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Sonic Revelation is a game made by SEGA for the mainstream Sonic games. When all else failed, with the four years of development of Sonic Forces; SEGA had a backup plan to revive the blue blur. With original concepts coming back from 2015, Sonic Revelation started development in 2016 under the radar.

The Hedgehog Engine 2 was used once more throughout the development of Sonic Revelation.


After the disappointment of Sonic Forces, SEGA already had a backup plan going for them. Concepts for the game dated back to the mid season of 2015, where original designs were gathered and what was a key factor of what made Generations and Colours such a success. They decided to improve on the boost formula, and add a new gimmick similar to what they did with Unleashed. But this wasn't to add new stages, but have it apart of the Sonic stages.

Original drafts for the story had Sonic have a companion known as Scarge. When this idea got pitched to the head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka this was a terrible idea, and head writers Ken Pontac and Warren Graff got fired as a result of this. Ian Flynn, writer of the Archie Comics, was hired by Sonic Team to be head writer and pitched a very interesting idea of Sonic having his own entity in his self-conscious. To much liking of this idea, this concept was kept and was the main idea heading forward.

When it came to the music, everyone struggled with the main theme of who should be brought in. But during the recording sessions, of Doug Robb doing Fist Bump for Sonic Forces, he recommended Masato David Hayakawa of coldrain, as he was recently doing some concerts with him in Japan. It was then decided, to bring Masato Hayakawa in for the main theme of Revelation.


One day in Sonic's world, 1 year after the events of Forces, Dr. Eggman is at it again to plan a devious plot against the beloved hedgehog. In his plans, he accidentally discovers Sonic has been keeping a secret from all his friends, and finds out he can't stand having to work alone. This causes a spark of brilliance for him, and immediately starts Sonic's demise. Over the course of the next few days, lots of Eggman's robots are causing a lot of problems for Sonic and his friends and after these battles his friends end up going missing. It is now up to him, and only him to find out what is truly going on and how to stop it. But to his unfairness, his secret deep within starts to show its true colours and Sonic undergoes a personality change, in which he can't stop himself from getting really aggressive and going rogue. He merely thinks Eggman is the reason for his friends getting kidnapped, so he heads on a journey to go hunt him down. Along the way, he encounters Shadow, Silver and Blaze who becomes his biggest allies on this quest to take down Eggman and stop this change he is going through once and for all.



Dark Super Sonic.png


Shadow (Only after 100% Completion)

Dark Super Sonic (Final Boss Only)







Dr. Eggman



Metal Sonic



Sonic Revelation HUD

Sonic retains all features that he has from Forces. But from complaints about Forces, features such as the Light Speed Dash and Drift have been brought back from what they were like in Generations. But the big new feature, has a big gimmick and is a core part of the gameplay in Revelation, which is Aggression Mode which can allow Sonic to be more capable of surrounding enemies in a period of short time. During this period, you can chain combos of moves similarly to what the Werehog does in Unleashed but more realistically to what Sonic would normally be able to do. Sonic is also invincible during this time, but is not immune to every attack as some enemies can harm you in the final stages when the difficulty gets put up. It will be automatically activated, when you are surrounded by hoards of enemies. But you turn this off in the settings, so you can activate it yourself. All the stages are 100% 3D.


Shadow's gameplay goes back to the adventure formula, as he plays very similarly to how he does in Shadow the Hedgehog, but this time he has no vehicles or weapons. He can do the Chaos Blast which has him go for a burst of speed, which sends Shadow flying across the level for a very short amount of time, and Chaos Control which allows Shadow to slow down time to help him be more precise when platforming. He also retains Sonic's abilities like the Light Speed Dash, Drift, Stomp and he can also Air Boost. He cannot however do boosting, but instead of that he is able to do the Spindash instead. All the stages are 100% 3D


This is the first time multiplayer has been incorporated into a Sonic game in 9 years. Multiplayer has different modes such as VS Races and VS Battles.

Sonic can race Shadow in VS Races, but you can also use Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Silver to be playable in VS battles.


All levels have 2 acts that take 3 to 6 minutes to complete for each act.

Death Valley:

It is the first chronological level of the game, and it resembles the real life version of Death Valley. It a hot rocky desert, with some canyons in sight. The stage has all sorts of crazy platforms and dangerous enemies.

