Scene 1: The End is Near

(Sonic is reading a newspaper while lying under a tree, which contains information about Ominous, some parts of the script, and the box art for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, with a caption stating “Do Not Buy! Here’s Why!”.)

Sonic: I’m not sure about this Ominous dude, but I think he could cause a threat. 

Tails: (Looks up) Ominous? Let me see the paper! 

Sonic: (Gives Tails the paper) 

Tails: (Reads newspaper.) Ominous can easily steal your soul and turn you corrupt. (Proceeds to look worried.) This isn't good, Sonic. According to this, it says that Ominous has the power to corrupt others. You don't think we'll be corrupted, do you? 

Sonic: Don't worry! I'm sure we won't be corrupted by Ominous at all. 

Tails: (Smiles) Thanks, Sonic. 

Sonic: No problem. (Reads more)

(Suddenly, a huge explosion is heard down in Central City and a whole army of badniks are wreaking havoc.)

Sonic: [sighs, gets up, and stretches] You ready for this, Tails?

Tails: [nods]

Sonic: Okay then. Let's move it!

(They speed off into Central City to see what's going on. The screen fades in black.)

Scene 2: This Can’t Be! 

(Sonic and Tails find Central City in ruins.)

Tails: What the heck? What..!? This can't be...?!

Eggman: Hoohoho! [Eggman flies down to Sonic and Tails] Surprise, Sonic!

Sonic: (angry) Dr. Eggman!

Eggman: Looks like you're just a little late to stop me this time!

Tails: What did you do to Station Square?!

Eggman: I'm not allowed to tell you that. It wouldn't be a surprise if I did, you know.

Sonic and Tails: What?

Eggman: I think I've said enough. Adiooos!

(Dr. Eggman flies off.)

Sonic: Wait! (Growls) That blasted Eggman!

Tails: Don't worry about him, Sonic. Let's gather information for now.

(Sonic nods)

Sonic: Maybe it’s that Ominous guy who did this to the city. (Hears Infinite’s voice) 

Tails: How’d you know? 

Sonic: Just a hunch. (Starts to run. Tails follow. The screen fades to black.) 

Scene 3: The Search Continues

(The next scene begins with Sonic and Tails still searching through the ruined city for clues as to what happened to Central City, but everyone is too frightened or too injured to give them any information. They both get immediately frustrated.)

Tails: How is this happening?! What is Eggman doing? Now, what do we do, Sonic?! We've asked nearly everyone in the city and still no clue as to what happened!

Sonic: Well, we can't just give up...! There's gotta be someone who knows what happened! 

(Not too far from here, a short groan is heard from the front of a destroyed building. Sonic and Tails run over there, only to find out that the groan was coming from Amy. Sonic and Tails help her up.) 

Sonic: Amy, are you ok?! 

(After Amy sees Sonic, she quickly gets up and begins to hug Sonic.) 

Amy: Oh Sonic, I just knew you'd come to save me! 

Sonic: Take it easy there.

Tails: Amy, can you tell us what happened? 

Amy: Well, the only thing I know is that a tall, dark figure came and attacked me. After that, I blacked out. It was so awful... 

Sonic: (Pats Amy’s shoulder) 

Tails: Don’t worry, Amy. It’s gonna be alright. 

(Suddenly, another explosion is heard. Sonic, Tails, and Amy head to the scene. The screen fades to black.)

Scene 4: True Villian Revealed! 

(A dark figure is seen destroying the city) 

Sonic: What...the...heck?! 

Amy: That’s him! He's the one who attacked me! 

Sonic: (Growls) No one messes with my friends! 

Ominous: I finally found him. The blue one. Welcome, blue rat.


Ominous: Shut up! 

Sonic: I should be the one saying that! And you’re gonna pay for messing with my friends! (Runs in and attacks.)

Scene 5: Hey! I’m Not Weak!

Ominous: I can see that you are strong, but I will become stronger. (Leaves, but takes Amy and Tails with him.)

Tails and Amy: SONIC!

Ominous: (Laughs maniacally) That was too easy! But then again, what can you expect from weak people?

Tails and Amy: Hey! We’re aren’t weak!

Tails: I even saved the world once! All by myself!

???: What’s your problem?! Capturing some innocent people?

Tails: What the heck?! Who’s that kid?

Amy: I don’t know.

