Sonic Quaternary Heroes
Sonic Quaternary Heroes box artwork
Sonic Team
Vitaly Belyalov
Vitaly Belyalov
Vitaly Belyalov
Vitaly Belyalov
Ernest Belyalov
Sonic the Hedgehog series
Release date(s)
WW: 25 September 2019
2D Platform
Single-player, multiplayer
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo Switch

Sonic Quaternary Heroes is a platform handheld video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released on September 2019 and was developed by Sonic Team.


Sonic Story

Main article: Sonic Quaternary Heroes/Script (Sonic)

After finding the Chaos Emerald, Sonic tells Tails via a walkie-talkie that he has found traces of Eggman. But at that moment, Eggman appeared with his new robot Egg Jaws. After the victory, Eggman leaves, Sonic accidentally noticed some gem from the scrap metal of the robot. Then he finds Tails and explained what he found. He said that this is one of the Super Crystals, and he has the ability almost like the Chaos Emerald. Sonic decided to find Eggman to find out why he needed Super Crystals, but instead of Eggman he found Shadow. Seeing Super Crystal, Shadow asks to give him, but he refused, he had to Sonic and Shadow to fight each other. After the battle, Shadow managed to take the crystal from Sonic and leave.

Sonic told Tails about such a case. Tails figured out how to solve the problem. They came to GUN Commander for information. The commander told Sonic and Tails about Super Crystals, Shadow and Rouge are now looking for a third crystal. Sonic and Tails went to the main computer and learned that Eggman wanted to conquer the world not only with Super Crystals, but also with Chaos Emeralds (Sonic has only three emeralds so far), Sol Emeralds and Chaos Rings. Sonic remembered Blaze and the Chaos Rings, which Knuckles had long been talking about. And they decided to find Blaze and Knuckles. Sonic and Tails later found Blaze, Marine and Amy, who had already found another Sol Emerald, but Eggman suddenly took Sol Emerald from Blaze's hands. After the battle, Blaze saves Sol Emerald and strikes Eggman away. Sonic and Tails ask about the Sol Emeralds, it turns out they knew everything, they had to leave.

Sonic and Tails continue to search for Knuckles, but met Vector, Espio and Charmy. Team Chaotix mistakenly accepted that Sonic had Chaos Ring in her hands. But Sonic said that this is not a ring, and they did not believe it. Charmy said that they said it because of greed, Sonic and Espio had to fight each other because of a misunderstanding. Sonic and Tails managed to get away from Team Chaotix and finally found Knuckles. They told everything they knew, Knuckles explained that he had recently discovered Eggman's fleets, which were already flying to a space base. Team Sonic, thanks to plane Tornado, descended into one of the fleets. Once in the space base, Sonic found the last Chaos Emerald, but then Eggman appears with a huge robot, similar to Egg Pawn. After the victory, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles meet other heroes: Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Marine, Amy, Vector, Espio and Charmy. Together they find Eggman again and join forces to defeat him. After destroying the robot, Knuckles tells Sonic and Tails that he needs the Chaos Emeralds for Angel Island, but Sonic promised that he would give up the Chaos Emeralds only after he got out of the space base.

Shadow Story

Main article: Sonic Quaternary Heroes/Script (Shadow)

In GUN Fortress, Shadow received a signal from the Commander that Eggman's robots were attacking in one of GUN battleships to steal their Super Crystals. Unfortunately, Shadow managed to save only one crystal, collided with Eggman with his robot called Egg Hammer Giant, Shadow was about to take revenge. After the destruction of the robot, Shadow returned to GUN fortress, told Rouge and the Commander that he had lost Super Crystals, only one managed to save. Rouge on the radar found the location of another crystal and the point moves. Shadow quickly disappears into the city. Finally, he found the second Super Crystal, which turned out to be Sonic, he had to fight because Sonic did not want to give the crystal. After the battle, Shadow takes the crystal from Sonic and leaves.

Rouge finds Shadow on the beach, she wants to go with him. Later, they accidentally find not only the Super Crystal, but also the Chaos Ring. Before Rouge could take a closer look at this ring, when Espio appeared, who was invisible, Vector and Charmy came running behind him. Espio apologized for scaring Rouge, and explained why the ring, and Rouge - about the crystal. Shadow and Rouge walk away from Team Chaotix, thinking of the Chaos Rings.

