Sonic Shockwave Riders
Winduct, Sonic Team
Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Action, Racing
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European.png September 2, 2011

Jaguar american.jpg September 2, 2011
Jaguar flagen.jpg September 2, 2011

Jaguar Australian.jpg September 2, 2011
PEGI: +7 (Violence, Online)
Daft Punk
Crush 40
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Sonic Shockwave Riders is the fourth installment of the Sonic Riders series. The game focuses on the origins and the truth behind the Babylon Garden. The game also features 2 new Babylon Rogue characters to the story. The game received positive reviews.


Eggman has learned about the 6 mythical Babylon Gardens and plans on getting his hands on them but he needs a key to discover their location. A new team of Babylonians has appeared and teams up with Sonic and the Babylon Rogues in order to stop Eggman from collecting the 6 Babylons. The game features anime cutscenes.


The game introduces a new feature where the player can create his/her own extreme gear by collecting gear parts throughout the stage, earning them in the Story Mode, Battle Mode etc. The player can also customize his/her extreme gear by adding color, symbols etc. The player races with much higher speed than in previous installments, similar to the F Zero series.

During a race, there are a total of 12 racers on the track, similar to Sonic Free Riders. As in Sonic Riders, the player can gain rings to level up, upgrading their gear and attacks. By upgrading one's gear, the player will be able to perform higher tricks, boost faster, accelerating faster etc. Tricks are divided into the following categories, similarly to the previous installments:

  • XX - A special rank the player can obtain by combining Freefall with his tricks. Very hard to pull off.
  • X - The highest rank and toughest to pull off.
  • SS - The second highest ranking, relatively hard to pull off.
  • S - The third highest rank. Relatively easy to pull off by performing quick backflips, turns etc.
  • A - Similar to the S ranking.
  • B - This ranking is usually obtained when doing a single trick.
  • C - The lowest ranking. It can be obtained when the player either fails to pull off a trick or does absolutely nothing.

Playstation 3

In the Playstation 3 version of the game, the gameplay is very similar to Sonic Riders, as the player can control the tricks of the character. Using the analog sticks the player controls the direction of the character. When boosting, the character will attack any other racer who is close, performing an attack depending on which level the player is. The level is upgraded by collecting rings during the course, similar to the first Sonic Riders. The player must also gain air for his/her extreme gear by performing tricks or going through type passageways. A new feature is introduced in the game called Trick Dive. When the player is approaching a ramp the player can hold the R1 or L1 button. The character will duck and then perform a different trick which is much slower but easier to control. The point of this is to stay as long as possible in the air. When the player lands, his/her air gauge will gain a very big amount of air. That way, the player can also enter shortcuts such as pipes, tunnels and different types of rails. The player can also perform a Freefall by holding both the R1 and L1 buttons while on air. This allows the character to land faster without getting any air. Freefall is mainly used when jumping from a bigger ramp.

Xbox 360

In the Xbox 360 version of the game, gameplay is identical to the PlayStation 3 version.The player can control the character with the left analog stick including the tricks and direction. Trick Dive is also included in the Xbox 360 version by holding the RT or LT buttons or the RB or LB buttons and releasing when jumping from the ramp. You can also perform Freefall during mid-air by pressing the RT and LT buttons simultaneously or the RB and LB buttons.


Main Menu

In the final version of the menu of the game you can select one of the next options:

Offline Mode, Single Player and Multiplayer

  • Story Mode - The mode where the adventure takes place. You can select between a number of teams each with it's own story. By playing Story Mode you can unlock other modes, characters, gear parts etc. Story mode an be accessed from 1 to 3 players.
  • Free Race - A normal race. You can select and race in all stages. Some need to be unlocked. Accessible from 1 to 4 players.
  • Relay Race - Similar to Sonic Free Riders, you can team up from 2 to 4 players and pass the relay to the next player. You can either team up with your friends or race against them.
  • Time Attack - Race against a time limit and clear the stage in the least time possible. Can be accessed only with 1 player.
  • Tutorial - Omochao will show you how to play the game.
  • Survival Mode - Similar to Sonic Riders, the player must whipe out his opponents in new exciting stages using items or default attacks. Can be accessed from 1 to 4 players.
  • Emerald Mode - Similar to Sonic Riders, the player must get the Chaos Emerald and pass through a number of gates. The player who passes through the most gates while having obtained the Chaos Emerald wins. One player can get the Chaos Emerald from another by hitting him with an item or a default attack. Accessible from 1 to 4 players.
  • Ring Collection Mode - In this mode, the player who collects the most rings wins. Accessible from 1 to 4 players.
  • Freestyle Mode - In this new mode, players must use ramps to perform tricks. Performing tricks awards the player with points. The player who pulls off the best tricks and gathers the most points wins. You can either select and perform tricks in race tracks or new fields designed for this mode.
  • Garage - A new feature in the game includes the Garage where the player can create Extreme Gear of every type (Bike, board etc.) using parts he has purchased or collected in other modes. You can also equip new upgrades on your gears or add stickers, symbols and paint them.
  • Shop - As in all Sonic Riders series, the game features the usual shop where the player can buy Extreme Gear, Gear Parts and Upgrades. However the shop has changed from Black Market to Dr. Eggman's Evolution Gear Shop with E-10000R selling the merchandise.