Ominous: Stay away, Sid. You’re just a little fool. 

Sid: But I made all A's when I was in 7th grade! (Falls because of tiredness.)

Ominous: Good riddance.

Amy: (Sighs) There goes our one chance of being saved.

Tails: Don't worry, Amy. I'm sure we'll be able to get out of here soon.

Amy: Or maybe Sonic will come to do it.

Ominous: I highly doubt that. Because once my plan finally comes into form, there will be no Sonic.

Amy: Plan?! What plan?!

Ominous: Quiet! That's only between me and Eggman. (Laughs maniacally.)

Tails: What?! No Sonic?! Amy, did you bring your Piko Piko Hammer?

Amy: Of course! I never let go of it!

(Ominous finally gets to his destination)

Ominous: (Shoves Tails and Amy into a cell and locks it) This is your prison. Hope you like it here. (Laughs maniacally)

Scene 6: The One Thing That Changed Everything

(Amy is seen trying to break free from the prison, but is having trouble.)

Amy: Let us out of here right now!

(Amy becomes exhausted until she turns to Tails, who is working on something.)

Amy: Tails, this isn't the time to be playing with one of your creations! We need to get out of here!

Tails: Shush! I'm trying to remodel my machine to crack the code and get us out of here.

Amy: Why not just call Sonic?

Tails: Well... that’s a good question. (Tries to call Sonic)

Miles Electric: Sorry, Sonic the Hedgehog is currently unavailable.

Tails: Darn it!

Amy: Do something, Tails!

(Tails finds a bag, which contains a strange orb. He holds it up.)


Tails: Shhhh! It’s glowing.

Amy: I don’t see your point.

Tails: My POINT is...this can help us.

Amy: HOW?!

(Tails gets a burst of energy)

Tails: Come on, Amy! Just try it!

(Amy touches the orb, and she gets a burst of energy. She and Tails nod.)

Tails and Amy: Let’s do this thing!

(Amy easily breaks out of the prison using her Piko Piko Hammer. She and Tails run as fast as they can. Tails looks forward.)

Tails: Uh, Amy...? I don't think we'll be getting out of here so easily.

Amy: Why is that?

(Tails points forward while Amy also looks forward to seeing that there are numerous traps in front of them; including spikes, crushers, lasers, traps doors, Guard Egg Pawns, etc. A laser tries to shoot at Amy, but Tails saves her just in time.)

Amy: Thanks, Tails.

Tails: You’re welcome. (Crawls under the laser.)

(Amy follows him.)

Amy: You sure they won’t see my...?

Tails: No fan service!

Amy: But if there’s no fan service, the fans would be angry!

Tails: Not that kind of fan service! The...weird kind.

Amy: Oooooooh. I get it.

(Amy gets caught in one of the trap doors)

Amy: Help me!

(Tails picks up the Piko Piko Hammer and uses it to pry Amy loose)

Amy: I didn’t know you can wield a hammer!

Tails: I did...once.

Amy: Well, thanks again, Tails.

Tails: That's what friends do.

(Tails get hit by one of the guard Egg Pawns.)

Tails: Ouch!

Amy: Hey! Leave him alone!

(Amy hits the Guard Egg Pawns with her hammer, which makes them explode.)

Tails: Thanks, Amy.

Amy: No problem. That's what friends do...

(The alarm blares.)

Tails: Uh oh. Let's hurry. (Runs forward)

(Amy follows him.)

Scene 7: Search and Smash

(Back at the Eggman Empire's Main Tower, Ominous and Orbot are watching Sonic and his friends beat up Eggman’s robots in Soleanna.)

Ominous: This is ridiculous! How are they winning?!

Orbot: No comment.

(Tails and Amy are listening through a door.)

Amy: (Whispering) Oh, that’s great! Sonic is winning!

Tails: (Whispering) Shhh. I’m listening!

Ominous: Orbot, do you have the blueprint for the contraption?

Orbot: What contraption?

Ominous: (Frustrated) The one that is built to murder Sonic!

(Amy gasps)

Amy: (Whispering) This is just insane! Murder Sonic?!

Tails: (Whispering) They’re gonna hear you!

(Cubot busts in the door.)

Cubot: Help! Tails and Amy broke out of their prison!

Orbot: What?!

Amy: They know we’re here! What now?

Tails: Get out of there...?

