Not to be confused with the prototype of the same name.

Sonic Saturn (or Sonic the Hedgehog Saturn to avoid confusion with it's and Sonic X-treme's prototype) action-adventure-platformer video game, developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA.

It was the first released Sonic game for the Sega Saturn.


Sonic Saturn gameplay

Gameplay of Sonic Saturn.

In this game Sonic runs way faster than usual, to make Sonic

the speed of light. However, Sonic also was turned down speed because of motion sickness by some staff (like with Sonic 1).

Unlike previous games, Sonic Saturn had minigames, mainly hidden inside the game.

One of them is a minigame called Climber, which Sonic swims in water and find a balloon or ladder when Sonic begins to drown. Sonic must survive for 5 minutes and 23 seconds, and, to add more challenge, enemies.

Additional one is "Sonic Maze", an clone of Pac-Man where Sonic has to avoid getting into the wrong part of the maze.

Also, although still signposts, there are no checkpoints.


Eggman creates a robot species called the KiKiks, which have invaded Mobius, causing havoc and complete chaos. However, they are on a Chaos Emerald hunt for Eggman.

When Sonic realizes this, Sonic is determined to get all of them by today.


The engine for this game later became the engine for later Sonic games (Such as Sonic Dreamcast).

During 2015, SEGA posted an improved version of the models.

The models were reused for Sonic 3D Blast's special stage.

Several things introduced in this game like Kamko the Armadillo later became canon to the Sonic series as a whole.

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