In Sonic Shockwave Riders each team has its own story mode. After completing the story of all 4 teams, the Final Story is unlocked.

Final Story

Reporters are investigating the incident where 6 Babylon Gardens have suddenly risen from nowhere. The news are airing the incident and is shown worldwide across the globe.

After thanking and saying a last farewell to their friends, Lavinia and Atticus board the main Babylon Garden and get ready to depart to their home planet. As Atticus is about to use the Shockwave Keys to teleport themselves and the Babylon Gardens back to their home planet, he notices a small microchip attached to one of the Shockwave Keys. Unexpectedly, the Babylon Garden is struck by a series of homing missiles, damaging a large part of it. The duo immediately stumbles as they see an army of battleships approaching from a distance. It is Dr. Eggman. He orders his robots to shoot and destroy every single piece of these floating rocks. Team Heroes and Team Babylon immediately rush to save the Babylon Gardens and their friends. Eggman unleashes an army of robots to take the Shockwave Keys and destroy Atticus and Lavinia. However, 1 Shockwave Key is shattered into million pieces, causing it to lose its energy. This causes all of the Babylon Gardens to destroy their layer and take their battleship form and connect with each other.

Stage Chaos Babylon
Mission Destroy 20  egg-SR-4X robots and finish under 2:10 minutes.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles or Jet or Wave or Storm or Amy

The rest of the Shockwave Keys are damaged and lose their power because of the shattered one. This causes a series of unexpected winds and typhoons which finally form a black hole in the sky. The black hole starts to suck the Babylon Gardens and Eggman's ships as well. It is now the perfect time for Eggman to unleash his beast. The Babylon Gardens finally connect with each other, forming a circle with the main Babylon Garden in the center. Eggman arrives inside his Egg Moth to steal the remaining Shockwave Keys. Atticus attempts to protect them but his head is crushes by the Egg Moth, destroying his helmet. Team Heroes and Team Babylon must stop the Egg Moth from reaching the remaining Shockwave Keys and entering the chamber where he can awake the Sphere.

Stage Cyclon Babel
Mission Defeat the Egg Moth
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles or Jet or Wave or Storm or Lavinia or Amy 

The team is facing the Egg Moth in Babel. Knuckles makes a big jump from a ramp, grabbed his board and shoves in inside the cockpit, breaking all the controls and nearly killing Eggman. The robot starts to malfunction and finally loses its power. Eggman loses the battle and the Egg Moth is sucked into the black hole. It is unknown if Eggman was inside it or not. With no other way of ending this chaos, Lavinia releases the Shockwave Keys inside the black hole to consume them which causes the black hole to explode and disappear. The black hole closes and the sky turns bright again.

The team finds Atticus who is injured. He takes off his broken helmet and gets on his feet. Sonic asks them how are they going to get back to their home planet without the Shockwave Keys but Atticus replies that their mission was to secure the Shockwave Keys never got to the wrong hands and wake the Sphere. They all go to the main Babylon Garden and enter a vast chamber. There, Lavinia creates a portal from her necklace which will teleport themselves and the Babylon Gardens back to their home planet. Atticus and Lavinia thank them for their help and ask Jet, Wave and Storm to come along with them to a place where Babylonians still live. Jet denies to come as he says he is happy here. After a final farewell, Lavinia and Atticus enter the portal.

The scene fades out and then shows Team Heroes, Team Babylon and Amy observing from a distance the Babylon Gardens taking their final form and departing. Sonic asks Jet if he actually is happy here to what Jet replies he actually stayed to become the fastest thing alive. The two smile at each other and watch their new friends leaving. The game ends with the two teams having a final racing competition and Jet thanking Sonic for all he has done.sonic says if jets going but jet looks back with a grin saying to sonic,i'm staying here. jet says this is home with the riders and i'm not going until i beat you and then every one rides of in to the sun.

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