Sonic The Hedgehog Rebirth
Sonic Rebirth is a Sonic the hedgehog fan-game based on Sonic's journey through Earth and how faces the evil Dr. Robotnik and his devious badniks. 



After saving South Island from some of Dr. Robotnik's badniks, Sonic had thought he could get a vacation and chill out for a couple of days. But after a week had passed, Sonic realized that Dr. Robotnik was terrorizing the good Green Hill Zone again. Seeing that this was an easy task, Sonic spindashed off and headed for the hills to stop Dr. Robotnik from creating a new kind of badnik. But after Sonic raced off, a mysterious robot appeared in Station Square and secretly began terrorizing the good people, framing Sonic the hedgehog for what was happening.

(MINI TASK - Break Down The Village Gate)

(ACT 1 - Green Hill Zone)

(BOSS 01 - E.G.G Beetle)


--Under Construction--


Sonic plays just as he did in the 2D and 3D world of gameplay only with a few couple gimmicks. For one, the models are based off of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure combined. Sonic Rebirth uses unreal engine technology to make everything extremely perfect in animation and making almost everything look good (so those explosions are actually explosions). Sonic has alot of abilities including the special ancient light skill, the wall jump skill, the spindash skill, and the homing attack skill. There are also upgrades that can be purchased from any of the adventure field stores to help Sonic enhance his moves. The stages are very special and highly detailed, giving a unique glow on certain things from the sun or a special flicker of starlight on the ocean due to the moon. Everything is detailed to the very top.


WALK - Push left or right on the analog stick to initiate Sonic's movement in either direction. As you hold the button down, Sonic gains speed.

RUN - Begin walking and hold down the analog stick to make Sonic gain speed. After a few seconds, he'll break into a run.

SPIN JUMP - Press the A button at any time to make Sonic leap into the air with a spin attack. The height of the jump is proportional to how long you hold the button down.

HOMING ATTACK  - When in mid-air, press the A button to have Sonic dash foward at high speeds. When near an enemy, Sonic's homing attack will automatically target the enemy(s) and destroy them.

SPINDASH - When standing still, press the X button to perform a spindash and dash through the couse. The longer you hold down the X without releasing it, the faster Sonic's launch will go.

PUSH - Certain blocks can be pushed by running up against them. Continue holding the analog stick against the offending cube to have Sonic push it along the ground.

RUNNING SPIN - While moving, press down on the analog stick to make Sonic curl into a rolling attack. He'll remain in this position until you jump or slow down. The speed of Sonic's movement while in spin mode is based on how fast you're moving when you launch it, and also on the terrain Sonic rolls along.

DIVE-BOMB - While in mid-air, press down on the analog stick plus the X button to have Sonic perform a powerful spindash downwards. This can only be performed on certain rusty parts of a stage. When performed, Sonic can dig his way into a secret area to find bonuses, a special stage ring, or even power-ups.


Action Stages are basically playable levels. This is the only type of area where Sonic will encounter enemies (most boss battles appear to take place in the Adventure Fields, but they are actually in Action Stages designed to look like the Fields). There are twelve Action Stages, accessible by Sonic. However, unlike previous Sonic games, Action Stages are not made up of Zones and Acts. Instead, the game plays more like each Adventure Field is a Zone and the Action Stages are the Acts in the Zone. The Action Stages have separate areas that could be considered "Acts", but they are not separate levels, as in previous games.


Adventure Fields are non-linear game stages, generally designed for (light) puzzle solving, exploration, and plot advancement. They contain very few items (enemies, rings, etc.). Every Adventure Field links to the other three Fields. They also have several Emblems each. They are each packed with various power-ups for different characters.

There are four Adventure Fields:

Station Square: A large, metropolitan city. Eggman plans to destroy it and construct "Robotnikland" on its ruins. A train here takes you to the Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins: A large mountainous area and the largest Adventure Field in the game, containing the floating Angel Island. A train here takes you to Station Square. Deep in the jungle, a Ziggurat can be found. Tails' workshop is in this area. It also has a base home to Eggman.

Iron Jungle: Eggman's massive forest made of pure steel. Once in this area, Sonic will face his final boss here. There is a bonus area somewhere around the area as well. There is a glider that takes you back to Station Square in this field.

Lava Fortress: This area is made of pure fire, with it being on the side of Red Mountain. After entering Lava Fortress, it's a dangerous area, covered in fire and brimstone. Once in this area, the only way out is by going through Windy Palace.


