Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Composer(s) Tomonori Sawada (Sound Director)

Koji Sakurai Jun Senoue Richard Jacques

Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Release date(s) Not Currently Available
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single Player,Multiplayer (1-2),Online Multiplayer (1-8)
Media DVD
System requirements

Kinect Xbox 360, PlayStation Move PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

Sonic Riders: World is an upcoming game from SEGA's Sonic Riders series. The fourth installment of the franchise, SRW will have the largest array of not only characters, stages, and options, but also of control options. Like it's predecessor "Sonic Free Riders" SRW will have access to the Kinect motion controls along with an Xbox 360 controller. For the Wii both the Gamecube controller and the Wiimote and nun-chuck will be compatible. Finally for the PlayStation 3, players will have the option of using a controller or PlayStation Move.

Plot & Characters

Tired of facing Jet time after time Sonic decides that he is done with Extreme Gear. However, Eggman reveals that he has created and found race courses and challengers that would provide a whole new challenge. In reality Eggman has found a portal within space. Legend says that the heart of the world's greatest hero can open it, and promise the one who enters all of their wildest dreams in a parallel universe. Eggman holds multiple races throughout the world and within space to draw the reluctant hedgehog in. However, after facing some of his new competition Sonic begins to realize that he is in for the ride of his life. Each team will have three team members and an additional unlockable teammate to be used in Challenge or multiplayer mode.

Story Mode Teams

Team Sonic:

Unlockable Teammate:

Babylon Rogues:

Unlockable Teammate:

  • Billy Hatcher

The Lady Riders:

Unlockable Teammate:

Team Dark

Unlockable Teammate:

  • NiGHTS

Team Rose

Unlockable Teammate:

  • Amigo

Team AiAi

Unlockable Teammate:

Multiplayer Teams

Team Chaotix

Team Eggman

Team Sol

Team Mario

Team Badnik


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Each different type of gear has their own special advantages.

Boards with the Grind upgrade and Skates are able to use the Grind Rails as a shortcut. Although boards must install the Grind upgrade themselves, Skates can already Grind from the start. Besides this, they are predominant in speed, and usually have no other functions.

Air Riders and Yachts are able to use the Launch Ramps as a shortcut. Although Air Rider Gears usually come with no special advantages, the Yacht Type Gears can ride on drafts, which is completely different from Turbulance. By tailgating an opponent, a Yacht will gradually speed up to the point where they pass the opponent. However, their major drawback is that without a draft, Yachts are very slow, generally below 130 MPH.

Bikes and Wheels are able to smash obstacles to create new pathways. Although most Bikes don't come with any additional advantages, Wheels come with a major advantage called Drifting. By holding Jump and turning in the desired direction, Wheel Type Gear will drift around corners, eliminating the need to use Gravity Control to turn sharp corners.

Some Gears have no Gear Parts, but usually come in the form in the other Gears listed above. However, sometimes, they have extra abilities that help you proceed in the race. For instance, the Money Crisis Gear is a Wheel Type that has no extra upgrades, but increases speed for the more Rings you collect.

The Chaos Emerald Gear is a unique gear that can only be used by Sonic. It can only be obtained after you complete all of the missions with an Extreme rank. Unfortunately, the Chaos Emerald has no initial Skill and uses Rings instead of GP. However, using Gravity Moves is unrecommended, as the Chaos Emerald consumes Rings during Gravity Moves at an extremely high rate. When Sonic's Rings run out, he reverts back to regular Sonic, and is forced to run the track on foot until he obtains some Rings. The advantage to this is that it acts as if you are in an Attack phase, and so you can use shortcuts that can only be used in Attack Form. Before obtaining 60 Rings, the Chaos Emerald Gear is just basically Super Sonic on the Blue Star. When Sonic obtains 60 or more Rings, he activates his Super Sonic Boost. In this state, Sonic gets off his board and flies around the track in a comet form. At this time, Ring consumption is increased, but Super Sonic flies at 180 MPH, he is practically impervious to off-road obstacles, is completely invincible to all Attacks, and he is dominantly Power Type. Getting the Attack Item has the same effect, but his attack is slower than other Attacks. Unlike his Boost form, he can actually hurt opponents in his Attack Boost form, and no Rings are consumed.



Erbiru Ruins

Sky Fleet

Deep Volcano

GUN Raceway

Space Ride

Babylon Garden

Babylon Rogues :

Black Ruins

Thunderstorm Run

Lava Peak

Space Raceway


Sky Road

Team Theme Music


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