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Game tagline

Sonic Riders: Unlimited
Sonic Riders Cover
Sonic Team, Insomniac Games, Scourge-Prime Studios
Xbox One X Series, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC
PEGI 12, E-10 + Up - Fantasy Violence
Action, Racing
Single Player, Split-Screen Multiplayer, Online
Main Theme
Pendulum - Crush
Credit Theme
Pendulum - Witchcraft
Release Date(s)
Jaguar american Summer July 2025

Jaguar flagen July 9, 2025

Jaguar Australian July 11, 2025

Jaguar European July 11, 2025
Kenjiro Morimoto & Master DA
Takashi Yuda
Sonic Riders

Sonic Rider: Unlimited [ソニックライダーズ:無制限 Sonikkuraidāzu: Museigen] or SRU or nicknamed Sonic Riders 4 is the fourth and final installment of the Sonic Riders series taking place after the event's in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. This game is released for the Xbox One X Series, PlayStation 5, PC, and for the Nintendo Switch.

This game will focus on a new team of heroes along with Sonic's and Jet's team finding a new enemy known as the "Agent's of Justice" among the stars where the Babylon Garden has left. Now they band teams must work together in order to defeat this great enemy.

Intro Sequence

This anime intro sequence will be animated by "Bones" 株[式会社ボンズ] studio that brought you "Eureka 7" and "Full Alchemist". The intro will have two different audio for the intro sequence in English Pendulum - "Crush" and Japanese will be by FLOW - "Days".

(Japanese Version) The intro begins with the start of the bongo drum with its disco-like guitar play with a fast rhythm beat showing the dark vastness of space. Until Sonic and friends along with Jet and his friends speed off into Mobius as the English game title appears with the Japanese title underneath it.

(English Version) The intro begins with the start off with an electric guitar riffing with a fast drum and bass beat rhythm beat showing the dark vastness of space. Until Sonic and friends along with Jet and his friends speed off into Mobius as the English game title appears (Without the Japanese title)

(Both Versions) The next scene begins with singing by Flow/Pendulum showing off Sonic's team in grass terrain looking into the sunset as goes into Jet's team looking over the city. Jet looks down at Sonic, smirks at him as they all jumped onto their boards and ride their way down the tall building to race Sonic and his friends like always whenever they cross paths. They race along with the city until eight unknown figures appear from space and brought laser beam rain onto them interrupting their race. Just as they were about to attack a new team with an Echidna, Raven and a Triceratops along with Blaze the Cat intervenes in the battle as he draws his blaster on them and opens fire on them making them retreat.

The Echidna looks at both Sonic, Jet and their friends as he offers his hand to them. Sonic takes the handshake aligning with him. The camera shot up into space with other planets nearby ending the intro with the song's end.


Sonic Riders Cover Jap Version

Sonic Riders: Unlimited Japanese Cover

Two months after the incident from MeteorTech with the Babylon Garden. Dr. Eggman arranges a meeting with the "Agent's of Justice" in hoping of getting revenge on Sonic and Jet's teams for fouling his Eggman land plans. He makes an arrangement that he would help find Jet in trade for their weapons but once he gave them their location. The Agents of Justice betrays him on giving the location of Jet's team and destroys his Headquarters seeing him as a criminal. They thought of leaving him for dead but survived the destruction. Since then The Agent's of Justice have begun their search on Mobius finding traces of the Babylon Garden and their activities.

Three years have passed since the last seen of Babylon Garden and its departure. Since the Sonic Team and Jet's Team made their separate ways three years ago Jet and his Rogues haven't been seen since then. Until attacks have begun rampaging on Mobius largest cities around the world including Monopole City, not even the G.U.N. could stop them. (First Race of the game) The Sonic Team must race over to them confront the enemy destroying the city nearby Megalo Station only to see a mysterious male Echidna figure highly advanced body armor suit similar to the Nocturnus Technology along with a female Raven and male Triceratops. They ask Sonic where was Jet and his friends but they didn't know their whereabouts till Jet and his friends came along to find them here.