Online Mode

The game also features online mode, where the player can race with players from around the globe. Online mode includes all of the above modes apart from Tutorial Mode, Shop, Garage and Story Mode. You can also put bets, exchange rings, gear, upgrades.


In this mode you can view all videos you have unlocked from the Story Mode. You can also view the list of all the Extreme Gear you own, adjust the sound, image, listen to the game's soundtrack and adjust your data.



The story begins as Dr Eggman's robots, the Egg Pawns, are constructing a Babylon Garden turning it into a factory. Dr. Eggman watches with pride while revealing his plans to E-10000G and E-10000R that he translated ancient hieroglyphics he located in Gigan Rocks, learning about the 6 Ancient Babylons. After translating them, Eggman managed to find the coordinates of 1 of the 6 Ancient Babylons. He plans on connecting these Babylons together making a huge invincible battleship. But to find the rest of the Babylons, Eggman needs a secret key to reveal their exact location because the rest of the 5 Ancient Babylons have been buried under the earth in this planet. Dr. Eggman sends E-10000G and Metal Sonic to go find that key, stating that E-10000R is in no condition of going on a mission like that (E-10000R was seriously damaged in Sonic Riders).

From far away, a group of two warriors watch as Eggman is constructing the Ancient Babylon. When one says they should fight for their home the other one says that that is what Eggman wants, revealing a blue "control box". A hologram appears from the "control box" revealing Jet the Hawk. The team decides to go to him for help.

Each team has its own storyline and courses. So far the teams bellow have been confirmed to appear in the game. (Please click on each team's name to view story)

  • Final Story: ???, ??? and ??? (Unlocked by finishing Team Heroes, Babylon, Shockwave and Metal)


Upgrades first appeared in Sonic Free Riders, where the player could equip them on characters' gear. In Sonic Shockwave Riders each character has a starter gear with its 3 Upgrades. Similarly, you can equip Upgrades to gears. Upgrades empower the character, equipping him with new features.

For the full list of Upgrades please click here.

Extreme Gear

Main article: Sonic Shockwave Riders/List of Extreme Gears

Sonic Shockwave Riders introduces new types of extreme gear. All characters have their own starter gear but not all have a board. Shadow's starter extreme gear are skates rather than a board. The game features a total of 9 types of extreme gear with 3 new ones. Bellow are the types of Extreme Gear in the game.

  • Board: The basic gear used in all 4 installments.
  • Skates: The skates are equipped to a character's feet and enable him to grind rails.
  • Air Ride: The Air Ride gear was first introduced in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It enables characters to fly through Dash Rings.
  • Bike: The bike is another basic gear which appears in all 4 installments as well. Each bike has a different ability.
  • Yacht: This extreme gear was first introduced in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity where it enabled the character to fly and draft an opponent. In this game, some Yachts can grind rails.
  • Wheel: The Wheel is easier to handle when turning. Its abilities vary as some can fly, grind or break obstacles.
  • Jet Pack: A new extreme gear. It is equipped on a character's back and the character floats. Using a Jet Pack enables the character to grind. Jet Packs waste less air and have greater boost.
  • Saucer: Saucers are also a new type of extreme gear. Saucers are like boards only round and can perform higher tricks with ease. All saucers enable characters to grind.
  • Motorboard: Motorboards are similar to the saucers only bigger and have a small thing which the player constantly holds to control the direction.

For the full list of Extreme Gear in the game please click here.

Characters and Attacks

There will be a total of 25 characters in the game. Characters will not be divided in 3 types (Speed, Power, Fly) instead, they gain types depending the gear the player uses. Each part has a unique ability and its type. Each character has his/her own starter gear which has a type.

