In this new Sonic Riders game, the main characters have the 3 basic gears from Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. A new enemy is a black hole master.



Is the world's fastest hedgehog. He has three gears:

Blue Star (Air board)

Blue Flyer (Air Ride)

Blue Mobile (Bike)

His special is Super Sonic.


The smart and great fox. His gears are:

Yellow Skates (Skates)

Yellow Tail (Air ride)

Yellow Wheels (Scooter)

His Special is Tail Tornado.


A replacement of Knuckles who ends up at Team Rose. She uses Cheese to give large punches to obstacles. Her gears are:

Smiley Wheels (Skates)

Smiling Sun (Air Ride)

Smile (Bike)

Her special is Chao Omega.


Sonic's "Girlfriend", she is now considered a Speed-Power type. Her gears are:

Pink Rose (Air Board)

Love Air (Air Board)

Piko Ride (Bike)

Her Special is Lovely Hammer.


A replacement for Cream who ends up at Team Sonic. His gears are:

Neo Red (Skates)

Red Rock (Air Ride)

Red Punch (Scooter)

His special is Spiky Air.


A new playable character, he has a rivalry with Storm in Rose Story. His Gears are:

Purple Big (Air board)

Purple Air( Air Ride)

Froggy Bike (Bike)

His Special is Poison Frog.


Sonic's rival. He thinks he is the fastest of the world. His gears are:

Type-J (Grind)

Type-S-F (Air Ride)

Type-S-P (Bike)

His special is Babylon Speed.


Tails' rival. She has an I.Q similar to Tails. Her gears are:

Type-W-S (Skates)

Type-W (Air Ride)

Type-W-P (Scooter)

Her Special is Babylon Flight.


Knuckles, Cream and Big's rival. He is the only character with multiple rivals. His gears Are:

Type-S-S (Air Board)

Type-S-F (Air Ride)

Type-S (Bike)

His Special is Babylon Power.


A new playable character who is Tails' twin sister. Her type is Flight and her gears are:

Pandamonium (Air Board)

Bamboo Air (Air Ride)

Giant Panda (Scooter)

Her Special is Super Fox Girl.


A sexy bat. Her gear is:

Temptation(Air Ride)

Her special is Marriage Kiss (Only Works on Boys)


Sonic's rival. His gear is:

Shadow Gear (Air Board)

His special is Shadow Twister.


Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Her gear is:

Fire Gear (Skates)

Her special is Burning Royalty.


A time traveler. His gear is:

Time Gear (Air Ride)

His special is Time Expo.


The villain of the game. His gear is:

Egg Ride (Bike)

His Special is Egg Bomb.

Momma Robotnik

The mother of Eggman. Her gear is:

Mama Bike (Bike)

Her special is Butt Slam (Only works on girls).


Air Board Plaza Plaza of Destruction
Flower Paradise

Dark Festival

Agua Bendita Aqua Cainta
Lava Factory Ice Factory
Great Wall Trembled Palace
Time Palace Dark palace
Rainbow Street Sun Street

Boss Stages(Up)

Modes and Consoles

Story: Choose 4 Characters and Explore the Grand Prix.

Normal Race: Choose From 3 Sub-modes:Time Attack,Free Race,Grand Prix

Battle: Battle with Friends

Tutorial: learn to race.

Shop: Buy Gears and Customization in the Shop!

Mission: Do Requests From Eggman And Collect Gears And Treasures.







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