Just as the Agent was about to attack them a black & green male Echidna, black female Cyborg Raven, and a dark green Triceratops and stopped them for the time being. He introduces himself and to his team called Cosmos as Acer the Echidna; the leader, Jenny the Cyborg Raven; The Mechanical and Engineer & Acer's love interest and lastly the muscle; Jexon "Genus" Triceratops and explains who was attacking the city. Jet joins in to see what was all of the commotions and explains why they were attacking. Acer explains that the agents of justice are a high organization that seeks to protect the galaxy and beyond and he was one of them. But he didn't know their methods of seeking justice were to destroy worlds or as they call it "cleansing" worlds and they find the Babylonian Race to be criminals that includes Jet, Wave, and Storm.

He asks for their help if they want to help save Mobius and the rest of the galaxy. Sonic and his friends accept the offer to save the world and the galaxy but Jet had no choice to join them due to them being targeted. Until at the last minute Dr. Eggman approaches them wanting to help them after everything he has caused and Acer accepts him.

After they have accepted his offer Acer's ship was a crew size, stealth fighter, and corvette class ship as it appears from its cloak and brings them inside. Of course, without them knowing Amy sneaks onto the ship following them and later on joins Sonic's team. He then introduces the rest of his crew on the ship from other Mobian established worlds. Lisa "Red" Fox; the ship's pilot, Sally Acorn; The Xtreme Gear Simulation trainer (tutorial help), Blaze the Cat; Side mission informer, Aurora the She-Wolf; Xtreme Gear vendor and specialist (Sells and buys Xtreme Gear), Empress Lila Viper; Power/Attack upgrade Vendor, Bison; Strength Vendor, Lika Griffin; Speed Vendor, Janica Battie; Flight Vendor and Metal Henson the Hedgehog as an informer for updates. (SEGA about news, updates and upcoming dlcs)

Acer says that agents of justice have landed on nine planets that establish nine bases each for the planet. Each planet has established their own bases on the planets First 1 Mobius; their homeworld, 2 Moirilia; the jungle planet ruled by Empress Lila,3 Vopleania; the fire, volcanic but livable planet inhabited by the Inferno species, 4 Crora-SQD; the militarized planet filled with Mobian's Planetary Defense that has been taken control, 5 Blion; the freezing tundra planet they'll use to send Mobians into the Ice Age, 6 Lourus; The beautiful farm grassland inhabited by peaceful Bison Cow species, 7 Lapiazlu; An Aquatic based world to be used for steam-powered machines, 8 Leurilia; A planet filled with a void of energy used to power Crora and Mobius and finally 9 Lashillon; The Air Based planet to change and use to make Toxic gases. The teams must work together to stop the agents of justice before they destroy the Mobian Galaxy until they reach the final base which is an Eggman Space Station taking them into space.

The team's race and fight their way through the Eggman Station until they've reached the main head of the station. (Semi-Final Race) Acer, Sonic, and Jet battle Eion to stop him from activating the "Deconstructor" and were able to defeat him but Eion didn't want it to end this way and sets the Station to self-destruct while trying to escape. (Final Race/Time Trial) The teams have five minutes to escape the station before it explodes until they caught up with Eion at a close call death. Acer saves Eion but he rather dies than be saved and chose to kill himself in the explosion as they watch the destruction of the station ending the reign of terror from the Agents of Justice.

A month later as everything went back to normal and back to the usual. The Sonic and Jet Team with Eggman got together for just one time at Jet's airship. Wave was even impressed by Tails and wanted to get together with him, Knuckles and Storm became best friends but still tested each others strength like knuckleheads as for Sonic and Jet; they're not exactly friends but a more friendly rivalry, have more respect for each other and to put their past behind and become friends. They wondered why did they do this, to get back at the Babylons for the thievery and crimes they've caused or was it something more to them. They even wondered what happened to Acer and his team is up to now until they arrived to ship to celebrate with Sonic's and Jet's team giving closure to the Babylons Saga.


Pendulum - Witchcraft (Official Video)

Pendulum - Witchcraft (Official Video)

Game Covers

Sonic Riders Unlimited Xbox Cover

Xbox Cover

Sonic Riders Unlimited nintendo switch Cover

Nintendo Switch cover

Sonic Riders Unlimited PS4 Cover

PS4 Cover


You can choose any of the characters to play for the story mode of the game. It does not matter if you play as one of Sonic's, Jet's or Acer's team as there are no more separate and overlapping stories in the game. There is only one story for the game.