Name Gear Upgrade #1 (Starter) Upgrade #2 Upgrade #3
Sonic Blue Star III Grind Max Speed ↑ Boost ↑
Tails Yellow Tale Fly Cornering ↑ Turbulence ↑
Knuckles Red Rock Power Off-Road ↑ Boost ↑
Jet Type-J Grind Max Speed ↑ Gravity Control
Wave Type-W Fly Trick ↑ Gravity Control
Storm Type-S Power Durability ↑ Gravity Control
Atticus Type-A Fly Air Resistance ↓ Tornado Curve
Lavinia Type-L Grind Air Pack ↑ Rail Link
Amy Pink Rose Grind Cornering ↑ Durability ↑
Shadow Darkness Grind Durability ↑ Boost ↑
Rouge Temptation Fly Off-Road ↑ Air Resistance ↓
Cream Smile Fly Cornering ↑ Trick ↑
Metal Sonic Metal Star Grind Boost ↑ Rail Link
Fang Marvelous Q Power Tornado Curve Off-Road ↑
E-10000G E-Gear G Power Cornering ↑ Durability ↑
Dr. Eggman E-Rider Power Durability ↑ Shockwave
Blaze Flame Lance Grind Off-Road ↑ Max Speed ↑
Silver Psychic Wave Fly Barrier Trick ↑
E-123 Omega Ωmegatron Power Barrier Durability ↑
Espio Silent Sliders Grind Ghost Cornering ↑
Charmy The Sting Fly Turbulence ↑ Cyclon
Vector Hard Boiled Power Air Resistance ↑ Barrier
Bayonetta Dark Witch Fly Ghost Shockwave
Beat Rythm Dancers Grind Rail Link Trick ↑
Amitie Puyo Pop Grind Max Speed ↑ Tornado Curve

The characters' new design.

Like in Sonic Riders, each character has their own default attack. When boosting, the character will create a small barrier with his signature color (e.g. Knuckles red). When that character approaches another, he will perform an attack which will slow down the opponent.Each character has 3 different attacks depending on what level he is. The level changes by collecting rings, just like the Upgrades.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Level 1: Punches the opponent with both fists.
  • Level 2: Performs spin dash and knocks the opponent off-course.

    Blaze's early design re-generated in the game.

  • Level 3: Spins on the opponent.

Miles "Tails" Prower

  • Level 1: Hits the opponent with a boxing punch ejecting from the ground.
  • Level 2: Slashes opponent with his tails.
  • Level 3: Shocks opponent with a cable.

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Level 1: Growls at the opponent like an angry beast.
  • Level 2: Punches opponent with one fist.
  • Level 3: Jumps and lands on top of the opponent, slamming him with his fists and leaving him flat.

Jet the Hawk

  • Level 1: Kicks the opponent hard.
  • Level 2: Smacks the opponent with one of his Bashyo Fans.
  • Level 3: Uses both Bashyo Fans and swirls like a tornado, damaging the opponent.

Wave the Swallow

  • Level 1: Pokes the opponent's eyes.
  • Level 2: Hits opponent with a wrench.
  • Level 3: Puts explosives.

Storm the Albatross

  • Level 1: Closes his palms on the opponent's head.
  • Level 2: Pushes opponent with his elbow.
  • Level 3: Takes his extreme gear and slams it on the opponent's head leaving him flat.

Atticus the Eagle

  • Level 1: Hits opponent with his beak.
  • Level 2: Atticus charges forward and a bleak face of an eagle spirit appears in front of him, pushing the opponent off-course.
  • Level 3: An orb appears above Atticus' head and releases lazer beams which burn the opponent.

Lavinia the Peahen

  • Level 1: Hits opponent with her Moon Blades
  • Level 2: Spins around with her wings open and hits the opponent.
  • Level 3: Her pendant shoots a small lazer beam which burns the opponent.

Amy Rose

  • Level 1: Hits the opponent with her pon pons.
  • Level 2: Spins around with her Piko-Piko hammer.
  • Level 3: Wacks her opponent with her Piko-Piko hammer, leaving the opponent flat.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Level 1: Snaps his fingers near his eyes and a small dark explosion appears, Darkness Focus.
  • Level 2: Hits the opponent with a STOP sign.
  • Level 3: Traps the opponent in a barrier.

Rouge the Bat

  • Level 1: Delivers a deadly kiss to the opponent.
  • Level 2: Kicks opponent.
  • Level 3: Attacks opponent with s Bat Cracker Bomb.

Cream the Rabbit

  • Level 1: Cries.
  • Level 2: Hits opponent with her hammer.
  • Level 3: Sends Cheese to attack the opponent.

Metal Sonic

  • Level 1: Rips opponent with his claws.
  • Level 2: Flys super fast fast onto the opponent, knocking him off-course.
  • Level 3: Grabs the opponent from the throat, puts him on the ground and drags him. This is the only continuous attack in the game.

Fang the Sniper

  • Level 1: Screams "BAAM!" at the opponent.
  • Level 2: Knocks opponent off-course with a pop-gun.
  • Level 3: Presses a TNT crate and creates an explosion.


