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Sonic Pursuit is a 2023 platform video game developed by Sonic Revolution and published by Sega. The story follows the Freedom Fighters and their allies collecting the 6 elemental stones before Dr. Eggman and the MetaRex do. Unlike Sonic Adventure 3, the game has one campaign with 16 playable characters, but it sometimes branches into many perspectives.


The reason that Sonic Pursuit was released less than 2 years after Sonic Adventure 3 is because Sonic Team had written many ideas for the 30th anniversary game and both were candidates, but Sonic Adventure 3 came first because Sonic Pursuit felt like more of a second game in this more cinematic Sonic era.

After the release Sonic Adventure 3, many characters that appeared in that game were added to Sonic Pursuit, with larger roles that would expand on their characters. For example, Nicole was made Tails' girlfriend because that would expand how her character was portrayed in the previous game.

Sonic's sister, Katie is based on an unnamed scrapped character, who had only been named "Sister Sonic," from the cancelled RPG of the same name. Since Shun Nakamura took over Sonic Team and the old staff came back in 2018, they wanted this concept to be reality. They eventually left the designing of Sonic's sibling to fans. Katie the Hedgehog was based on a drawing by a fan, and also named after her.


Playable Characters (In order of appearance)

Character Description
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the world’s most powerful supersonic hero. Ever since his sister, Katie was taken away from him in 2004 by Dr. Eggman, he’s been fighting the mad scientist, and has managed to stop him every time. Now, he’s finally teaming up with Katie, his long lost sister, again.
Miles "Tails" Prower Tails is Sonic’s best friend, who is a brilliant mechanic at the young age of 12. He uses his 2 tails as propellers to fly. He’s usually a very focused person, but this time, his mind is on nothing but his crush, Nicole the Holo-Lynx.
Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles the Echidna is the protector of Angel Island and its power source, the Master Emerald. Now, he's trying to find the Elemental Stones, which he's been trying to find since the Dual-Continuity Crisis.
Katie the Hedgehog Katie the Hedgehog is Sonic's long-lost sister, whom he lost in 2004, and was presumed dead, but really, she was just captured by Dr. Eggman, who used her blood to create the original Metal Sonic (later known as Shard). Now, Sonic has finally saved her and if her new mission is finished, she will no longer have to live life as a fugitive.
Princess Sally Acorn
Nicole the Holo-Lynx
Rotor the Walrus
Mina Mongoose
Shadow the Hedgehog
E-123 Omega
Eclipse the Darkling
Jason the Hedgehog
Shard the Metal Sonic
Amy Rose
Honey the Cat
Vector the Crocodile
Espio the Chameleon
Charmy Bee
Mighty the Armadillo
Ray the Flying Squirrel
Tangle the Lemur
Whisper the Wolf


Unlike the Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Pursuit follows one story. However, it often branches into different perspectives for the different characters. Each character has a unique playstyle to fit their abilities.


The game begins with a flashback of 2004. Sonic and his sister, Katie arrive on South Island and go for a race and Sonic wins, but that is because Katie was taken away by Dr. Eggman. Sonic runs after Eggman, but Eggman gets away with Katie before Sonic can catch him.

19 years later, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles fly on the Cyclone 3.0 towards a train that belongs to Eggman, on which Katie is apparently captured. Sonic and Knuckles discuss their plan, but Tails doesn’t pay attention because he is distracted by his crush, Nicole the Holo-Lynx. When they get into the train, Sonic finds an Elemental Stone, which he and Katie looked for when they were younger. Sonic eventually frees Katie, but the train’s self destruct sequence is initiated and it destroys a lot of buildings in Capital City.

Later that day, Sally Acorn negotiates with an Egg Boss to get the Lightning Stone, one of the Elemental Stones. The Egg Boss refuses to give it to her, so she fights back and eventually gets it. Sally returns to the Sky Patrol, but Eggman’s command ship destroys it. The Sky Patrol crashes into Eggman’s command ship, leaving both of them falling towards the ground. Sally, Amy, Nicole, Rotor, and Mina escape the scene, but Eggman’s team stays there, hoping to recover Eggman’s command ship.

Eggman is teleported into a mysterious ship. In the ship, he meets a mysterious robotic alien. This is Dark Oak, leader of the MetaRex. He tells Eggman that he needs to find all 6 Elemental Stones so he can control all of the universe through the Universal Cyberspace. They promise Eggman that they will let him rule alongside them.

The next day, the Freedom Fighters go to court for all of the recent damage they did to Capital City. The government decides that they will be under house arrest for the next 3 months.


Role Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Max Mittelman
Miles “Tails” Prower Cassandra Lee Morris
Charmy Bee
Knuckles the Echidna Christopher Daniel Barnes
Amy Rose Hynden Walch
Honey the Cat
Katie the Hedgehog Linda Cardellini
Shadow the Hedgehog Jason Griffith
E-123 Omega Matthew Wood
General Dark Oak
G-Merl Mathew Wood
Shard the Metal Sonic Joel McHale
Princess Sally Acorn Tara Strong
Tangle the Lemur
Whisper the Wolf
Nicole the Holo-Lynx Ashley Eckstein
Rotor the Walrus Justin Roiland
Mina Mongoose Jessica DiCicco
Vector the Crocodile Justin Roiland
Espio the Chameleon Troy Baker
Mighty the Armadillo Vincent Tong
Ray the Flying Squirrel Nicholas Cantu
Metal Sonic Ryan Drummond
Doom’s Eye Sean Schemmel


  • Originally, Sonic and Eggman's first encounter was the first boss fight in the original Sonic the Hedgehog. However, this game changes it to being that in the first game, Sonic wanted revenge on Eggman because he stole and presumably killed his sister, Katie.
  • Nicole the Holo-Lynx is Tails’ second love interest. His first was Zooey the Fox in Sonic Boom.