Sonic Rivals 3 is a racing game sequel to Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 avaialbe on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.




Playable Characters

Character Description Signature Move
Sonic the Hedgehog - The world's fastest hedgehog that is unrivaled in speed. His action and attitude are legendary and he possesses many high-speed offensive and defensive abilities. Sonic's Signature Move is "Sonic Boom". This allows him to break the sound barrier in an instant and take off at high speeds. This move also destroys enemies and damages other opponents.
Miles "Tails" Prower - Tails is Sonic's best friend and a master mechanic. This two-tailed fox excels at building things and flying machines. He is Sonic's sidekick; the two of them will do whatever it takes to stop Eggman. Tails' Signature Move is "Tail Copter". He can quickly go through places that others cannot by flying.
Shadow the Hedgehog - Created as the ultimate life form in a lab by Professor Gerald Robotnik, Shadow believes Sonic to be his rival in all aspects of his life. Unlike Sonic, however, Shadow's speed comes from his Hover Shoes, which allow him to glide just above the surface. Shadow's Signature Move is "Chaos Control". This slows down the other player's movement for a few seconds.
Rouge the Bat - Rouge is a professional treasure hunter, forever in search of the world's most precious stones. Fearless, bewitching and overflowing in feminine charm, Rouge is dedicated to her work and never leaves a task empty handed. Rouge's Signature Move is "Bat Guard". A swarm of bats circle her and act as a damaging shield to other players. She can also launch the bats one by one to attack enemies and players.
Knuckles the Echidna - Not quite as fast as Sonic, though what Knuckles lacks in speed he more than makes up for in strength. He often uses his rock-hard knuckles to his advantage to smash up his enemies. Knuckles' Signature Move is his "Knuckle Slam". Knuckles punches the air and surrounds himself with a Flare Force Area Barrier .
Espio the Chameleon -  Espio is an opinionated and obsessed chameleon at the Chaotix Detective Agency. He has militaristic discipline despite being quiet and calm. Thanks to his extensive ninja training, he faces trouble head-on and uses his stealth camouflage to render him invisible. Espio's Signature Move is "Chroma Camo". He cannot be seen by enemies or other players, is momentarily transparent and gains a speed boost.
Silver the Hedgehog - A mysterious young hedgehog, Silver is equipped with psychic powers that allow him confuse rivals with the power of his mind. All that is known about Silver is that he comes from the future. Silver's Signature Move is "ESP". He temporarily alters the other player's controls (often causing them to go backwards or look around).
2016 legacy blaze render by nibroc rock-daooomb
Blaze the Cat - Blaze hails from the Sol Dimension as the princess and guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Blaze was born with the power of the flames and is gifted (and cursed) with pyrotechnic powers. Blaze's signature move is "Flame Guard". She temporarily forms a flame shield around her to protect herself as well as damage enemies and rivals.
Anastasia "Marsha" Vixi - Marsha is a Freedom Fighter, a group aimed towards dethroning Dr. Eggman and restoring peace to Mobius. While not as fast as Sonic, Marsha is a skilled fighter and a seasoned spy. Marsha is kind-hearted, but is very loyal to her cause. Marsha's signature move is "Lightning Strike". Marsha summons her energy sword to strike any enemies in distance. If not enemies are in range, she gets a speed boost.
Julie-Su the Echidna - Marsha's best friend and a soldier to the Freedom Fighters. Born into the Dark Clan, being a dedicated soldier is in her blood. Her cybernetic implants enhances her strength and makes her a force to be reckoned with. Julie's signature move is "Crossfire". Julie summons her arm canon and rapidly fires at enemies and foes.

Other Characters

  • Dr. Eggman: The main antagionist of the series. After the Dark Princess attempts to trick the 10 playable characters, Dr. Eggman sends Metal Sonic out to complete missions.
  • Metal Sonic: After Dr. Eggman sends Metal Sonic out to complete mission, he often comes into conflict with the 10 playable characters, who misunderstand that he is helping Dr. Eggman pull off his latest scheme.
  • Dark Princess: The main antagonist of the game. While all the other teams battle Dr. Eggman, Dark Princess is the antagonist of Marsha and Julie's story-line as they actively chase her.


  • Motobugs
  • Egg Pawns
  • Egg Flappers
  • Buzz Bombers
  • Dark Serpants
  • Dingo Bots
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