  • Level 1: Smacks opponent with his hat.
  • Level 2: Stands on his hands and charges his legs forward onto his opponent.
  • Level 3: Wacks opponent with his fists, leaving him flat.

Dr. Eggman

  • Level 1: Takes off his glove and slaps the opponent with it.
  • Level 2: Hits the opponent with a boxing glove, same as in Sonic Riders.
  • Level 3: Fries opponent with a laser.

Blaze the Cat

  • Level 1: Hisses
  • Level 2: Sends the opponent flying away in a burning cyclon.
  • Level 3: Fries the opponent.

Silver the Hedgehog

  • Level 1: Shocks opponent with psychic energy. For a very short moment, the opponent's render becomes its negative.
  • Level 2: Sends the opponent flying away with psychic energy.
  • Level 3: Using his psychokenetic powers, he picks up a trash can and puts it on the opponent.

E-123 Omega

  • Level 1: Slices opponent with his claws.
  • Level 2: Shoots a torpedo from his hand and blasts the opponent away.
  • Level 3: Uses his flamethrower to burn his opponent.

Espio the Chameleon

  • Level 1: Hits opponent with his horn.
  • Level 2: Sends opponent flying away with his tongue.
  • Level 3: Slices opponent with his shuriken.

Charmy Bee

  • Level 1: Shrieks
  • Level 2: Hits opponent with a racket.
  • Level 3: Stings opponent.

Vector the Crocodile

  • Level 1: Cracks his fingers near the opponent, making a weird crack sound and stunning them.
  • Level 2: Wacks opponent with his tail.
  • Level 3: Bites opponent.


  • Level 1: Shoots opponent with her pistols.
  • Level 2: Slices opponent with a Suraba.
  • Level 3: Summons the Infernal Demon.


  • Level 1: Listens to very loud music and stuns the opponent.
  • Level 2: Kicks the opponent.
  • Level 3: Shoots graffiti on the opponent which causes him to slow down.


  • Level 1: Shoots Puyo Puyo to her opponent.
  • Level 2: Hits opponent with a chain of Puyo Puyo.
  • Level 3: Many Puyo Puyos fall on the opponent.


Team Heroes Team Babylon
Team Shockwave Team Metal
Final Story


The game's soundtrack is composed by electronic duo Daft Punk. The game's theme song and songs are written by Crush 40. The game featured electronic and futuristic music to fit during gameplay. All music in stages are composed by Daft Punk including the music in the Story Mode. The game's theme song is called "Through the Wind" by Crush 40.


Sonic Shockwave Riders
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 84/100
Gamerankings 75.09%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 8/10
Famitsu 30/40
GamesRadar 7/10
Game Trailers 7.9/10
Gamespot 8.0/10
IGN 8.9/10
Nintendo Power 9.1/10
X-Visual 9.5/10
Destructoid 6.9/10 B

Sonic Shockwave Riders received critical acclaim from both critics and fans. IGN gave it a 8.9/10 saying "The Sonic Riders strike back as compelling as ever". Nintendo Power gave the game a rating of 9.1 praising its visuals and sense of speed. It received an 8.0 from GameSpot who praised the stage design of the game and the details but criticizing the game's gameplay. The game's story received many positive reviews from many critics. The highest rating came from X-Visual who have it a rare 9.5 out of 10 saying "A powerful installment to the Sonic Riders series". The lowest rating came from Destructoid who gave it a 6.9 due to the gameplay. Many fans and critics praised the new feature of allowing the player to create his/her own Extreme Gear. Eurogamer said: "It's what we have been waiting for". The game also got many positive reviews for its musical part. Metacritic said "Daft Punk's score give so much energy to the game".

Negative reviews gathered the 2 new characters of the game and some elements of the gameplay according to who gave a B rating to the game.


  • This is the second Sonic Riders game to feature Shadow, Rouge and Cream as default characters.
  • The SR-4X robots were inspired from the cycles in the TRON series.
  • First of the four Sonic Riders games to feature Garage mode.
  • First Sonic Riders game to be released in PlayStation 3.
  • Atticus' name was inspired by Academy Award-winning composer Atticus Ross.
  • Almost all of the characters in the game have been redesigned to make them look more like racers.
  • This is the first Sonic Riders game where the player can create his/her own Extreme Gear.
  • The game would initially include a Mission Mode. However, the game's creator was irritated by the missions on the previous Sonic Riders installments.
  • Shadow, Espio and Beat are the only characters in the game whose default Extreme Gear are Skates.
  • Charmy is the only character in the game whose default Extreme Gear is a Jet Pack.
  • Dr. Eggman is the only character in the game whose default Extreme Gear is a Bike.
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