Shadow and Rouge caught Eggman in the desert, in which Blaze, Marine and Amy were first caught. Shadow wants to take revenge on Eggman first, but Blaze confronts him. Shadow and Blaze had to fight each other, but while they were fighting, Eggman flew away, after the battle they all dispersed to catch Eggman. Shadow and Rouge in the casino accidentally met Cream and Cheese, who were lost due to robotic attacks. Through the walkie-talkie, Shadow heard that the Commander saw Eggman's fleets, and the crystal was somewhere there. Shadow asks for a plane to be sent to him, Cream asks her to go with Cheese along with Shadow and Rouge. They flew by GUN plane, find the sixth Super Crystal, and in one of the rockets flew to a space base. Shadow finds Eggman and is about to take the crystal. After the victory, Shadow, Rouge, Cream and Cheese have the seventh crystal and they meet the rest of the heroes: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Marine, Amy, Vector, Espio and Charmy. Together they find Eggman again and join forces to defeat him. After the destruction of the robot, Shadow decided that the mission was completed, all the crystals were saved, Eggman was neutralized. Shadow and Rouge decided they should go home, and Cream with Cheese also followed them.

Blaze Story

Main article: Sonic Quaternary Heroes/Script (Blaze)

Blaze and Marine sailed into Sonic's world from Blaze's world to visit their old friends, when the Badniks attack Blaze and Marine. Then they take all the Sol Emeralds and fly away, where there are many Eggman's fleets. Blaze managed to land right in one of the Badniks to find herself in one of the fleets. Finding himself in the main fleet, Blaze finds Eggman with a robot Egg Flying Cannon. After the battle, Blaze takes Sol Emerald from Eggman and returns to Marine. She suspects that the world is in trouble, so she decided that she and Marine alone will cope. In the city they meet Vector, Espio and Charmy. Espio says they are looking for Chaos Rings and Eggman, but Blaze said that about Eggman, this is her business. Vector could concede, but cannot, then offers to go together, but Blaze refuses and for such an offer, is going to fight with Espio.

After the battle, Blaze and Marine met Amy at GUN battleships. Amy said that she accidentally overheard the conversation between the Commander and Sonic about Eggman’s insidious plan. Blaze was surprised at this plan, and for the fact that Amy helped, she agreed to go with her. At the casino, Blaze, Marine and Amy found the fourth Sol Emerald, but they accidentally met Sonic and Tails. Suddenly, Eggman takes Sol Emerald from Blaze, for which friends will have to fight together. Blaze knocks Eggman away and catches Sol Emerald. Sonic did not realize that after their story Blaze knew about this, they all diverged.

Later, in the desert, Blaze, Marine and Amy discovered cloud traces from Egg Mobile, which means that Eggman was just here. They finally caught up, but Shadow and Rouge appeared, who were about to destroy Eggman first, but Blaze was opposing him. While they fought, Eggman flew away, after the battle everyone was divided. Once on the beach, they find Eggman, who left his Egg Mobile unattended. Marine came up with the idea that on Egg Mobile they could fly to a space base. They hijacked the Egg Mobile, Eggman found out about it, but it turns out he has another Egg Mobile, so he will have time to fly to the space base before Blaze.

In the space base, Blaze, Marine and Amy find Eggman with their robot, she is ready to avenge Sol Emeralds. After the destruction of the robot, Blaze, Marine and Amy find the last Sol Emerald and meet the rest of the heroes: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Vector, Espio and Charmy. Together they find Eggman again and join forces to defeat him. After the victory, Blaze and Marine are pleased that the Sol Emeralds have been saved, it is a pity to return back. Amy suggested that when they return to Earth, she will invite to her house, at the same time they will meet someone else.

Espio Story

Main article: Sonic Quaternary Heroes/Script (Espio)

At Chaotix Detective Agency office, Charmy flew into Vector and Espio and said he received a letter from Knuckles. The letter says that Eggman wants to steal the Chaos Rings, Knuckles requests that Espio and his colleagues go to save the Chaos Rings, and he will figure out the rest, such as the Chaos Emeralds. At the casino, they caught up with Eggman, who managed to take one of the Chaos Rings. After the victory, Espio takes away the Chaos Ring from Eggman, Vector reflects on the Chaos Rings, and Charmy is eager to continue the search. Once in the city, Vector, Espio and Charmy meet Blaze and Marine, who are also looking for Eggman because of the Sol Emeralds. Vector offered to go with them, but Blaze refused and is going to fight Espio because they want to destroy Eggman instead.

