Sonic Riders 2
Sonic Team (United Game Artists)
Sonic Team USA (International)
Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, PC
Realease Date(s)

JP 23 February 2006
NA 21 February 2006
EU 17 March 2006

PlayStation 2

JP 23 February 2006

KO 30 March 2006

NA 21 February 2006

EU 17 March 2006


JP 23 February 2006

NA 21 February 2006

EU 17 March 2006

AUS 30 March 2006


NA 17 November 2006

EU 24 November 2006

AUS 29 March 2007

Sonic Riders 2 is a hoverboard-racing video game spin-off produced by Sega and developed by their second-party, United Game Artists for the Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and PC. It is another racing game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Once again, the characters ride on vehicles powered by air, called Extreme Gear.


It's a race to stop Eggman. Another big race is being held and Dr. Eggman expects Team Sonic to compete. And even now there are 4 memebers on every team, which means the more the merrier!

 Included Characters

Characters in Sonic Riders 2 are divided into three varying types: Speed Type, Power Type, and Flight Type with the exception of Super Sonic, who is the only character that is Speed, Flight, and Power.

Depending on the character type and/or gear, the player can grind, knock obstacles or fly through dash rings. The classifications each of the respective characters fall under is listed below:

Speed Type

Speed Type characters have the highest top speed stats, but low acceleration. They can grind on rails placed around some parts of tracks by pressing the "jump" button twice (once to jump over the rail, second to grind on it), and gain Air while doing so. The only exception is Marsha, who is all three types.

Power Type

Power Type character have the best off road durability and can break through certain obstacles on tracks, gaining Air for each obstacle destroyed. Their speed and acceleration stats are only average.

Fly Type

Flight Type characters have the highest acceleration stats and good top speed stats. Their durability and cornering differs between character to character however, making them somewhat ambiguous in terms of these stats. They can fly through "Air Rings" which allow them to fly through midair and gain Air while doing so, often accessing shortcuts and sometimes item boxes.

Extreme Gear

Extreme Gears, high-tech hoverboard vehicles powered by air that the characters ride on, return and which are the central component in the gameplay. Every playable character has their own unique default Extreme Gear, which only they can use, but additional Extreme Gears can be obtained in the game by either buying them in the shop for Rings, or fulfilling certain requirements, such as completing one or more missions with a given Rank. They all come in different sizes, appearances and colors. The Extreme Gears in Sonic Riders come in three different types, each with their own attributes and basic appearances: Board: Resembles regular boards. The Board types are the more balanced class of Extreme Gear, having average statistics and an average rate of fuel-consumption.Bike: Resembles motorbikes. The Bike types are a more powerful class of Extreme Gear, but are less maneuverable and less fuel-efficient. They can first be unlocked by completing the Babylon Story Mode before they can be bought, much less used.Skate: Resembles roller skates. The Skate types are a less powerful class of Extreme Gear, but are more agile and more fuel-efficient. They can first be unlocked by completing the Heroes Story Mode before they can be bought, much less used.

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