  • Team Sonic (Heroes) - Sonic, Knuckle's, Tail's and Amy
  • Team Jet (Babylonians) - Jet, Wave, and Storm
  • Team Acer (Cosmos) - Acer, Jenny, and Jexon


"The Agents of Justice"

  1. Tatcus - A male Dingo; Located in the Sand Ruins on Mobius
  2. Alkar - A male Coyote; Located in the Empresses Palace on Moirilla
  3. Gattas - A male metal Simian; Located nearby the Volcano on Vopleania
  4. Zaine - A female Polar Bear; Located in the main HQ on Crora-SQD
  5. Liana - A female Platypus; Located at a Checkpoint "Jolt Base" on Blion (Later gave in and joined Acer)
  6. Arcus - A female Grey Wolf; Located at a Recreation Soldier Base on Lourus
  7. Axiaus - A male Great White Shark; Located at the Center of Atlais on Lapiazlu
  8. Tempest - A female White Tiger; Located at a mine on Leurilla
  9. Maxnation-97 - A male metal Hawk; Located at a carrier on Lashillion
  10. Lexx (Bodyguard) - A male Beetle; Located outside of Eggman's Base.
  11. Akira (Second in Command) - A female Hedgehog and former love interest of Acer; Located at the ships docking bay on Eggman's Space Station
  12. Eion (Leader) - A male Echidna and brother of Acer; Located at the office of Eggman's Space Station.

Supporting Roles

  1. Dr. Eggman
  2. Blaze the Cat
  3. Lisa "Red" Fox
  4. Sally Acorn
  5. Aurora the She-Wolf
  6. Empress Lila Viper
  7. Bison
  8. Lika Griffin
  9. Janica Battie


Start Menu

The screen makes a large pulse explosion and shows the universe with the title and a press start button. Once past it will show four different options.

  • Start Game: To play the story and multiplayer online and offline.
  • Extras: Special features such as watching cutscenes from the story, viewing gallery of concept art & 3D renders, Xtreme Gear you possess, character's you've unlocked, video's you've created and music from all of the last Sonic Rider games including from Sonic Riders: Unlimited and Pendulum's soundtrack.
  • Settings: Adjust SFX, Music, Brightness, Audio, Subtitles, Change Accounts (Depending on Console Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo)
  • Credits: Showing the dedicated team that created the game from directors, audio, SFX, designers, graphics, programmers, supporters of the game along with studios and game engines and more especially the voice actors.

Main Menu

This screen shows off the options to where you can select different game modes with a new addition radio feature to switch or turn off the music.

  • Story Mode - To play the story of the game and go on the space race adventure to save the Mobian galaxy. By playing the story mode you can unlock new race tracks, new gear, returning and new characters and even cut scenes. Single Player only.
  • Free Race - A normal race for split-screen offline multiplayer racing. Choose the track you wish or your friends to play, select characters and gear to play. You can even set the rules, laps, and powers for the race you choose. Tracks and characters must be unlocked during the campaign to be available. Accessible to 4 players.
  • EX World Grand Prix - A set of courses with racing cups to earn. Multiplayer accessible and Online accessible.
  • Mission Mode - Side missions unlocked from the story able to replay for best times, earning rings and even unlocking characters and Xtreme gear.
  • Tag Mode - A 4 player split-screen racing multiplayer mode. Accessible to multiplayer only
  • Time Attack - Much like in the last installments this is where you and your friends can compete for best lap times on any character. Online and Offline Mode. Accessible to two players.
  • Battle Arena - 4 player online and split-screen where players battle each other until one remains.
  • Tutorial - Sally Acorn with her little partner Omochao will show you how to play the game and give you a brief explanation of all types of racing.
  • Free Mode - Free Mode is a game type, which doesn't have any tasks, goals or time limits. The purpose of free mode is training. It is available in both Single Player and Multiplayer.
  • Garage/Part/Upgrade Shop - Here you can buy, sell and build your very own Xtreme gear from hoverboards, bikes, Wheels, Yacht's, Air Rides from the last Sonic Rider games and new with a new series of skates and scooters from the company; X-treme Inc. You can even customize your gear with parts earned, found and unlocked during the story. Choosing different colors and designs to your pleasing. Accessible in Single Player and Online Multiplayer.
  • Wardrobe Store - Here you can customize the story character's clothes from shoes, goggles or glasses, accessories and even spacesuits for space racing. Earned and founded during the story. Accessible in Single Player and Online Multiplayer.