Finding himself on the beach, Espio found Chaos Ring and Super Crystal, becoming invisible, ran after the ring. He accidentally scared Shadow and Rouge when he found himself at the ring. All explained to each other what was the matter. Team Chaotix leave Shadow and Rouge, they thought about the Super Crystals, and something Knuckles and Blaze were talking about Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. In the desert, Team Chaotix met Sonic and Tails, who thought the team thought Sonic had the Chaos Ring. Charmy said they did not want to give back, because greedy, Espio then begins the battle with Sonic. After the battle, Espio missed Sonic and Tails and thought, what if they were right, it was not Chaos Ring, but something else.

Vector received a signal from Chaos Ring, which is now in Eggman's fleets. As soon as they found the ring in the fleet, Espio guessed that the fleets were heading to the space base, they missed another ring in GUN battleship. Espio then quickly landed on a battleship, and so Espio could return to the fleet, Charmy would fly behind him to catch it.

After finding Chaos Ring, Eggman begins to attack Espio and Charmy to prevent him from entering the space base. After the destruction of the robot, Espio and Charmy managed to catch up with the Vector and flew together to the space base. Finding himself in the center of the base, Espio attacks Eggman to get to the last ring. After the victory, Team Chaotix find the last seventh ring and other heroes: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Marine and Amy. Together they find Eggman again and join forces to defeat him. After destroying the robot, Vector reminded Espio and Charmy that these rings had been stolen from Newtrogic High Zone. Charmy suggested returning them right now, but Espio suggested starting to figure out why such jewels were for Eggman, and Team Chaotix quickly ran to look for Eggman.

Extra Story

Main article: Sonic Quaternary Heroes/Script (Extra)

Team Chaotix finds Eggman, who was trying to escape when Espio was already there, Eggman turned on some button. And later, near the station with the exit, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Blaze, Marine and Amy lit up the Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds and Super Crystals, and Espio, Charmy and Vector, who managed to escape from Eggman - Chaos Rings. These gems lose power, and the power flies right into the new robot Heavy Death Egg Hammer, which is already Dr. Eggman. Sonic, Shadow, Blaze and Espio in the first battle are defeated, then Eggman went to another dimension with them.

After the heroes find themselves in another dimension, half the energy of the Chaos Emeralds, Super Crystals, Sol Emeralds and Chaos Rings fall into the heroes, and everyone transforms: Sonic - into Super Sonic from Chaos Emeralds, Shadow - into Ultimate Shadow from Super Crystals, Blaze - into Burning Blaze from Sol Emeralds, and Espio into Chaos Espio from Chaos Rings. Heroes quickly flew to catch Eggman. After the quaternary almost defeated the robot, due to the lack of robot energy from damage, they all return to their world together and continue to fight. Eggman's robot and quaternary heroes go to the space base, and the quaternary destroy the robot, and leads to the destruction of the space base. Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Marine, Amy, Vector and Charmy managed to fly to Earth, and the space base is destroyed. Super Sonic, Ultimate Shadow, Burning Blaze and Chaos Espio land on Earth and lose the power of gems. Shadow told the Commander by walkie-talkie that he would soon bring the crystals back to GUN Fortress, and he and Rouge left. Amy invited everyone else to visit. Vector politely refused, with his allies set off to return the Chaos Rings to Newtrogic High Zone, and Sonic must first take the Chaos Emeralds to Angel Island, as promised.