Amy: Well, that must be the only way.

(Tails and Amy did what they did in the last scene but reverse.)

Scene 8: Master of Disguise

Tails: Alright, we’ll stay here for one more day, THEN get out of here.


Tails:’re right. (Runs forward)

Amy: (Finds a bag) Hey! I found this bag! (Shakes the bag to see if anything comes out. Some pieces of cloth come out) Score!

(Tails looks in the bag)

Tails: Oh, of course! We can just disguise ourselves! But...neither of us can sew.

Amy: Hmmm. (Shakes the bag more. Two delivery uniforms come out. One made for males, and one for females.)

Tails: (Looks in the bag again) Of course! We can just be delivery men! And a delivery woman.

(They both put on the delivery man costumes.)

Amy: But...don’t we need someone to order something?

Tails: The perfect confectionery! I’m sure they’ll do anything for a snack. Guarding this place all day must make them hungry. (Makes a fake phone call. Proceeds to speak in a more masculine voice) Good morning! Can I take your order?

Amy: (In a more feminine voice) Hi, can I have 10 dozen donuts? And while we’re at it, can I also have 8 gallons of coffee?

Tails: Yes, ma’am! You must have an appetite! And why do you need that much coffee? Why not just drink some water?

Amy: It’s for a party!

(Some robots and minions overhear and get excited.)

Tails: Wow, that must be some party if you need 10 dozen donuts. But since I’m a nice man, I’ll give it to you for free.

Amy: Thank you, sir! (“Hangs up”) This will be so great!

(They find some spare donuts lying around.)

Tails: If only I had a donut maker...heh heh. Oh, wait. (Clones donuts with a nearby cloning gun.) How convenient.

(Both Tails and Amy whistle innocently, as they distract the robots.)

Tails: Those fools! They don’t even know it’s us! (In his masculine voice) Hello! Here are your donuts! (Hands in the donuts. He runs over to turn on some music. Whispers to Amy in his normal voice) Let’s get out of here!

Amy: What?! I can’t hear you over the music!


Amy: OKAY!

(Surprising, the robots and minions are idiots since they don’t hear Tails and Amy practically yelling. Eggman comes over to see Tails and Amy escaping and the robots not doing anything but eat donuts and listen to music.)

Eggman: (Angrily turns the music off) What do you think you're doing?! GET THEM RIGHT NOW!!!

(Following Eggman's orders, the robots and minions run after Tails and Amy. One robot comes back to Eggman.)

Unnamed Robot: Can we at least take the donuts, too?

Eggman: (Growls) GOOO!!!

(The robot drops the donuts and runs away in panic.)

Unnamed Robot: Sorry, sir!

(Just as Tails and Amy are about to escape, the robots and minions surround them.)

Tails: Darn! We’ve been caught!

Amy: It was worth trying. Sonic would’ve enjoyed the thrills.

(Suddenly Tails started glitching out of nowhere.)

Tails: (While glitching) I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I

Amy: Tails! Snap out of it!

(The Windows error sound effect plays while Tails continues to glitch out.)

Amy: What's going on? What have you done with Tails?!

(The Windows error version of the Sonic 2 boss theme starts playing.)

Amy: You...

Dr. Eggman: Yes, me. I’ve made Tails glitch out so your game can break itself! And you’ll see it!

(A fake “Take Out the Disc to Continue” screen is seen.)

Amy: Don’t take out the disc! It’s a hoax! Oh, well. At least this game autosaves.

(Tails is still glitching out.)

Amy: Focus, Amy. I need to save Tails. But how?

(A S.P.A.R.T.A. remix of Tails glitching out starts playing.)

Amy: Well, there’s that.

(Tails glitching starts to get faster.)

Amy: (Sees a nearby lever) Let’s see if this will distract them. (Pulls on it.)

(The robots and minions get distracted, and Tails glitching slows down.)

Tails: Uh, what‘s going on?

Amy: No time to explain! We have to run!

Tails: Right.

(Both Tails and Amy continue their escape.)

Dr. Eggman: Not so fast, you fools! Don't think you can escape this tower alive!

(Dr. Eggman appears in his Egg Serpent from behind.)

Tails: I guess it’s your word against ours!

Dr. Eggman: That's enough joking around! Return to your prison cell right now! If you calmly do so, I promise I'll let both of you live!

