Story Mode

Shadow the Hedgehog is mad at Rouge for breaking his extreme gear and decides that Team Dark shouldn't be a riders team. He is exploring the Dark Evergaldes when he sees Jet. Jet is still mad at Sonic for not technically losing to him in a race, and Shadow said that he'd help Jet win. Jet then gives Shadow an Ark of the Cosmos and, in his rage, tosses it to the shade of a tree. Jet is not offended about it but surprised at the results of the actions. The meteorite begans to glow and explodes, then Jet picks it up and it burns a small part of his gloves off. Shadow glows red and when Jet tries to ask him a question and he bursts to flames. Annalise and the other Babylon Rogues walk up and see the problem. Annalise kicks away the Ark of the cosmos and Shadow returns to his original state. Wave mutters something to Cindy the Hawk and Cindy blurts in a whisper the Twilight Secrets?!(Shadowthevampirehog7's fanfics ONLY!)

Depending on the players actions (1st=Team Joining Race)the path will be different.The first mission is called: Anger Manegment. Shadow must beat Rouge and some other random characters in 4th or better to move on.


2nd=rejoin Rouge



1st=White World

2nd=Heroes Again

3rd=Nocturnus Girl

Rejoin Rouge:

1st=City of Pie

2nd=Random Puking

3rd=Museum Breakout

4th=Prison of Simplicity


1st=Roller Coaster

2nd=Clown Land


4th=Violent Discovery


Shadow the Hedgehog=Black Bullet=Power

Annalise the Hedgehog=Twisted Skaters=Speed

Rouge the bat=GNO=Flight

Jet the Hawk=Type J2=Speed

Wave the Swallow=Type W2=flight

Cindy the Hawk=Type C=Flight

Thunder the Chickadee=Type T=power

Storm the Albatross=Type S2=power

Amy Rose=The P!nk One=speed

Sonic the Hedgehog=Blue Blast=speed

Tails the fox=Sun Chariot=flight

Knuckles the Echidna=Rosy Rocket=power

Shade the Echidna=Nocturnus:Type S,S,S,1=speed

Tikal=Tribal Trouble=flight

Silver the Hedgehog=Future Blur=flight

Blaze the Cat=Royal Claws=speed

Winter the Cat=Snowflake=flight

Dr. Eggman=E-125 Alpha Rider=power

Maria Robotnik=Teal Speed=speed

Annabeth=Pink Cross=flight

Jenny:NASCAR Board=speed

Sam Sparks:Speed Manegment=speed

Shakira the Dolphin=Shiny!=power

Boni the Echidna=Stolen Propert=flight



Catch Me if You Can:Runble Bee

All Hail Shadow:Crush 40

Seven Rings In Hand:Crush 40

Pain:Three Days Grace

This Machine:Julien K


Each character has a unique move, which will knock a character out of the position they're in an into last it hones in on the character in front of you and transports them off the side. This will automatically throw them in last, which is a huge advantage for slow characters.

Shadow: Chaos Spear: Damage

Annalise: Tear Dance: Distract

Rouge: Flirt: Distract

Jet: Skwak: confuse

Wave: Wrench Throw: damage

Storm: Drum: damage

Sonic: Whirlwind: Distract

Tails: Slash: distract

Knuckles: Cheer: damage

Shade: Surge: damage

Tikal: Master Smash: damage

Cindy: Find: damage

Thunder: Thunder: distract

Sam: Ballet: distract

Jenny: Duh: confuse

Annabeth: Cross Throw: damage


Blaze: Burn: damage

Silver: Psycic Wave: confuse

Amy:SHUT UP!!!:confuse

Maria: Blowkiss: confuse

Shakira: Ecolocation: confuse

Boni: Steal: distract

Eggman: Invent: confuse

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