The gameplay is a bit reminiscent of games Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Colors (DS version). Objective: get to the goal as quickly as possible using Boost. On the way, you need to collect rings in order to save life, when collecting 100 rings, the player receives an extra life. There are obstacles that you can lose the ring: spikes, enemies, shooting and others. If a player has 0 rings, he loses his life after damage. To attack the enemy, you can use Boost or Homing Attack to do this. The acts contain checkpoints that can be crossed. In case you lose your life, you don’t start all over again, you will get to where the player crossed the last Checkpoint. In each act, Special Keys are hidden, which, after the end of the zone, you can get to the Special Stage, but if the player is damaged, the key is lost. After the end of the zone, they score points for time, for the attack, for the rings and so on. After receiving a score, the Rank appears, the more points per act, the higher the rank:

Rank Score
S 50,000
A 45,000
B 25,000
C 5,000
D 0

When a player gets an act with a boss, he needs to attack, each boss has 8 lives (except for the final boss, he has 16 lives). After defeating the boss, the result is also given:

Rank Score
S 30,000
A 27,500
B 15,000
C 5,000
D 0


Button formation Movement
Sonic Shadow Blaze Espio
Left stick - left/right Walk/Run & Brake
Left stick - up/down Look up, crouch & scroll screen
START Pauses the game
B Spin Jump Axel Jump
Y Sonic Boost Chaos Boost Fire Boost Ninja Boost
Y (after B) Air Boost
B (after B) Double Jump

Homing Attack (Near an enemy)

Burst Hover

Fire Claw (Near an enemy)

Double Jump

Shuriken (Near an enemy)

A Crouch
A (after B) Stomp
Y/X/A/B Trick Actions (after Trick Jump Panel)



  • Air Bubbles
  • Checkpoint
  • Item Boxes
    • 1-Up
    • Invincibile
    • Magnetic Shield
    • Random Ring Bonus
    • Shield
    • Super Ring
  • Rings
  • Sphere

Gimmicks and obstacles

  • Bomb
  • Cannon
  • Crusher
  • Dash Panel
  • Dash Rail
  • Dash Ring
  • Goal Ring
  • Grind Rail
  • Hang Glider
  • High-Speed Warp Tube
  • Jump Panel
  • Movable Crate
  • Rainbow Ring
  • Special Key
  • Spikes
  • Spring
  • Spring Pole
  • Switch
  • Trick Jump Panel
  • Winding Rope
  • Zip Line


Playable characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Super Sonic
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Ultimate Shadow (First Appearance)
  • Blaze the Cat
    • Burning Blaze
  • Espio the Chameleon
    • Chaos Espio (First Appearance)

Non-playable characters

  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Cheese
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • Amy Rose
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Charmy Bee
  • Dr. Eggman
  • The Commander


  • Elephant
  • Flicky
  • Gorilla
  • Kangaroo
  • Koala
  • Lion
  • Mole
  • Parrot
  • Peacock
  • Penguin
  • Rabbit
  • Seal
  • Skunk
  • Swallow


  • Egg Pawn
  • Egg Pawn (casino version)
  • Egg Pawn (spear)
  • Flapper
  • Cannon Flapper
  • Laser Flapper
  • Egg Diver
  • Solid Pawn
  • Klagen
  • Egg Bishop
  • Egg Knight
  • Egg Boomer
  • Batbot
  • Spinner
  • Thunder Spinner
  • Egg Hammer


  • Sea Beach: Egg Jaws
  • Metropolis Route: Rival Battle (Sonic vs. Shadow, Blaze vs. Espio)
  • Battleship Coast: Egg Hammer Giant
  • Casino Fun: Egg Slot Machine
  • Desert Cave: Rival Battle 2 (Sonic vs. Espio, Shadow vs. Blaze)
  • Egg Aircraft: Egg Flying Cannon
  • Death Ride: Egg Ruler
  • Battle Fall: Death Egg Pawn
  • Fight Space: Heavy Death Egg Hammer


Each zone has two acts and one boss (except Battle Fall and Fight Space, they have only the boss). They are divided into five storylines: Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Espio and one final Extra. The accessible story is only Sonic, and the other three are unlocked when some hero meets another hero. And the final story is unlocked only when all playable characters collect in each zone the Chaos Emeralds, Super Crystals, Sol Emeralds and Chaos Rings from the Special Stage. To select the desired zone, there is a map.

Sonic Shadow Blaze Espio
Sea Beach Battleship Coast Egg Aircraft Casino Fun
Metropolis Route
Battleship Coast Sea Beach Battleship Coast Sea Beach
Casino Fun Desert Cave Casino Fun Desert Cave
Desert Cave Casino Fun Desert Cave Egg Aircraft
Egg Aircraft Sea Beach Battleship Coast
Death Ride
Battle Fall
Fight Space

Special Stages

Each zone has a Special Stage, and each character is different. Sonic collects Chaos Emeralds, Shadow collects Super Crystals, Blaze collects Sol Emeralds, and Espio collects Chaos Rings. If a player lands in the same zone a second time, but already has a gem, you can simply break your record. If you collect all gems and complete all four storylines, Extra storyline is unlocked.

