Sonic Rising is an upcoming American computer-animated TV series based on the video game Sonic Freedom, created by Juely and produced by SEGA of America, Inc. It follows Sonic and the Freedom Fighters' efforts to end a 10-year old war against the Xorda in the midst of a civil war between Humans and Mobians. The series follows a completely different continuity from the games, taking place approximately 12 years after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2016 Film). Having a much darker tone than the games, the series is aimed towards a mature audience. It is scheduled for release in winter 2017. 


The series takes place 12 years after the events in Sonic the Hedgehog (2016 Film)Mobius is devestated by a 10-year war against the Xorda, an alien race responsible for the destruction of Mobius 500 years ago and the creation of the Mobian race, an event referred to as "The Fall". In the midst of this war, Humans and Mobians continue their everlasting conflict, fighting with each other in a civil war over the world's last remaining resources. 

With the Chaos Emeralds having disappeared and pressumably been destroyed after the Freedom Fighters' last confrontation with Dr. Robotnik during those past 10 years, the everlasting civil war between the two races and the heroic loss of noteworthy Freedom Fighters, hope for defeating the Xorda and regaining their freedom is lost.

All this changes when hope appears in the form of a Human girl that Sonic accidentally discovers in stasis left by the Humans of the Old World and wakes her up from her 500 year slumber. Having no recollection of her memories, the Mobians name her Hope; hope that she will be the one to unite Humans and Mobians to defeat the Xorda and end the 10-year war.


The World of Mobius

Mobius is a post-apocalyptic world. 1000 years ago, an event known as the Fall took place where an alien race called Xorda bombarded the Earth with gene bombs, altering the world's ecosystem and wildlife, wiping out a huge proportion of humanity. Those who survived came to be known as the Humans and struggled to rebuild humanity from the ground up. The gene-bombs mutated some of the animals, creating anthropomorphic creatures called the Mobians. The Mobians and the Humans have been in an eternal conflict with each other over who gets to own the lands of Mobius ever since the formers' creation. In addition, the gene-bombs seperated a layer from the Earth, creating the Land of the Sky, a series of floating islands which the Echidnas inhabit. It is where the Angel Island is located.

During the 12-year gap between the events depicted in the movie and the series, the Xorda revisited Mobius after 1000
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Plains in the Kingdom of Knothole

years of absence and subjugated all life on Mobius. Their goal is to find the Chaos Emeralds and empower themselves in order to become the strongest race in the universe. They harvest the planet's energy, the land and the seas with their immense technology to power up their spacecrafts, leaving Mobius a dying planet, for which nor the Humans or the Mobians are concerned.

The World of Mobius is geographically divided into the Land of Darkness and the Land of the Sky. The Land of Darkness is the planet's old surface, home to Mobians and Humans and consists more than 70% of Mobius' land. The Land of the Sky is the land which was detached from Mobius' surface during the Fall. It consists of a series of floating continents and is home to the Echidnas. The Land of Darkness is governed mainly by two forces, the Kingdom of Acorn, which belongs to the Mobians and the Federated States of Silmorphitelia, which belong to the Humans. The Kingdom of Acorn is ruled by King Maximillian Acorn, who resides in the Kingdom's capitol, Knothole. Aldurin is the capitol city of the Federated States of Silmorphitelia, and is the largest and most technologically advanced city Humans have built. The Eggman Empire is an autonomous state. Its capitol is New Robotropolis.

The Story so Far

There have been many attempts to defeat the Xorda, but all of them have failed. Hope in defeating them is nowhere to be found. The Chaos Emeralds have gone missing ever since the Freedom Fighters, led by Sonic, faced Dr. Robotnik in an epic battle against his most powerful robot army ever created. He possessed 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and had almost succeeded in conquering the world. The Freedom Fighters barely managed to defeat him and with great casualties. Tails was severely injured and has been in coma ever since. Robotnik has not been seen or heard of ever since that day. It marked the end of the war against Eggman, after years of fighting him. He is no longer of concern to the Mobians but Sonic still cannot forgive him for what he did to Tails. It is believed that he is hiding behind the face of the Grimer, one of his henchmen and current president of RobotnikCorp.

Without the Chaos Emeralds, defeating the Xorda seems like a fairy-tale; most people believe that the Xorda cannot be defeated and have therefore given up their freedom deliberately to purchase some safety. The Echidna elders who reside in Angel Island are of no exception to this. The Xorda have thus manipulated some of their most trusted followers, establishing an elite force known as the Emissaries that impose their bidding on Mobius, since the Xorda themselves do not communicate through speech. As such, the efforts of the Freedom Fighters are stranded.

Shadow has been presumed dead after he led a failed attack against the Xorda in the Battle of the ARK some years ago. He remains in the minds of many as the only one to have managed to unite Humans and Mobians against their common enemy in the name of freedom. All of them, including Shadow, were sacrificed trying to protect the ARK, which was taken over by the Xorda and now serves as one of their many bases of operation that oversees the entire planet. Shadow has not been seen since then and battling the Xorda without him has been very dificult.