Online Mode

Sonic MN Cover

Mobian Network Logo

The game also comes with an online mode. Here you can create your own character and Xtreme gear to race around the globe on a new network called the "Mobian Network" or "M.N." for short. You can compete in competitions and the official "EX World Grand Prix" Tournament while setting records, competing with friends and other players online. The online mode will feature online space for players to interact with each other, garage/part store, wardrobe store, upgrade store. There are also special events to enter to earn rings and rare Xtreme gear. You can also play on player-made maps to also compete with friends and other players online. You can also find other player's designs of their Xtreme gear, along with fan-made movies and screenshots.

Creator Mode

Creator mode is a new feature for the Sonic Riders series as for where you can build your own race track and upload it onto the Mobian Network for you and others to share and play on similar to Halo's Forge.

Photo/Theater Mode

Photo/Theater mode is another new feature to the Sonic Riders series to where they can make their own record and edit their own movie. They can also take in-game screenshots of their moments in the game to share online with other members.


Sonic Riders: Unlimited introduces new technology to power their Xtreme gear instead of using air or gravity and decided to use plasma. No more air but gravity is still in use. The plasma that can be reused without having to be changed but will need to recharge after each boost use by doing tricks, collecting power-ups or even purchasing upgrades. When upgrading the Xtreme gear you'll be able to pull off higher tricks, better boosting, increased acceleration and more.

The game will not have motion control since players had control issues in Sonic Free Riders and felt that it was a mistake to have it in the first place. So it was agreed to not have it in the fourth installment and in future titles.

The race tracks will have its traditional shortcuts and new ones. The returning tracks will be revamped but still having traditional tracks from the last installments and twists and turns on the tracks will return very much like Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Each race always has the 12 racer position in a downward row and will have a 5-second running start before beginning the race.

The game includes customization for each character with Xtreme gear, upgrades and even wardrobe using the coins collected from the game and found parts throughout the story. SRU reintroduces the fast pace racing it once had in the first Sonic Riders game including the original drifting system and the tradition running start in ever start of the race. The boosting system has changed as well when using it it will have a charge time rate up to 30 seconds if completely depleted. You can purchase new boosts from the shop to upgrade different time rates. Power-ups can be added to your Xtreme Gear which each limited use of different attacks. No longer will you have to collect coins to level up while racing. The grinding system, for example, has returned not as an upgrade where you collect the number of rings. You can freely grind on the rails during the race. Gravity system also returns but also has limit use to when being used much like the boosts you can purchase upgrades from the shop.

The performance will be based on skills, talents and be balanced to the Xtreme gear. Tricks also have a huge role in the Sonic Riders series much like the last installments that help you replenish your boosts and are separated by timing and tricks. Similar to the last installments that include.

  • X - Earned when performed on perfect landing, fast timing and pulling off tricks. Earns 100 rings and an extra boost
  • SS/S+ - Earned when performing a great trick, great landing, and timing. Earns 50 rings
  • A - Earned when performing a good trick, good landing, and timing. Earns 30 rings
  • B - Earned when performing a decent trick, decent landing, and decent timing. Earns 20 rings.
  • C - Earned when failing a trick, bad landing and bad timing 10 or no rings will be earned. (Depending on how bad the trick was)
  • F - Earned when falling off the board or failing to perform a trick. No rings earned.

Create a Rider

In Online mode, you can create your very own character and your very Extreme Gear from the Xtreme Inc.

