Cutscene 1: Happily Ever After?

[Our strange little game starts off with Sonic in a dream, and everything seems colorful and happy.]

Dream Amy: Isn’t this perfect, Sonic? We can have no care in the world!

Dream Sonic: Except the care of having you around to chase me like a maniac. Uh...yeah...not a single care in the world.

Dream Knuckles: And no one will steal my Master Emerald!

(The Flickies start singing a little tune. It seems familiar to Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead! Coincidentally, Tails finds a wanted sign with Eggman on it.)

Dream Tails: Hey, everyone! I found a sign! It says that Eggman’s dead!

Dream Knuckles: Eggman is dead?!

(Sonic and Amy gasp.)

Dream Silver: Eggman’s gone forever!!!

(Shadow does a smirk.)

All excluding Shadow and Espio: (Singing) Once there was an evil genius in the land of Mobius! And he was more evil than a...

Dream Charmy: What rhymes with genius or Mobius?

Dream Silver: Uuuuuuuuuh...

(Confused as hell, Sonic starts singing the theme song to The Smurfs.)

Dream Espio: Wrong song!

[We suddenly see the real Sonic trying to sing along.]

Sonic: (Sleep–Talking) Avenious? That rhymes with genius.

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