Major Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Ryan Drummond) - The protagonist of the series, he is the de-facto leader of the Freedom Fighters, a group of youths who fought against Dr. Eggman's tyranny years ago. The team is now on the verge of dismantling, as they have lost all hope for what they're fighting. Sonic struggles to keep the team going, in spite of the fact that most of the team members do not believe that the Xorda can be defeated. Sonic is depicted as a more serious and mature individual compared to his older appearances in the past. He is fast-thinking and fast-acting and believes very strongly in the power of team-work. While he does have his own flaws in his character, Sonic believes in his own principles, the highest of which is freedom. 
  • Princess Sally Acorn (voiced by Kath Soucie) - A deuteragonist and the leader of the Freedom Fighters. She is portrayed as a dynamic young woman with strong sense of justice. In contrast to most people, Sally believes that there still is a way of defeating the Xorda and strives to convince others to continue fighting for their freedom. While Sonic is the fast-thinking anf fast-acting, Sally is the one who has a higher understanding of things and usually guides Sonic.
  • Hope (voiced by Tara Strong) - A Human girl left in stasis for 500 years in a capsule by the Humans of the Old World until she is accidentally awaken by Sonic in the Forest of Um. Hope does not have any past recollection of her memories, not even her own name. She is named Hope by Sonic after the initials H.O.P.E. engraved on the pod Hope was found in, finding it appropriate as her arrival brings hope to the Mobians. Physically, Hope has the appearance of a 13 year-old girl. She has blond hair that reach her shoulders and blue eyes. Throughout the majority of the series she wears casual clothes including a jacket, jeans and sports shoes. She is quickly befriended by the Mobians and is integrated in their society. Sonic and Sally become her two closest friends. Shadow has a special connection with Hope because of her resemblance to Maria. Hope plays a pivotal role in the series' plot as she carries with her an unusual cyan cube given to her by the Humans of the Old World that presumably unlocks hidden secrets of the Old World which Dr. Eggman strongly desires. She is the key to defeating the Xorda.
  • Dr. Eggman (voiced by Mike Pollock) - First president and co-founder of RobotnikCorp, a brilliant scientist, known for inventing the first artificial intelligence in Mobius as well as Sonic's arch-nemesis, he has not been seen or heard of for a long time ever since his defeat from the Freedom Fighters when he had collected 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and had almost achieved world domination. When he learns, however, about Hope and her mysterious cube, he wreaks havoc to Knothole in attempt to kidnap her and use her to achieve his long-life goal of world domination. Early in the series, Eggman's whearabouts are unknown. He presumably hides behind the Grimer, his henchman, who acts as a scapegoat to Eggman. Later in the series, Eggman rebuilds his Egg Fleet and even teams up with Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters for a greater cause.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (voiced by Colleen Villard) - Sonic's closest friend, whom he treats like his little brother. He is the Freedom Fighter's engineer and mechanic. In the first few episodes, Tails has fallen into a coma after the last battle against Dr. Eggman, which left him cut out from reality before the events depicted in the series. Sonic visits him every day in the hospital and holds a grudge on Eggman, on whom he vows to take revenge.
  • Knuckles the Echidna (voiced by Dan Green) - Current Guardian of the Master Emerald the youngest member of the Brotherhood of Guardians, Knuckles struggles with his own destiny in protecting the Land of the Sky, to which the Angel Island pertains, from the Xorda as well as preserving whatever peace has remained on Mobius. He comes into conflict with his own kind when he discovers that the Elders of the Brotherhood have secretly been plotting a treaty of compliance with the Xorda in accepting subjugation for temporary safety and benefits. Knuckles' story symbolizes man's clash with what he loves most and the choices he has to take for the greater good of mankind.
  • Prince Elias Acorn (voiced by Matt Levin) - Brother of Sally and heir of the throne of Acorn. In the episode "A Girl Named Hope", King Maximillian passes away and Elias becomes king of the Kingdom of Acorn. Being inexperienced and overwhelmed by his hatred against the Humans, Elias implicates the Kingdom of Acorn to a pointless war against the Humans in attempt to expand the Mobian forces, only to result to its downfall. Even though Elias represents an example of emotional instability, he strives to protect his kingdom, as well as his younger sister, whom she loves the most, by doing only what he believes to be best.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (voiced by Jason Grifith) - The Ultimate Lifeform created 60 years ago in the Space Colony ARK, destined to correct Gerald's mistake and save humanity from the Black Arms. Shadow's portrayal as a fallen hero stems from his death during a failed attempt to salvage the Space Colony ARK from the Xorda's raid some years prior to the events depicted in the series. Shadow's legacy lives in the hearts of Humans and Mobians alike as the only one to have managed to unite both Humans and Mobians to this day to fight against their common enemy. In season 1, Shadow is either only mentioned or appears in flashbacks. A statue of him can be seen in Knothole and Sonic visits his grave often to pay tribute to him.

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The series will mainly follow the storyline of Sonic Freedomwith some changes such as making the story longer, more cohesive and linear. The cartoon is a series, which means each episode picks up from where the previous one ends. Episodes last 22 minutes. A total of 51 are planned for release.

Season 1

# Image Title Description Air Date
1. Episode1 "A Storm is Coming " A group of Freedom Fighters, led by Sonic, infiltrate the Grimer's fortress to save Nedymus, a Mobian seer with the ability to forsee the future. At the end of the episode, Nedymus prophesizes the fall of the Xorda, signaling the end of the 10-year enslavement of Mobius. TBD 2017
2. Episode2 "A Girl Named Hope " Sonic discovers a Human girl left in stasis inside a capsule in the Forest of Um. After awakening her, he names her Hope, as she does not have any recollection of her past. Sonic brings Hope to Knothole, where she befriends the Mobians. TBD 2017
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