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Body Type - (Small, Medium and Large. Also customizable with slider to change form)
  • Species
  • Face (Mouth/Beak, Eyes, Nose, Eye colors)
  • Head (Hair, accessories)
  • Chest (Fur color, tops, coats)
  • Legs (Pants, No Pants)
  • Feet (Sneakers, Boots, Sandals, Bare feet, etc.)
  • Tail
  • Wings (For flight only and not usable during races)
  • Body Markings (Markings, Scars)
  • Accessories (Jewelry, capes, hats, goggles, etc.)
  • Ability Type (Speed, Flight, and Power)
  • Board Gear Type (Board, Bike, Air Ride, etc.)
  • Board Customization (Colors, Paint schemes, designs, nicknames, etc.)

Gear Types

In the world of Sonic Riders, there are many various types of Xtreme Gear types some made for specific powers that users have. Speed, Flight, and Power are the major play to the Gear Types to mix and match with characters but most will come with defaults and must be compatible. Gears Boards and Parts can be unlocked through playing the campaign. Custom-built boards not pertaining to the campaign are for multiplayer only.

Board Gear

Standard and default gear as it's common for those that don't possess flight abilities for example Sonic. They are mostly balanced for common riders or for any rider and can be mixed and matched with parts to the character's needs.

Skate Gear

Less common gear for riders such as Shadow as it can mostly be compatible with Speed and Flight users. Power riders will not be compatible unless risking to lower defenses to the Power users.

Bike Gear

More common to Power riders such as Knuckles and Storm. Although it is accessible to standard riders such as Sonic but speed will not be their best but is not accessible to Flight users.

Air Ride Gear

Common to Flight users such as Wave and Tails. Accessible to flight users mostly but not to standard riders or Power riders.

Acer's Ship (Hub World)

You are able to roam around the ship and interact with other members of the ship either to buy, sell or just have a conversation with them. Visiting other members are also vendors also can help you with upgrading your character, Xtreme gear and powers.

  • Acer - Located in his office for story missions along with his friends Jenny, Jexon and Metal Henson.
  • Blaze - Located in the conference room on the top floor where she'll give outside missions.
  • Metal Henson - Located in the info room next to the conference room giving information for updates. (SEGA about news, updates and upcoming dlc's.)
  • Lisa "Red" Fox - Located at the cockpit of the ship to take you any of the nine planets and the Eggman Space Station through the Mobian Star map.
  • Dr. Eggman - Located in the basement in a workshop and the Engineer craftsman to build your gear.
  • Sally Acorn - Located in the garage of the ship with a simulator room to help train the player and teach new tricks. (Basic Tutorial)
  • Aurora the She-Wolf - located in the garage area of the ship next to Sally as an Xtreme Gear vendor and specialist
  • Empress Lila Viper - located in the garage area as a Power/Attack upgrade Vendor
  • Bison - located in the middle of the ship as a Strength Vendor characters on boards, powers, etc.
  • Lika Griffin - located in the middle of the ship as Speed Vendor characters on boards, powers, etc.
  • Janica Battie - located in the middle of the ship as a Flight Vendor character on boards, powers, etc.

Characters and Abilities

Sonic Riders: Unlimited introduces new and reintroduces old characters from past installments. There are over 61 characters in the game to unlock during the story.

Default Characters
Name Xtreme Gear Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Sonic Blue Star 3.0 (Board) Speed Hyper Speed Cyclone Spinning Speed Attack
Tails Yellow Flying Fox (Board/Air Ride) Flight Air Attack Gliding Electric Wire
Knuckles Red Rock Triple (Board/Bike) Power Enhanced Strength Titanium Punch Flight
Amy Pink Rose Candy (Board) Speed Acrobatic Jumping Sonic Boost Amy's Hammer
Jet Type-J2 (Board) Speed Enhanced Speed Speed Strike Gravity Control
Wave Type-W2

(Board/Air Ride)

Flight Enhanced Flying Mecha Attack Gravity Control
Storm Type-S2 (Board) Power Mega Strength Super Strength Gravity Control
Acer Neo-Power (Board) Speed/Power Ex-booster Ice Beam Heavy Strike
Jenny Aceller-8

(Board/Air Ride)

