This game is the sequel to Sonic Party. Like the first game,it's genres are Action,Party,and Adventure. It's also rated E 10+ for ages 10 or older. (P.S:This game is fanfiction)


After defeating Perfect Dark Egg Gaia,Sonic returns to Station Square. Eggman,however,is going to fix up the Eclipse Cannon and make it more powerful than ever. Shadow is on a mission for G.U.N and he finds out about it. He chaos controls to Sonic's house. Upon being told by Shadow,Sonic decides to get the gang ready again for the ulimate party!


  • Story-Get to the finish of it and defeat bosses to beat Dr. Eggman!
  • NEW Puzzle Mode-Play new puzzles based on Sonic games!
  • Minigame-Play any unlocked minigame.
  • Ring Store-Use rings to buy new puzzles,trophys,minigames (new),and Gamecube/Game Gear games!
  • NEW Gamecube-Play Nintendo Gamecube games with Sonic!
  • Game Gear-Play classic Sonic games.
  • Options-Change the Game Settings
  • NEW Music Maker-Hear and mix music from Sonic games!
  • NEW Hoverboard Races-(This mode plays like Sonic Riders) Race in new environments.

Hoverboard Story

Sonic and Knuckles are riding their gears to Mech City where Jet and Storm are having a trick contest. When they arrive,they find a busy scene. Wave is working on her newest Extreme Gear,plugged into her laptop. Tails is fixing T-Pup (from Archie Comics' The Tails Adventure),who was badly damaged by Mecha Sonic. Shadow is betting that he is better than Jet or Sonic at tricks. Storm is sleeping on the ground. Dr.Eggman is trying to tell Docoe and Bocoe to enter the World Grand Prix. Mark is working with Harrison (also named Hornz) on his Gear. Just as the race is about to begin,a screen pops up from a nearby tunnel. Nazo and Mecha Sonic challenge everyone to a big race in Magma Rift. Sonic accepts the challenge.

Boards/Bosses (Normal Story)

  • Central Town-A suburban town outside Station Square. Boss:Egg Hammer
  • Future Dream-This is a board from Sonic Party 5. Boss:Koopa Bros.
  • City Center-The main shopping area of Station Square. Boss:Gemelzoid
  • Mystic Station-A train station in Mystic Ruins. Boss:Egg Spider
  • Skunk Forest-A forest with lots of skunks. Boss:Prontobot-1000
  • Penguin Isle-This frosty island is home to loads of penguins! Boss:Black Puffle
  • Brickyard Beach-Race across the hot sand here! Boss:Shadow Android
  • Final Crusher-This board is the last one! Final Boss:Perfect Dark Solaris Egg Gaia

Boards (Hoverboard Story)

  • Mech City-A bustling metropolis. Boss:Storm
  • Magma Rift-A fiery furnace in the mountains
  • Main Drain-An episode from Sonic Boom (TV Series)
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