Sonic Riders: Ground Zero

FTR Productions

Sonic Team
Sumo Interactive
Release Date
Late Fall 2017
New notice: last call for FCs for team universal. needing power type only, feel free to add your power type FCs by asking me.<p style="font-size:14pt;">SR:GZ is the 4th installment of sonic riders and the sequal to sonic free riders, the game takes elements from all 3 sonic riders installments with a graphics overhull, the game also has new features along side improved online multiplayer servers as well as new characters. the game will be released exclusively to Steam with Full Controller Support on Late Fall of 2017 by sega & sonic team, in assotation to FTR and Sumo interactive


the gameplay is simular to sonic riders zero gravity, but with a retruning stunt system from The First installment of the series and the gear select from the 3rd installment, as well as a character creator allowing you to create or recreate characters of your choice, even recreate fan characters with a wide select of species and character creation options to choose from and a track editor allowing you to create you very own custom track with a vast selection of envirements and gimicks and track peaces. the online play has improved from free riders, new features can be accessed such as Track sharing and Created Character Sharing, improved online gameplay with smooth online play with barely nay lag.

Character Roster

Character Gear Name Type
Sonic Blue Star Speed
Tails Yellow Tail Fly
Knuckles Red Rock Power
Amy Pink Rose Speed
Jet J-Type Speed
Wave W-Type Fly
Storm S-Type Power
Ion Atomic Rusher Speed
Lunari Sixth Sense Fly
??? ??? ???
Character Gear Name Type How to unlock
CC Custom Gear

(Created After CC Is Created)

Any (chosen after creation) Complete the first tutorial.
Shadow Black Dart Speed Complete Heroes story.
Silver Psychic Edge Fly Complete Babylon Story
Cream Smile Fly Complete Heroes Story
EX-2000 ExRider Speed Play the game for 5 hours toltal
Beat Spray Painter  Speed Win in the Heroes Cup with a Gold Metal
Aiai Bananna Power Win in the Babylon Cup with a Gold Metal
NiGHTS Night Dreamer Fly Win in the SEGA Cup with a Gold Metal (50 Points)
Dr. Eggman E-Rider Power Complete Fanon Story


Track List
Heroes Tracks Babylon Tracks Fanon Tracks Extra Tracks
Megalo City Megalo Highway Megalo Station Custom Track (NEW)
Rush Canyon  Red Canyon Splash Canyon  SEGA Plaza (NEW)
Egg Labs Egg Factory Ice Factory SEGA Nightlight (NEW)
Aquatic Laybrith Aquatic Haven Aquatic Utopia  Begone Way (NEW/Boom)
Gigan Temple Gigan Vibe Gigan Rocks Metal City (Riders 1)
Sand Ruins Night Ruins Sunrise Ruins Game Central Madness (NEW/Third Party - Wreck it Ralph)
Babylon Fall Babylon Shade Babylon Crisis Core City NightRush (NEW)


Eggman as rebuilt the company MeteorTech and wants to find the missing items that has the power of anti gravity, but the robots return to full function after he discovered one of them, meanwhile Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy head back to Megalo Station to find why the robots return to life, but was soon challenged By team Babylon, Team heroes accepts and they race as Team Heroes wins the race, A new Team arrives on their own purpose, to find the best riders and beat them in a Extreme Gear Race, the mysterious trio stands up to challenge jet wave and storm, as well as Sonic, Tails And Knuckles, Sonic and Jet accept but find them selves beat by the new team. Jet was infuriated and sonic was not happy either but both sonic and jet saw him as a friendly rival due to him being kind to them and had a Well developed Team. the three teams soon get attacked by the robots and the leader defeats all of them gaining the Second Gravity Ring allowing him to gain anti gravity to use to his advantage.along side his other members, who has the third and forth gravity rings.

(more on the way)


Teams Team Members
Team Heroes Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Knuckles the Echidna
Team Babylon Jet The Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross
Team Universal Ion the Hedgehog, Lunari the Echidna, ??? the ???
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