Flight/Aerokinetic High Speed


Neon Beam Backwind
Jexon Pre-Storic (Bike) Power Pulverizer Earth-User Shockwave Clap
Metal-Henson Board 43-S0N (Board) Speed Enhanced Speed Dodging Slow-Motion
Extra's & Unlockable's Characters
Name Xtreme Gear Type Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Blaze Flame Lance (Board) Speed Fireball Burning Claws Inferno
Jenny "Red" Wolf Lightning (Wheel) Speed Lightning Speed Boost Laser blasters Electric Whip
Sally Acorn Enforcer (Bike) Power Punching Maximum Speed Laser


Aurora the


Spirit Beast (Yacht) Speed SuperSpeed Claw wing Spiritual Attack
Bison Bull Head (Bike) Power Ramming Power shields El Toro Attack
Empress Lila Viper Queen's Gear (Board) Speed Slither phase Rattle attack Vipers bite
Janica Battie Vampire Wing (Board/Yacht) Flight Gliding Power Extra Boost Increase Flight
Lika Griffin Angel (Board/Air Ride) Flight Dashing boost Aerodynamic Super Boost
Silver Psychic Wave (Board) Speed Gravity Control Dashing Boost Psychic Control
Rouge Temptation (Board) Flight Gliding High-Flying Screeching
E-10000 G E-gear G (Board) Power Enhanced Strength Target locking Punching
E-10000 R E-gear G (Board) Flight Enhanced Flight Target locking Punching
Cream Smile

(Board/Air Ride)

Flight Glamour Sunshine Bubble Strike
SCR-GP Wheel (None) Power Enhanced


Super Strength Crushing
SCR-HD None (None) Flight Enhanced


High Speed


NIGHTS Night Sky


Flight Light beam Dark Beam Magic
Shadow Shadows (Skates) Speed Hyper mode Chaos Control


Omega (Bike) Power Metal Claws Gatling Guns Rockets
Metal Sonic Blue Metal Star (Board) Speed SuperSpeed Chaos Hyper mode
Espio Silencer (Wheel) Speed Ninja Speed Phaser Camoattack
Vector Scale 9000 (Wheel) Power Scale Shield Chomp power Heatwave
Beat DJ Roller (Skates) Speed Dub-Boom Rolling boost Soundwave
Ulala Channel 5 (Board/Skates) Speed News Strike Broadcasting power Stormy Weather
Dr. Eggman E-Rider (Bike) Power Egg blaster Egg Batter Egg Masher
Charmy Stinger (Skates) Flight Bee Sting Wasp Sting Swatter
Sonic Avatar Any Gear Any Type Any Ability Any Ability Any Ability
Avatar (Xbox) X Prototype (Board) Any type Any Ability Any Ability Any Ability
Eion Injustice (Board) Speed Power Blast Speed Boost Nova Bomb
Akira Heart-Breaker (Wheel) Speed Extra Boost Nova Kiss Nova Laser
Lexx Striker (Bike) Power Extra Strength Plasma Shield Nova Cluster
Liana Iron (Board) Power Yacking Tail Smack Tactical Nova
Tatcus Hound (Bike) Power Barking Biting K-9 Blast
Alkar Nemesis (Board) Speed Speed Boost Sneaky Instinct Nova Blast
Zaine Polar-B (Bike) Power Snowball Snow Storm Avalanche
Gattas Meta-Banana (Yacht) Power Crazy Banana Counter-Insane King Kong Power
Arcus Hunter (Board) Speed Hunting Super speed Sniper Attack
Axiaus B-Shark (Wheel) Speed Great White Shield Hyper Speed Jaw Attack
Tempest Cat's Eye (Board) Speed Jaguar's speed boost Tiger's Claw Lion Attack
Maxnation-97 Security (Air Ride) Flight Maximum Shield HyperDrive Elimination mode


Sonic Riders: Unlimited introduces 38 new courses along with 12 returning courses from Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity in a total of 50 race tracks. These are the stages of the game throughout the story, free race, online multiplayer and creator mode. The courses and the alternate courses will be unlocked after playing certain tracks and by completing the story. Classic tracks return from Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity as they can be unlocked by completing the story, mission mode, and challenges.

