this a page for Sonic Rush Core Fan Game about the story, characters and Stages


Playable Characters

Character Info Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is a Anthropomorphic Blue Hedgehog, he is known for Speedy and adventurous nature, he is very cocky and laid back, but will get serious when things get bad, even when a new threat his world. he is one of the 3 Main protagonists. Rodger Crag Smith
Blaze Blaze the Cat is a fictional 14-year-old anthropomorphic cat and reigns in the sol dimension, she is very lady like and has a very good relationship with sonic, she also has the ability to use fire at her will. she is the second Man protagonist. Laura Bailey
Ion Ion the Hedgehog is a Fictional Anthropomorphic 18-year-old Hedgehog with speed like sonic, unlike sonic he is more serious and determined to save his world, ion also has the ability to use atomic energy at his will, he also can use similar moves to shadow but in his own variation, he is the 3rd and final Main protagonist. FrightTrainRoll
Flare Flare is a 8 year old Anthropomorphic Hedgehog/Cat Hybrid who is Sonic's and Blaze's daughter from a distant universe, inheriting her mother's powers and her fathers personality, she will do what ever it takes to save her universe from fading away, tho she is only a child she can be quite powerful. she is one of the playable characters unlocked after beating the first Walkthrough. TBA
Shadow Shadow is a Anthropomorphic Ageless Hedgehog/Black arms hybrid who is Sonic's rival in every way, he considers himself as "The Ultimate life from" in which he technically is, Shadow can match sonic is speed and skill and while he prefers to work alone, he will help sonic sometimes. Shadow is a Unlockable character after completing the first Walkthrough. Kirk Thornton

Supporting Characters

Character Info Voice Actor
Tails Tails is a fictional anthropomorphic eight-year-old twin tailed Fox who helps sonic on his adventures, Tails is Sonic's best bud in everyway, he supports sonic on this adventure. he is a smart young fox and will make Eggman jelly with his inventions. Kate Higgins
Marine Marine is a fictional anthropomorphic seven-year-old raccoon and a true adventure, even though she is young she plans to own her own ship, she is Blaze's Supporter. None
Silver Silver is a anthropomorphic 14-year-old Hedgehog with the gift of Telekinesis, he can move things with his own mind and can Levitate, he reigns from at least 200 years into the future and goes the extra mile to protect the past. he is Ion's supporter Quinton Flynn
Echo Echo is a anthropomorphic 11-year-Old Female Cat with the tricks of the trade, she uses magic and cards to support and fight at her will, she helps Ion, Sonic and Blaze by enhancing their skills and gives them power ups to use instantly on each zone, She is seen after The First Zone you play in, she runs the skill shop and enhancements, as well as the power-up shop in the world map and is located next to the Leaf City Zone. TBA


Character Info Voice Actor
Aeon Aeon is a anthropomorphic Hedgehog who has cybernetic implants and the resident of the Multiverse. At first he is sought to kill sonic but changed his mind and lets him live, but still dislikes him in every way possible, he also met Ion and thinks of him as a shadow the hedgehog copy, but after he saw his potential in power, he saw him as a powerful ally and friendly rival, however he despises Blaze as well for being a friend to Sonic's despite the fact that ion is allying with sonic, he knew that ion is not really friends with him because of his attitude towards the blue blur himself. TBA
Lunari Lunari is an anthropomorphic, 16 year-old, light blue echidna with telepathic abilities. She tends to be quiet, and even a bit timid, but ready to help whenever the situation calls for it. She is a traveler, a wandering soul, always going from one place to the next. Her path leads her to Ion and Silver, and she ends up helping them fix the Dimensional Shift. Her powers and telepathic abilities help her support the team. TBA


Character Info Voice Actor
Croatin Von Drove Dr. Coratin von Drove Or Coratin for short is a 20 year old human Evil scientist who has the gift of supernatural powers, he is the leader of the Coratin dynasty and has fought Ion in the past, now in attempt to change it up a bit he decides to travel to Mobius in order to conquer not just Ion's world, but Sonic's and Blaze's as well, he starts off by himself, and soon meets Eggman and Eggman Nega and teams up with them to defeat the 3 heroes. he is the First main antagonist through out the game. TBA
Dr. Eggman Dr. Evo Robotnink or Dr. Eggman is a evil scientist, and the main antagonist to the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series, he is the second main antagonist and appears in the final zone, extra zone and beyond until the TRUE EXTRA ZONE which is the final boss of the second Play-Through. Mike Pollock
Dr. Eggman Nega Eggman Nega is a Evil Scientist from Blaze's world and is the antagonist to the SONIC RUSH series, he is encountered in blazes story but never fought until the Final Zone when Eggman, coratin and himself team up to fight the heroes, he also teams up again in the Extra Zone and beyond until the TRUE EXTRA ZONE, during the second play through. he is the third and final main antagonist. Mike Pollock


there are 2 act and a boss for each Zone, there are 7 zones in all.