Sonic the hedgehog Playable Main Character
Dr. Robotnik Non-Playable Main Antagonist
Mecha Sonic Non-Playable Secondary Antagonist
Tails the fox Non-Playable Side Character
Knuckles the echidna Non-Playable Side Character
Rosy the rascal Non-Playable Side Character
Fang the sniper Non-Playable Side Character
Espio the chameleon Non-Playable Side Character


Act 1 - E.G.G Beetle

Act 2 - E.G.G Drillbot

Act 3 - E.G.G Wheel

Act 4 - E.G.G Tinkerer

Act 5 - E.G.G Crusher

Act 6 - E.G.G Boxer

Act 7 - Mecha Sonic

Act 8 - E.G.G Finale

Action Stages

Action Stages
Stage Mission Boss Main Map
Green Hill Zone Reach Dr. Robotnik!  E.G.G Beetle  --None--
Ancient Ruins Zone Reach the goal!  E.G.G Drillbot  Mystic Ruins
Carnival Night Zone Reach the goal!  E.G.G Wheel  Station Square
Robotropolis Zone Reach Dr. Robotnik!  E.G.G Tinkerer  Iron Jungle
Lava Palace Zone Chase down Dr. Robotnik       E.G.G Crusher  Lava Fortress
Radical City Zone Reach Mecha Sonic!  E.G.G Boxer  Station Square
Danger Tower Zone Defeat Mecha Sonic! Mecha Sonic  Mystic Ruins
Secret Base Zone Defeat Dr. Robotnik! E.G.G Finale  Iron Jungle

Standard Enemies


Purple Caterpillar bots with yellow spikes on their body and two yellow antennae that crawl slowly along the ground. The safest method of disposal is to roll into their spherical heads: venture a poke anywhere else and you'll sustain damage and send their segments flying. Caterkillers appear in Green Hill Zone, Robotropolis Zone, and Lava Palace Zone.


Blue rabbit robots that just bounce around. These badniks are capable of rolling into their foes like an armadillo. The best way to destroy these badniks is to wait until they stop rolling and spindash into them.


Red piranha bots that leap upward from beneath bridges, trying to chomp Sonic. It's best to walk on bridges while in a ball form. They appear in Green Hill Zone and Ancient Ruins Zone.


Blue bat bots with one engine, two black or grey claws, and black wings that latch onto ceilings until approached, then drop down and fly through the air a short distance before returning to their roost.


These badniks are normal choppers that were burned by the lava. They appear in Lava Palace Zone and are only able to be defeated once their fire burns out. It is best to just avoid these badniks as their fire can ignite each time they hit the lava, making it tough to wait for the fire to be extinguished.


Beetle bots with one wheel and two claws, a blue head, a engine, and a red back that roll innocently along the ground. They appear in Green Hill Zone and Ancient Ruins Zone. They are designed after ladybugs.

Items and Power-Ups

RING - As long as Sonic has some of these, he won't lose a life if he takes damage. Sustain a hit and all your collected Rings will scatter, giving you a brief opportunity to grab a few back before they disappear. (Rings will not protect Sonic from getting crushed by a trap, falling below the level, drowning, or running out of time. All of these effects result in instant death.) A 1up is awarded for every 100 Rings collected and each ring is worth 100 points at the end-of-act score tally. In many later games, Sonic can collect 50 of these to transform into Super Sonic (if the player has all seven Chaos Emeralds).

ITEM BOX - In each stage, you'll find a number of these power-up bearing monitors. Pop them open with a spin to procure one of five power-ups including the 10 rings box. The barrier that absorbs one hit. The high speed which gives temporary speed increase. The muteki which makes Sonic invincible for twenty seconds, and the 1UP which gives Sonic an extra life.

STAR POST - These hold your place in a stage: should you lose a life, you'll start back at the last star post you crossed.

SPRING - Leap onto the broad side to catapult Sonic into the air. The yellow ones send him flying a short distance and the more powerful red ones send him farther.

BONUS POINTS - As you approach the bonus plate at the end of an act, leap into the air to find invisible bonus points that are added to your score. They can be worth 100, 1000, or a sweet 10,000.

CAPSULE - These are found at the end of each third act, after defeating the boss. Push the button on top to destroy the machine and free the helpless animals within.

SPECIAL STAGE RING - These giant rings appear above bonus plates when you cross with at least 50 rings on hand. Jump in to warp to the Special Stage. (Once you've collected all 6 Chaos Emeralds, the Special Stage rings no longer appear.) If Sonic does not jump in before the bonus plate stops spinning, he will uncontrollably run off of the screen and the Special Stage is lost.

BONUS PLATE - These signs can be found at the end of each first and second act. Cross them to end the stage.

SPIKES - Don't touch the pointy side! They're usually found in sets of three, but that's not a steadfast rule. Sometimes they're just lying out in the open, and sometimes they pop in and out of the ground (or the ceiling or walls). null

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