Planet's Main Courses Alternate Courses Unlocking
Mobius Metro Riot (Monopole City) Nightlife Vegas Completing story
Mobius Part II Egyptian Paradise (Sand Ruins) Ancient Kingdom Completing story
Moirilla Queens Jungle Empresses Palace Completing story
Voplenia Inferno Great Eruption Completing story
Crora-SQD Checkpoint-5 Crora HQ Completing story
Blion Ice Wasteland Jolt Base Completing story
Lourus Farmland Caged Track Completing story
Lapiazlu Atlantis Route Neptune's Kingdom Completing story
Leurilla Dark Side Rush Mining Power Completing story
Lashillion Sky Highway Battleship Completing story

Space Station

Frontline Invasion Hull Breach (Lexx Boss) Completing story

Space Station

Part II

Docking Bay Inside Out (Akira Boss) Completing story

Space Station

Part III

Captains Bridge Showdown (Eion Boss) Completing story

Space Station Finale

Quick Escape Destruction Getaway

(Escape Eggman's Station)

Completing story
Unlockable and Returning Courses

Unlocked Courses

Returning & Classic Courses

Milky Way Metal City/Night Chase
SEGA World Megalo Station/Nightside Rush
Test Track (Speed) Egg Factory/Ice Factory
Test Track II (Flight) Gigan Rocks
Test Track III (Power) Babylon Gardens/Sky Road
Eggman's Space Station Sand Ruins/Dark Desert
Mobius Strip Star Light Zone
80s & 90s Boulevard Green Hill Zone
MeteorTech Premises and Sparkworks Marble Zone
Aquatic Capital/Tempest Waterway Labyrinth Zone
Bad Future Stardust Speedway

EX World Grand Prix

Sonic Riders: Unlimited contains a new game feature called the "EX World Grand Prix". Each cup will have five courses each. Race through each course to win the cups.

Heroes Cup

Courses Description
Metro Riot The City of Monopole filled with busy streets, tall skyscrapers, Metro Stations and underground shortcuts to no limits.
Egyptian Paradise Through the ruins of an old ancient temple but filled with terrible sand storms and unknown booby traps.
Queens Jungle The Jungle and the home of the Queen with swamps, rainforests and face large and beyond creatures.
Inferno A Volcanic like-world with magma streams, erupting volcanoes and dangerous landscaping.
Ice Wasteland (Final Course) Travel through the world of Sub Zero icy terrain with ice caverns, snowstorms, and icy cold polar caps.

Babylon Cup

Courses Description
Nightlife Vegas Nightlife version of Monopole City
Ancient Kingdom Race through the old villages and cities of the Sand Ruins
Empresses Palace Empress Lila Viper's Palace with shortcuts and passageways
Great Eruption Racing through the Volcano with erratic eruptions and course changing twists.
Crora HQ

(Final Course)

Main Headquarters of the Military Defense Planet; Crora-SQD

Cosmo Cup

Courses Description
Jolt Base Cold Icy Headquarters on Blion
Atlantis Route The Aquatic Road with tunnels leading to the underwater ancient city
Checkpoint 5 A border wall race track with turrets and soldiers surrounding the wall
Dark Side Rush A dangerous void track filled with a void of energy around the track
Sky Highway

(Final Course)

Airway track that takes you through the skies and even closes into space with the wind

gushing through the clouds

Eggman Cup

Courses Description
Frontline Invasion Outside of Eggman's Space Station
Hull Breach Racing through the damaged part of the Station with many jumps and alternate routes.
Inside Out Racing through the station to the center of the station
Showdown Racing through the center of the station avoiding obstacles and attackers
Destruction Getaway

(Final Course)

The final escape race out of the station from the center.

(Reverse alter track of Showdown)

EX World Grand Prix Cup

Repeated and some new courses but on a harder setting.

Courses Description
Nightlife Vegas (Look at Babylon Cup)
Caged Track The Deeper Jungle of the track trapped with deadly creatures
Neptune's Kingdom Travel through the palace of King Neptune
Mining Power An underground cavern race track with intense dark void energy and minerals
Battleship Race through the battle of Agent's of Justice dodging blasts from cannons

and robots attacking with battle damage to the ship.


Classic Stages from Classical Sonic Games including a new course.