Amy: Like we're gonna believe you. (Starts to swing hammer)

(Tails flies at Eggman, leading to the first boss.)

Scene 9: The Glitch Effect

(The Egg Serpent malfunctions)

Dr. Eggman: Drat! My plans are foiled once again!

Tails: Sorry, Eggman. But if you want to win, try ACTUALLY being smart.

Amy: Hahaha. Good one, Tails.

Tails: Thanks.

(They both high five until, all of a sudden, they start to glitch out.)

Amy: N-n-n-n-n-n-n

Tails: A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a

Dr. Eggman: I swear, it wasn’t me this time!

(Suddenly, a random copy of Sonic appears out of nowhere)

Copy Sonic: Whenever you glitch out or get a virus, call SEGA! I wonder if I have Yuji Naka on speed-dial.

Amy: N-n-n-n-n-n

Tails: A-a-a-a-a

Dr. Eggman: Why is this happening?!

Metal Sonic: *Beep* *Beep*!

Eggman: Wha...?! (Looks up to see Metal Sonic.) M-Metal?!

(Metal Sonic drops down to the floor.)

Copy Sonic: Well, that’s something.

Tails: A-a-a-a-a

Amy: N-n-n-n-n

Dr. Eggman: This is ridiculous!

(Metal Sonic gets up again, and holds up two Chaos Emeralds.)

Dr. Eggman: METAL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! (Looks forward) The game is about to break itself...

(Metal Sonic uses Chaos Control to blow Tails and Amy out of proportion. This somehow stops their glitching.)

Tails: (Blinks twice) Why did you do this, Metal?! At least you stopped our glitching.

Amy: C’mon, Tails! We have to get those Chaos Emeralds before Metal, or anyone else, causes destruction!

Tails: Right!

(They both run towards Metal Sonic, starting the second boss fight.)

Scene 10: The Chaos Emeralds

(Metal Sonic falls out of the air, dropping the Chaos Emeralds in the process. Tails and Amy pick them up.)

Tails: Why would Metal be carrying two Chaos Emeralds? Besides, blast us into submission.

Amy: (Points to Eggman) Maybe, it's Eggman's fault!

Eggman: Me?! I didn't know Metal was in here before you started glitching!

Orbot: It's true.

Amy: Ok. Then answer this. What are you planning to do to Sonic?!

Ominous: That's none of your business.

(Ominous comes out from behind them.)

Tails: OMINOUS! You ruin everything!

(Amy nods in agreement.)

Ominous: But if you want to know, I suggest you either return to your cell immediately, or we'll have to take you there by force.

Amy: We'd like to see you try!

Eggman and Ominous: Robots! Minions! ATTACK!!!

(The badniks and creatures both charge at Tails and Amy, but were unsurprisingly defeat and give Tails and Amy the chance to finally escape.)

Amy: Sorry we have to leave, but Sonic's waiting for us!

Tails: Bye!

(Tails flies Amy off of the Eggman Empire's main tower.)

Eggman: (Infuriated) Grrr. Those blasted little pests! Now, who are we going to use for our little project?!

Ominous: Maybe, this...? (Holds a baby flicky that seems scared for its life.)

Eggman: Perfect!

Ominous: Yessss. Perfect! (Laughs maniacally)

Scene 11: The Beginning of the Journey

(Tails and Amy are flying through the cloudy sky.)

Tails: We’re back to where we started! Where should we go first, Amy?

(Suddenly, Tails hears a sniffle. He doesn’t know who or where it’s coming from.)

Tails: Is that...crying I hear? Hey, Amy. Do you hear someone crying?

Amy: Yes...but where's it coming from?

(The crying gets louder.)

Amy: (Looks down to the ground, eventually spotting something.) Look!

(A young girl, most likely 4 years old, is seen crying. She is holding two people in her arms. Tails and Amy land to see what going on.)

Tails: Hey, are you alright?

(The girl shakes her head while trembling.)

Amy: What's wrong?

Rana: My parents are dead and my brother left me behind.

Tails: Brother? Do you mean that weird hybrid kid?

Rana: You know him?!

Tails: Yes... Sorta.

Rana: How’d you know that he’s my brother?!

Amy: Errrr...

Tails: Because of plot convenience!

Rana: I don’t understand...what’s plot convenience?

Tails: Wow, she doesn’t know? When you’re older.