Zone Zone Name Info
Zone 1 Leaf City this is a futuristic version of Leaf Storm with a Futuristic Suburbs in the background, the forest like condition changed into a pure Futuristic city.
Zone 2 Water Madness this was once a zone called water palace, but it turned into a one heck of a water park with a lot of loops, corkscrews and a lot more.
Zone 3 Desert Edge this is a zone of a full wasteland, there is sand and sand stone everywhere and there are areas were you must defeat a set amount of enemies in order to move on, a lot like Sonic's 3th Zone from Sonic Rush.
Zone 4 Shockwave Carnival as it states, this is a carnival, but with a lot of lighting and neon, this will have a lot of areas where there will be huge and crazy loops, this Zone will have crazy grind rails as well unlike the other Zones, this will also have casino like signs with the characters names shown through out the Zone.
Zone 5 Wicked Ship this is a zone set in Blaze's world, this zone is a huge ship pirate ship, in this Zone there are no loops, but its not a flat straightaway, there are gaps you must clear in order to reach the goal.
Zone 6 Meadow Valley this is a beautiful Valley set in Blaze's world various areas will have gaps, loops, and a lot of grind rails, this is the only Zone with a basic layout.
Zone 7 Core City This is a futuristic city set in Ion's world, this Zone has a lot of Areas where you slide, Boost, and more as you blast through the stage coratin will come and tries to bombard the character in while he/she is running, this part is a mini boss, all you have to do is avoid the bombs, that's it, then REACH FOR THE GOAL. XD


these are the bosses for Sonic Rush Core

Leaf City Boss

XE 25-10 BUSTER is the boss in this stage, this boss has 3 attacks, a laser beam, a ground pound and a Missile launcher. this is boss fight you will be running in one direction.

Water Madness Boss

XV C0-E34 Seeker is this zones boss and only uses heat seeking weapons. again this boss fight goes in a straight line

Desert Edge Boss

BX 30 Heat is the boss for this Zone, in this boss fight, the enemy has a Flamethrower and Napalm Bombs and... again... this boss is in a straight line, but this time you have gaps you must clear while you are avoiding the boss's attacks.

Shockwave Carnival Boss

this boss fight is difficult, instead of moving at high speeds you are fighting on one platform and the boss will appear on screen behind the character you are playing as. the boss: DX 22B-1A Lightning is the boss for this stage, this boss will shoot lighting and make lightning strikes as its attacks.

Wicked Ship Boss

this zone's boss is the XC 24-10 SMASHER an upgraded version of the XE 25-10 BUSTER, this has the same moves but with 2 new moves to deal with. UNIBEAM, and missile Barrage. this will be a lot like the other boss fights (excluding Shockwave Carnival Zone Boss).

Meadow Valley Boss

this Zone's boss fight is surprisingly different, you are fighting ion or sonic depending on the story, if you are playing as blaze or sonic you will be fighting ion, if your playing as ion you will be facing off sonic.

Core City Boss

this boss fight is against Coratin himself, coratin will use various elements in order to stop you in his tracks from fire to Darkness, he is the only boss to last 7 Zones.

Final Zone Boss

this is where things are off, eggman and eggman nega and coratin team up to tip the scales. the fight takes place in space in a space station with the Egg Core, which is the boss for the Final Zone. this boss with use everything from all of the bosses combinded, you are running through the boss zone like every other boss stage.

The Extra Zone

this is the first Extra Zone in the game and is the boss before you unlock Shadow and Flare, this stage you switch characters every 2 hits and this boss fight is a super sonic boss fight... and the boss is a lot like the extra zone final boss from sonic rush.

The Second Play Through

this play through is not a hard mode, its part 2 of the story, this is where Shadow and Flare become playable. The stages are the same and the order is changed for each character to have the same order.


only playable after completing both the first and second Walkthrough's and is the final boss of the game, this boss is the same like the first extra zone, but you are playing as sonic, blaze and ion in there "hyper" states.

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