Unlockable Content are things that are used for replay value and game advancement. They are unlocked by red rings found in the Action Stages, Unlocking the main stories, or by collecting emblems, including Chao Gardens, Extra Storylines and New Upgrades.

  • Chao Gardens(Standard)
  • Extra Storylines(Finishing the Main Stories)
  • Expert Mode(Finishing All of the Stories)
  • Trial Mode(Finishing All of the Stories
  • Upgrade Customization(Finishing the Game)
  • Music and Songs(red rings, missions)
  • Trophy Room(Standard)
  • Concept Art(red rings, missions)
  • Pictures and Images(red rings, missions)
  • Character License (3DS version)
  • Team Customization(Unlocking All of the Characters)
  • Mii Profile Customization(Wii)
  • Secret Cutscenes and Levels(Finishing the Game)
  • Extra Upgrades and Power-Ups(Collecting Emblems, Red Rings)
  • Extra Option(on the Option menu)(Finishing the Game)
  • DLC(Unlocking All of the Unlockables)
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