Babylon.

Stage Arid Gorge
Mission Hit Metal Sonic 3 times and place first or second.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles

Team Heroes are pursued by Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman's new high tech robots who are after the Shockwave Key. As the team rushes down the gorge, they manage to dodge all of Dr. Eggman's robots' missles and destroy them. Metal Sonic targets Sonic and shoots him with a lazer. Sonic is injured, falls off his board and rolls to the ground. Accidentaly, Metal Sonic damages the Shockwave Key, breaking it into 2 pieces. He then flees with 1 piece of the key after being punched by Knuckles. Tails receives a message from Wave that they have found the next Shockwave Key on Pacific Emerald Sea. Tails runs to Sonic and asks if Sonic is OK, Sonic nods, stands up and is ready for revenge. After Tails was giving him the coordinates, the team heads to the location.

Stage Neptunian Utopia
Mission Clear the stage in under 2:20 minutes.
Characters Tails or Knuckles

The team arrive on a sunken ancient temple to what is revealed to be a Babylon Garden. Team Babylon and Team Shockwave await them on a shrine. Sonic hands his broken Shockwave Key to Lavinia who places it in the shrine along with the other 2. Suddently, a Macroverse forms from the energy of the keys, blur due to the broken Shockwave Key, revealing the truth behind the Shockwave Keys.

Thousands of years ago, in a when before this, there was one kingdom and 6 kings who ruled them all. The people of Babylon were proud thieves and riders. But they were also protectors. The legendary Babylon Garden was home to a magical sphere known as "The Divine Sphere". This ancient machine was their sun, a mystical force capable of producing perpetual energy, like a neverending battery. It was their valuable treasure. However such power could not be controlled. One day, something went wrong and the Divine Sphere produced a giant electromagnetic wave which eradicated every life near it. The wave hit the nearest planet, Earth/Mobius, which whiped out all living things on that planet, killing all the dinosaurs.It was the when Babylonians realized in what danger they were in. Time was running out, so the high priests sealed the sphere and sealed it into 6 small cubes which were given to the king of each kingdom. Babylon Garden was divided into 6 kingdoms and sent away, never to be found. It is said that these so called Shockwave Keys are able to track down and re-activate each fallen Babylon. For the activation of the Babylons and the "Divine Sphere" it is required a superior power. If all of these keys are combined with the power of the Chaos Emeralds the fabled "Divine Sphere" will appear once again.

The hologram slowly fades as the heroes remain silent. Just as Knuckles touches the Shockwave Keys, they glow and release 3 energy beams in random direction. The 3 beams will lead them to the next 3(and a half) Shockwave Keys. The teams split and each follows each beam.

Standing on a cliff, the team realize the beam is leading into Dr. Eggman's Metropolis. Eggman is releasing an army of robots to hunt down the rest of the Shockwave Keys. Knuckles observes trains coming, carrying metal for robot construction. The team decides to board the trains which will lead them to their destination.

Stage Radical Ride
Mission Clear the stage in under 2:30 minutes and place first, second or third.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles

Dr. Eggman spots the team through his main computer and orders their destruction. Huge cannons start firing relentlessly. The team manages to dodge the attacks but Eggman self-destructs the locomotives, causing the heroes to retreat. He keeps sending an army of robots to obtain the broken Shockwave Key from Sonic. Just as Eggman is about to celebrate his victory, a giant blimp arrives, shooting at Eggman's cannons. Wave and Storm come flying out of the blimp with their gears and assist Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Jet, inside the blimp, shoots and destroys the gates of Metropolis. The alarm breaks off and an army of Eggman's mech is released. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Wave and Storm head to the center of Metropolis to retrieve Eggman's stolen Shockwave Key and free the Babylon Garden.

Stage Alert Station
Mission Clear the stage in under 2:35 minutes and place first, second or third.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles

The team manages to reach the centre of the base and obtain the Shockwave Key. While trying to escape from Eggman's base, an army of Eggman's robots along with Metal Sonic and E-10000G pursue and attack them. Furious, Eggman releases one of his robots, the Egg Moth which he uses to hunt down Sonic and friends. The gates of Metropolis close and the heroes remain trapped inside the base with Eggman and his army ready to destroy them. As hope fails, Atticus and Lavinia appear the destroy the gates along with Jet's help, who uses a bomb to destroy a large part of Eggman's Metropolis. The team flee with now all 6 Shockwave Keys while Metrpolis is left in flames.

In a valley, the team unites the 6 Shockwave Keys causing the 6 Legendary Babylon Gardens to rise. Hope prevails as the Babylon Gardens are now safe and the Babylon Rogues are ready to depart to their home planet. The camera zooms up at the sky and the credits begin to roll.

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