White Plain:

White Plain is the second chronological level in the game, it has a massive land area similar to that of The Great Lake in Utah. It has lots of snow around the level.

Airship Madness

Airship Madness:

Airship Madness takes place in the sky, throughout the level it has many ships you jump from one to another. These are done in platforming sections. However the rest of the level is consisted of running around a gigantic airship.

Peaceful Park:

Widely regarded as the games calmest level in terms of level design and enemy placement. It has jaw dropping scenery and beautiful trees and plants throughout the level. It has a complatency for you to explore the level as it is very open.

Regal Crisis:

Regal Crisis is based off a London Royal Palace in the UK, it has a lot of royalty. But Eggman has destroyed a lot of the level, so there are lots of enemies and hazards around.

Light Storm:

This level takes place in a big open factory which works on how to reach light speed. So there are lots of speed traps around, there is a massive storm raging outside because of the experiments made.

Red Canyon

Ghost Chase:

Ghost Chase takes place in a haunted mansion in which you get chased by a ghost. As referred to by the stage name.

Red Canyon:

Red Canyon is based off the Grand Canyon and has you go through a massive desolate valley, it is often dubbed as one of the fastest stages in the game in terms of speed.

Rail Central:

Rail Central has a fairly futuristic look to it. But it is based in a train station, which you start off on a long pathway leading to a train track, in which you will then grind on the rails.

Milehigh Sanctuary:

Taking place in a high building which has a massive Japanese styled garden at the top, the level starts at mile height.

Launchbase Forest:

The level is located in a vast green space leading into a forest, which has a launch base located at the end of the stage and around the area.

Final Fury:

This level takes place in Space aboard a space station. It is widely known to be the toughest stage in the game, it has frequent hoards of enemies and some intentional cheap level design to make the player and Sonic rage in fury. You can be stuck in aggression mode for up to 2 minutes!

Boss Battles

Airship Madness: Evil Tails

Devil Anatomy.jpg

Regal Crisis: Evil Amy

Red Canyon: Evil Knuckles

Rail Central: Egg Tarantula

Launchbase Forest: Evil Shadow

Final Fury (2 Boss Fights): Metal Sonic, Egg Colossus

Final Boss: Devil Anatomy (Dark Super Sonic battles this boss)



Coldrain - After Dark (Secrets Within is in style of this song)

The music in the game is the type of rock and electronic music that will fit in with the environments of the stage you are playing. However Peaceful Park is an exception and it will have very relaxing music, which is a mix of acoustic guitar and piano.

Main Theme


Peaceful Park

Secrets Within performed by Masato David Hayakawa of coldrain.

Final Boss Theme

Secrets Within (Orchestrated)

Voice Actors

Sonic - Roger Craig Smith

Tails - Colleen Villard

Knuckles - Travis Willingham

Amy - Cindy Robinson

Shadow - Kirk Thornton

Silver - Quinton Flynn

Blaze - Laura Bailey

Dr. Eggman - Mike Pollock

Orbot - Kirk Thornton

Cubot - Wally Wingert

Dark Super Sonic - Roger Craig Smith


Sonic Revelation
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 87/100
GameRankings 94.37%
Reviewer Scores
Reviewer Score
IGN 8.4/10
Gamespot 9 - Superb
1Up A+
Eurogamer 7.9/10
Famitsu 39/40
GamesRadar 8/10
Game Trailers 10/10
Nintendo Power 9.4/10
Gamespy 3/5

Sonic Revelation was considered a financial and critical success by many critics, many actually arguing for it being a candidate for game of the year. One of the main things the game got praised for, was the level design and well received storyline which was said by IGN to be "Dark, but not to dark, it is very fun and over the top for any Sonic fan to enjoy." The main concept of the game, was very well received, but however Gamespy claimed how Aggression mode was forced upon you in the stages itself, and any momentum already gained gets put to a grinding halt.

The people from Famitsu gave Revelation 3 10's and the other guy still gave a solid 9. The main praise, was the level design and clever new gimmick which characterizes on what made Sonic special in the first place. GameSpot and Games Trailers agreed on how replay value was done very well, and it always gets you coming back wanting more.