Rana: I hate that phrase.

Amy: Anyway, is there anything we can do to help?

Rana: You can help me take my dead parents to a safe place. And after that, try talking some sense into my brother... if you ever find him, that is.

Amy: Got it.

(Tails and Amy help Rana take her parents to the safe zone.)

Rana: Thank you so much for your help, Tails, and Amy.

Tails: No problem. But, how’d you know our names?

(Amy glares at Tails, then proceeds to facepalm.)

Tails: Uh...moment of stupidity. Speaking of names, what’s yours?

Rana: I’m Rana!

Amy: Well, we’d love to stay and chat, but we've gotta get going.

Tails: Sayonara!

Rana: What?

Tails: Learn some Japanese. Err, goodbye!

Rana: Bye!

(Tails and Amy run off)

Scene 12: (Almost) Finding Sonic

(The camera pans to Tails and Amy walking down Soleanna, continuing their search for Sonic and his friends.)

Tails: Now if I were Sonic, where would I be?

Amy: They were in Spagonia earlier, so let’s check to see if they’re still there!

Tails: Great idea, Amy! But how’d you know?

Amy: We’ll talk about that later...

Tails: Okay. Lead the way.

(Tails and Amy begin to continue their journey, but as the sun starts to set, a voice can be heard. It sounds exactly like Sonic.)

Voice: Hey! I’m over here!

(Amy is quick to run over to the voice.)

Amy: Huh?

???: Hey there, Amy and Tails.

Tails: It’s a trap! Who are you, sir?

Sonic-Man: I'm Sonic.

Tails: No, you’re a man dressed as Sonic.

Sonic-Man: I saved Princess Elise and I fight bad guys!

Amy: Liar! But we gotta admit, your Sonic impression is really good.

Tails: I'd give it a 10. Anyway, why did you call us over here?

Sonic-Man: Amusement...?

Tails: You’re wasting our time. Let's just ignore him.

Sonic-Man: But, I’m Sonic! I’ll race ya!

(Tails turns around)

Tails: Alright. You’re on!

Amy: But, what about the “real” Sonic?

Tails: We'll continue our journey later. Let's go. (Sonic Man and Tails get ready for the race.)

Amy: 3...2...1...GO!

(The two racers take off. The screen fades in black.)

Scene 13: Humiliating Defeat

(Tails has won the race by a long shot. He watches Sonic-Man stumble to the finish line for a few seconds, then runs away.)

Sonic-Man: (Out of breath) Gotta go fast. Gotta go fast. Gotta...

Amy: Hey, are you alright?!

Tails: Sorry if I went too far!

Sonic Man: (Still out of breath) It's okay, man... Just... give me... a minute...

(Sonic Man passes out.)

Tails: Oh my gosh! What have I done?!

Amy: Come on, Tails! We need to find the REAL Sonic!

Tails: But what about Sonic Man?!

Amy: There's no time! Come on!

(Amy drags Tails by the tail with her. They both run off while the ambulance is coming.)

Tails: Don’t drag me!

(The screen fades to black.)

Scene 14: Trouble Up Ahead

(After passing through Soleanna, Tails and Amy reach Apotos.)

Tails: Why did you drag me by the tail?

Amy: You really need to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Tails: That was still unnecessary, though. Sorry about that, Amy.

Amy: No, I'm sorry for doing that. Now, where do you think we should go?

Tails: Lemme see. (Tails pulls out his Miles Electric from his backside.) I hope this works. (Tails turns on his Miles Electric and it begins to load. It continues to load until it finally becomes online again.) Yes! (Looks at Amy being shocked.) What?

Amy: Nothing.

Tails: Well, it’s gotta be something!

(Amy whispers to Tails why she's shocked.)

Tails: (blushes) Oh. Awkward. Heh heh. (He puts his Miles Electric back)

(The sun starts to set, as the sunset glimes across Tails' pale blue eyes.)

Amy: We’re running out of time! (Runs ahead) C'mon!

Tails: (Follows her) Hey, wait up!

(The duo continue their journey back to Sonic and his friends. Tails and Amy skid to a stop when they see their enemy.)


Amy: I thought dinosaurs went extinct over 65 million years ago!

Tails: Reality is stranger than fiction!

Amy: Never mind. Let's take this thing down!

