In Sonic Shockwave Riders, each team has it's own story in the Story Mode. This is Team Babylon's story.

Team Babylon

The story begins with Jet, Sonic and Storm racing through the streets of Metal City, having a contest who will pull off the biggest trick. Amy is seen cheering Sonic up while Wave is upgrading her Extreme Gear. While Jet is celebrating his supposing victory a new race of Babylon Rogues appear and ask Sonic and Jet for help. Before the new Babylon Rogues introduce themselves, an army of SR-4X surround the team. Unexpectedly, Tails and Knuckles appear and destroy several of Eggman's new robots. Jet proposes they flee to his airship, located just outside the city. The team agrees and set course for Team Babylon's airship while being chased by an army of berserked robots.

Stage Urban Valley
Mission Place first, second or third.
Characters Jet or Wave or Storm

The teams make into Jet's blimp and take off. Once inside, Atticus reveals his own "control box" and activates it, filling the room with a blue hologram of the universe (Macroverse). The "control box" is revealed to be a Shockwave Key, a kind of key that locates the ancient Babylon Gardens and transfers them to diffrent locations. Jet reveals his own and states that his father, Napoleon the Hawk gave it to him. Lavinia informs the group of the mad scientist's (Dr. Eggman) sinister plans of collecting all of the Shockwave Keys and locating the rest of the Babylon Gardens. Knuckles tells the group he has heard rumours of a mysterious glowing object near Steampunk Falls. The team sets course for the next Shockwave Key.

Stage Waterfall Village
Mission Place first or second.
Characters Jet or Wave or Storm

The team spot the third Shockwave Key inside a machine powering it. As they obtain it Metal Sonic, Fang and E-10000G rush down the waterfalls and attack the teams. The teams split. Metal Sonic goes after Team Heroes, Fang goes after Team Shockwave and E-10000G goes after Team Babylon.

Stage Hanging Rocks
Mission Destroy 6 SR-4X or E-1000G and place first or second.
Characters Jet or Wave or Storm

Team Babylon is ambushed by E-10000G and his army of robots. The two teams collide with Jet using his Bashyo Fans, Wave using her explosives and Storm with his fists, attacking E-10000G and the other robots. However, E-10000G drives Team Babylon to a steep cliff to destroy them once and for all. At that point, a group of monks with white robes assist Team Babylon, destroying Eggman's robots using magic. E-10000G and few robots flee for salvation.

The monks guide the Babylon Rogues to their monastery at the top of Hanging Rocks where they introduce themselves as The Ancient Ones, a group of Babylon Rogues who came to this planet to protect the Shockwave Keys and keep them hidden until the right time comes. The monks activate an ancient device which releases a digital map (Macroverse) which reveals the location of their next destination: A secret altar which will aid them in their journey and will unravel secrets. The monks repair the Babylon Rogues' extreme gear and wish them luck.

Stage Hydro Realm
Mission Clear the stage in under 2:20 minutes.
Characters Jet or Wave or Storm

As the team enter the temple, they transmit the coordinates to Team Heroes and Team Shockwave. Soon the teams are reunited. They witness an altar where they place the 2 (and a half) Shockwave Keys. As soon as they place them, a blur hologram appears which unravels the mystery.

Thousands of years ago, in a when before this, there was one kingdom and 6 kings who ruled them all. The people of Babylon were proud thieves. This ancient machine was their sun, a mystical force capable of producing perpetual energy, like a neverending battery. It was their valuable treasure. However such power could not be controlled. One day, something went wrong and the Divine Sphere produced a giant electromagnetic wave which eradicated every life near it. The wave hit the nearest planet, Earth/Mobius, which whiped out all living things on that planet, killing all the dinosaurs.It was the when Babylonians realized in what danger they were in. Time was running out, so the high priests sealed the sphere and sealed it into 6 small cubes which were given to the king of each kingdom. Babylon Garden was divided into 6 kingdoms and sent away, never to be found. It is said that these so called Shockwave Keys are able to track down and re-activate each fallen Babylon. For the activation of the Babylons and the "Divine Sphere" it is required a superior power. If all of these keys are combined with the power of the Chaos Emeralds the fabled "Divine Sphere" will appear once again.

The hologram

Wave awaits inside the blimp in Hollow Caves.

slowly fades away. Suddently the Shockwave Keys release 3 beams. The heroes climb to the top of the palace to see the direction of the 3 beams. Each beam leads to the next Shockwave Key. The teams split up to find the next Shockwave Key.

Following the path of the beam inside their blimp, Team Babylon arrives at Hollow Caves. The team slowly enters the caves with their blimp. The beam leads at the bottom of the cave which is impossible to reach and see due to a thick veil of mist. The team is unable to reach their destination with their blimp so Jet and Storm decide to skydive at the bottom of the cave while Wave awaits inside the blimp, piloting it.

Stage Chasm Hollows
Mission Reach the finish line under 2:35 minutes and place first or second.
Characters Jet or Storm

After retrieving the Shockwave Key from the bottom of the cave, Jet and Storm rush back up where Wave is waiting for them in the blimp. They arrive at the blimp and immediately take off, following the other path of the beam which will take them to Team Heroes.

While flying in the night sky Jet is seen outside the blimp, watching the stars and wondering about the mythical Babylon Gardens and the Shockwave Keys. He knows what will happen if everything is united and wonders if he should return to his home planet along with his friends. Wave confronts Jet and talk together about what worries him. As they talk they witness huge lights in the sky coming from bellow and witness Eggman's glorious Metropolis. Storm comes running sloppily and informs the team that they are approaching Metropolis.

They soon spot Team Heroes racing through Eggman's locomotive attempting to enter M
Terminator Salvation by JJasso

Metropolis destroyed.

etropolis. Dr. Eggman unleashes his robots to destroy Sonic and friends. Attempting to kill them, Eggman self-destructs the locomotives puting Sonic and friends in danger. Team Babylon soon take action, Wave and Storm jump down from the blimp and assist Team Heroes while Jet remains inside, piloting the blimp and destroying Eggman's gates, cannons and robots. With the gates now destroyed Team Heroes, Wave and Storm enter Metropolis and race for the Shockwave Key.
Stage Robotnik Rush
Mission Clear the stage in under 2:35 minutes and place first or second.
Characters Wave or Storm.
The team manages to rech the centre of Metropolis and obtain the last Shockwave Key. An army of Eggman's robots along with E-10000G and Metal Sonic quickly surround the team. However, the team is able to escape, causing a furious Eggman to release his robot, the Egg Moth. Lavinia and Atticus assist the two teams and together they flee from Eggman's army. Jet arrives to rescue the teams and leaves a b
The Field by Joker841
omb to destroy a large part of Metropolis.

In a valley, the team unites the Shockwave Keys causing the Babylon Gardens to rise. The Shockwave Keys and Babylon Gardens are now safe and Atticus and Lavinia are ready to depart back to their home planet.

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