These are the trailers for Sonic Rectification.

Trailer 1

[The trailer starts with the Sonic Team and SEGA logo, then it fades to black. The trailer starts flashing images of all the villains in the series, as well as the other characters, while a narrator says each of their evil or flawed qualities.]

Narrator: Lust... Wrath... Envy... Gluttony... Greed... Sloth... Pride... Time and time again, these sins and many more have plagued and caused the death and misery of all things for far too long...

[The trailer then cuts to a silhouette of a mysterious figure. It also shows his actions at the beginning of the game.]

Narrator: Until one being... with the power to warp morality and empathy itself... sought to erase it all forever... but at the same time... grew bitter as a result... This being of virtue... has fallen... into vice himself...

[The dark music immediately stops and a record screech sound effect plays]

Sonic: [offscreen] Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Is this really how it's gonna go?

Narrator: Huh?

[The camera pans right to Sonic.]

Sonic: Don't you think that's a bit much?

Narrator: But, isn't all this the whole point of the game?

Sonic: But you can't just throw in stuff like that without adding any substance to it. This is a kids' game, you know?

Narrator: Fine.

[The dark and serious music and trailer turns into a light-hearted and action-packed, fast-paced sequence. The trailer shows gameplay of the characters in the story.]

Narrator: Can Sonic and his friends stop this being before it's too late? Welcome to a brand new adventure that will change everything... Sonic Rectification! Coming soon.

Sonic: Now, that's more like it!

Trailer 2

The trailer starts with the Sonic Team and SEGA logo, then it shows a shot of the ground before a blue streak comes passing by.

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