Courses Description
Green Hill Zone Classic Stage of Green Hill Zone
Labyrinth Zone Classic Stage of Labyrinth Zone
Marble Zone Classic Stage of Marble Zone
Star Light Zone Classic Stage of Star Light Zone
Stardust Speedway Classic Stage of Stardust Speedway
SEGA World An amusement park filled with SEGA Classic's and Iconic Games


The game's official soundtrack will be written and composed by Pendulum while also featuring rock, electro-rock, and synthwave music to give fast-paced action in the story and all of the stages of the game. The game theme song is called "Crush" by Pendulum. The game also includes a new radio feature to play music while in the main menu or during racing. You can play the music from the last installments and you can have a mixtape to play your favorites.


  1. Western Intro Theme (Pendulum - Crush)
  2. Japanese Intro Theme (FLOW - Days)
  3. Start Menu
  4. Main Menu
  5. Mobius - Metro Riot/Nightlife Vegas
  6. Mobius II - Egyptian Paradise (Sand Ruins)/Ancient Kingdom
  7. Moirilla - Queens Jungle/Empresses Palace
  8. Voplenia - Inferno/Great Eruption
  9. Crora-SQD - Checkpoint-5/Crora HQ
  10. Blion - Ice Wasteland/Jolt Base
  11. Lourus - Farmland/Caged Track
  12. Lapiazlu - Atlantis Route/Neptune's Kingdom
  13. Leurilla - Dark Side Rush/Mining Power
  14. Lashillion - Sky Highway/Battleship
  15. Eggman's Space Station - Frontline Invasion/Hull Breach (Lexx Boss)
  16. Eggman's Space Station Part II - Docking Bay/Inside Out (Akira Boss)
  17. Eggman's Space Station Part III - Captain's Bridge/Showdown (Eion Boss)
  18. Eggman's Space Station Finale - Quick Escape/Destruction Getaway (Escape Eggman's Station)
  19. Credits Theme (Pendulum - Witchcraft)

Reception and Review

Sonic Riders: Unlimited has been claimed to come back for a Sonic Game by IGN them giving an 8.9/10 saying "Sonic Riders: Unlimited brought a whole new world of Sonic Racing." Gametrailers gave 7.7/10 and Screwattack gave them 7/10 for giving the best visual effects with the characters, gameplay and especially in the CG movie scenes. Classic Game Room gives the game 9/10 for bringing back the classic Sonic Riders and mixing it along with Zero Gravity while giving the music space elements for racing and the soundtrack and not using the Kinect as the controls. Toonami gives the game an 8.7/10 for stunning gaming visual effects, an excellent choice for music composer while using new voices for the game but suffers due to lack of SEGA characters as only a few returns to the game. Gameinformer gave the game an 8.8/10 for bringing a new online mode to the game having players able to race online with other players and for giving Sonic games the first customization system. Gametrailers gave the game a 7.7/10 due to not having the classic Sega characters as unlockables and how much rings you have to spend on one board or any other gear. Eurogamer gives the game a 9.1/10 for stunning visual effects, amazing SFX, great soundtrack, good gameplay and says "Pendulum was the best choice for an epic space racing game".

Sonic Riders: Unlimited
Review Scores
IGN News 8.9/10
Gamespot 7/10
Gametrailers (GT) 7.7/10
Screw Attack 8/10
Classic Game Room 9/10
Toonami (Game Reviews) 8.7/10
GamesRadar 7.5/10
GamerInformer 8.8/10
Eurogamer 9.1/10


  • Sonic Riders: Unlimited is the fourth installment of the Sonic Riders series.
  • SRU is the first Sonic game to ever introduce a character and gear customization.
  • Sonic Riders: Unlimited is the first Sonic game to introduce over 61 characters.
  • SRU is the first Sonic Riders game to have an online mode.
  • SRU is the first Sonic Riders game to bring classic zones (stages) into the game.
  • SRU is the first Sonic Riders game to allow free roam.
  • SRU is the first Sonic Riders game to have its own online network.
  • Sally Acorn is one of the few characters to return to the Sonic games.
  • Pendulum being the composer for the game similar to Daft Punk being a composer for Tron Legacy.
  • SRU's "Ex World Grand Prix" was inspired by Mario Kart's Cup courses.
  • The game was originally planned to be named Sonic Riders: Infinity.
  • Create a Rider is an inspiration to Sonic Forces character creation
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