Tails: Right. But why should this be in Apotos?

(Tails and Amy charge towards the monster, leading to the third boss fight)

Scene 15: Energy Conservation

(After the battle, the Dark Raptor lets out another screech before falling to the ground in defeat. Tails helps Amy up while they both watch the creature vanish in a puff of black and purple smoke, leaving behind an Ener-Sphere.)

Tails: Another orb? (Walks towards it and picks it up.)

Amy: C'mon, Tails! (Runs forward)

(Tails follows Amy while carrying the Ener-Sphere with him.)

Scene 16: A Trip Through The Desert

(Tails and Amy make it to Mazuri where they both start to feel tired and dehydrated from the walk.)

Amy: (breathes heavily) Ugggggghhhhh...! It's so hot... Must... find... Sonic...

Tails: (also breathes heavily) He has to be close to us. (Pulls out his Miles Electric.) According to my Miles Electric, there's a small village not too far from here. (Tails runs ahead.) C'mon, Amy. If we hurry, we might be able to find Sonic in there.

Amy: (breaths heavily) Okay, then.

Tails: You okay?

Amy: Yeah, I’m just tired right now.

(Tails spins his twin tails to cool Amy down.)

Amy: Thanks, Tails.

Tails: Don't mention it.

(The duo hurry over to the village.)

Scene 17: A Village To Remeber

(Tails and Amy make it to the Village, where they spot a group of villagers waving goodbye.)

Amy: Hmm. What do you think they're waving goodbye to?

Tails: Not quite sure. Lemme scan and examine them for a bit.

Amy: I'm gonna go ask them.

Tails: Wait...! Something seems weird...

Amy: What?

Tails: According to these readings, there's some kind of mind control field surrounding these villagers. My scanners are saying that it's been implanted on them from the same place we were in before.

Amy: You mean, the Eggman Empire...?

Tails: Maybe.

(The screen cuts Gwek waving goodbye to Sonic and his friends from earlier.)

Gwek: So long, brave heroes! (Looks down on a strange wristband.)

Amy: (Whispers) Where did he get that wristband from?

Tails: Shush.

Amy: Did I just see Sonic?

Tails: It was an illusion, Amy. Open up your eyes and...

Amy: Okay, I get it. Let's just hear what's going on.

Tails: Fine.

Gwek: They're gone, Master.

Tails and Amy: Master?

Ominous: That's good. Once they reach the Eggman Empire, they will be in for a big surprise. Muawhawhaw! AHHAHAHA!!

Tails: So that's what's going on.

Amy: We've gotta warn Sonic about this quick!

Tails: Right, but first, let's help these villagers.

Amy and Tails: Alright.

(Tails and Amy both stand up and go after the mind-controlled villagers.)

Gwek: Huh? W-Who are you!?

Amy: We are...

Tails: ...going to make sure that you SNAP OUT OF THIS!

Gwek: We'll see about that. Attack!!

(The mind-controlled villagers come at Tails and Amy, starting a mini-boss.)

Scene 18: Freedom From Tyranny

(After the mini-boss fight, the villagers become free from Ominous' mind control.)

Amy: Yes! We did it!

Tails: Great work, Amy.

(They high five each other.)

Amy: You too, Tails.

Tails: (To the villagers) Is everyone alright?

Gwek: Yes. Thank you for freeing us. Say... Are you two friends of Sonic the Hedgehog...?

Tails: Yeah. Wait... Was he here just now?

Kwami: [nods]

Amy: Really?! Where did he go?!

Essie: (points left towards Holoska.)

Amy: That way?

Tails: Wow, thanks. C'mon, Amy. Let's go.

Kwami: Be careful!

(Tails runs ahead.)

Amy: Hey, Tails! Wait for me!

Essie: Wait! You might need this.

(Essie gives Amy a pack of cloth to help keep them warm.)

Amy: Wow! Thank you so much!

Essie: No problem.

(Amy follows while the villagers wave goodbye, leading to the next level.)

Scene 19: A Frozen Tour

(Tails and Amy make it to Holoska, but it becomes too cold to keep going. Luckily for both of them, Amy hands out the pack of cloth to keep both of them warm.)

Tails: Thanks, Amy.

Amy: You're welcome.

(As they continue, they come across two pathways leading throughout the rest of Holoska.)