  • Sea Beach: Red
  • Metropolis Route: Blue
  • Battleship Coast: Yellow
  • Casino Fun: Green
  • Desert Cave: White
  • Egg Aircraft: Sky blue
  • Death Ride: Purple

Sonic Version

Sonic's version of the Special Stage is that Sonic needs to catch up and catch the Chaos Emerald, which is trying to fly away. Using spheres to increase Boost, but you must beware of explosive mines, which from this speed reduces. Until the time is up, catch up with the Chaos Emerald, if time runs out, he loses the round, and if Sonic caught the Chaos Emerald, he gets the result.

Shadow Version

Shadow's version of the Special Stage is that Shadow needs to destroy all enemies before the time runs out. When damaged, since Shadow has 0 rings, he does not lose life, unlike an ordinary act. If Shadow does not have time to destroy all enemies in time, he loses the round, and if he succeeds, he gets the Super Crystal and his result.

Blaze Version

Blaze’s version of the Special Stage is that Blaze needs to climb up, as the spikes rise straight up on her. Blaze needs to jump on tiles to rise as high as possible, but some tiles are very fragile. If Blaze falls into the spikes, then he loses the round, and if he gets to the top, he gets Sol Emerald and his result.

Espio Version

Espio's version of the Special Stage is that Espio on the run without stopping must collect the rings as much as necessary and beware of explosive mines. Divided into two rounds, if in Espio in some round, did not collect the rings as needed, then loses, if he won both rounds, he gets the Chaos Ring and his result.


Similarities to Sonic Heroes

  1. All playable characters are Speed Types.
  2. Both games have a coastal stage. (Sonic Heroes - Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Sea Beach)
  3. Both games have a amusement stage. (Sonic Heroes - Casino Park and BINGO Highway, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Casino Fun)
  4. Both games have a sky stage with Eggman's Airships. (Sonic Heroes - Egg Fleet and Final Fortress, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Egg Aircraft)
  5. Special Stage (Sonic version) is back from Special Stage - Emerald Challenge from Sonic Heroes.
  6. In both games in the second and fifth zones bosses are Rival Battles.
  7. They had silimar seventh boss fights in each story. (Sonic Heroes - Egg Emperor, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Egg Ruler)

Similarities of Sonic Advance 3

  1. Both games have a urban stage. (Sonic Advance 3 - Route 99, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Metropolis Route)
  2. Both games use Special Keys, which are hidden in each stage.
  3. Special Stage (Shadow version) is similar to one of the mini-games in the version of the battle with the enemies from Sonic Advance 3.
  4. Special Stage (Blaze version) is very similar to boss Egg Chaser from Sonic Advance 3, only without the boss.

Similarities of Sonic Rush

  1. In both games, the same gameplay is used, but some additions from Sonic the Hedgehog console games have appeared in Sonic Quaternary Heroes.
  2. Sonic finds a new gem after the first boss. (Sonic Rush - Sol Emerald, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Super Crystal)
  3. Both games have a stage with GUN battleships. (Sonic Rush - Huge Crisis, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Battleship Coast)
  4. Both games have a desert stage. (Sonic Rush - Mirage Road, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Desert Cave)
  5. One hero tells another hero that he has some kind of gem, and he has another. (Sonic Rush - Knuckles said that Blaze has Chaos Emerald, but she has Sol Emerald, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Vector said that Sonic has Chaos Ring, but he has Chaos Emerald)
  6. Both games have a space stage. (Sonic Rush - Dead Line, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Death Ride)
  7. Special Stage (Espio version) is Special Stage from game Sonic Rush, but Sonic Rush - in 3D, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - in 2D.
  8. As in the battle of Sonic vs. Blaze, at the end of each rival battle, boost are used to defeat the boss.
  9. They had silimar final boss fights in each story. (Sonic Rush - Egg King, Sonic Quaternary Heroes - Death Egg Pawn)

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