Tails: Hmm... Now, which path should we take? [Pulls out and activates his Miles Electric.] Lemme check and see for a... Oh no!

Amy: What's wrong?!

Tails: [Trying to activate it, but it won't turn on.] My Miles Electric isn't working!

Amy: What!?

Tails: It might be due to the cold weather out here!

Amy: Okay. Then let's split up. I'll go right, you go left.

Tails: Okay... And, Amy? Be careful.

Amy: [nods] Same.

[They both split up, leading to the next level in Tails' story.]

Scene 20: Looking for Directions

[As Tails progresses through the path, he sees another group of villagers nearby.]

Tails: Hey, you there! [Runs over to the villagers.]

Jari-Pekka: Who are you?

Tails: My name's Tails. Can you help me, please?

Jari-Pekka: Sure, um... Who are you again?

Tails: [Confused] Uhhh... It's Tails?

Sarianna: Sorry. You'll have to excuse my father-in-law. He has a terrible memory.

Tails: [Guilty] Oh... I'm sorry to hear that.

Sarianna: It's fine. Now, what do you need help with?

Tails: I'm trying to look for Sonic the Hedgehog. Have--

Marketa: Wait, wait, wait, wait...! You mean the Sonic the Hedgehog?!

Tails: Yeah.

Marketa: Well, in that case, he went that way.

Tails: Wow! Thanks!

[Tails runs off to continue his journey. The villagers wave goodbye.]

Scene 21: A Winter Trap

[As Tails continues his journey, he spots Eggman and suddenly stopa.]

Dr. Eggman: [Offscreen] Hoohohoho! [Flies down in his Eggmobile with his Egg Scorpion.] I've finally found you, Tails!

Tails: [Gets into battle stance] Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: Now kindly hand over that Ener-sphere you possess.

Tails: What are you talking about?

Dr. Eggman: Don't play dumb! If you're not going to hand over that Ener-Sphere, I'll take it from you by force! (Eggman enters his Egg Scorpion.)

Tails: I'd like to see you try!

(Tails gets ready to fight, leading to the fourth boss fight.)

Scene 22: A Cold Victory

[Eggman's Egg Scorpion malfunctions, but Eggman escapes before it explodes.]

Tails: Yes, I did it!

Eggman: Grr! Don't think this is over! I'll get that Ener-sphere one way or another! Just you wait!

[Eggman flies away. Tails continues his journey until he reaches the end of the path with Amy.]

Amy: You okay? Did you find Sonic?

Tails: No, but I'm fine. What about you?

Amy: Same, though I did hear something about him heading towards Chun-nan.

Tails: Then let's hurry and check to see if he's still there!

(The two head off to Chun-nan, starting the next level.)

Scene 23: Chinese Discovery

[Tails and Amy make it to Chun-nan, where they continue their search for Sonic.]

Amy: [groans] Sonic's gotta be around here somewhere, I just know it!

Tails: Calm down, Amy. I'm sure we'll find Sonic soon.

Amy: Yeah, maybe you're right. Thanks, Tails.

Tails: No problem. [Spots something] Hey, look at that!

[A trail of crumbs were shown on the ground.]

Amy: A trail of crumbs?

Tails: [examining with his Miles Electric] Yeah! And according to my Miles Electric, They seem to be meat bun crumbs. C'mon! Let's follow them! [Follows the crumbs.]

Amy: Hey, Tails! Wait for me! [Follows Tails]

Scene 24: Following The Path

[Tails and Amy continue to follow the trail until they hear a noise nearby.]

Tails: Could it be?

[They continue as the noise gets closer and closer until they stop and look through a bush. There, they finally found Sonic and his other friends.]

Amy: It is!

Tails and Amy: Sonic!

[They both come out of the bushes and run over to hug Sonic.]

Sonic: Tails! Amy! You're okay!

Amy: We're so glad to see you...! [Spots Sid] Uh... Who's that?

Sid: You can call me Sid!

Knuckles: Hey, I hate to interrupt, but have you seen the Master Emerald?

Tails: No, but we have seen this. [Holds out an Ener-Sphere]

Silver: An Ener-Sphere?! [Takes the Ener-Sphere] How did you get this?!

Tails: We got it while we were escaping from Eggman and Ominous.



Sonic: Let's go, everyone. Time to give 'em a warm welcome!

Everyone: Right!

Scene 25:

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