Scene 1: An Unknown Signal

(The scene cuts to G.U.N. HQ, where the camera to the G.U.N. Captain rushing through the hall in panic.)

G.U.N. Captain: This is bad...! This is really bad...! (The captain runs up to the Commander's Office, where he is seen signing papers for the town. The Commander goes in shock by the G.U.N. Captain.)

G.U.N. Captain: Sir, You won't believe this!

Commander: What is it?!

G.U.N. Captain: According to the reports at the command center, we've just received an unidentified energy signal that scattered from deep within the center of the Mystic Ruins last night. The data we received from that signal has overloaded our main computer system. Additionally, while this is unconfirmed information, we also got an alert that an oncoming assault is heading for Station Square.

Commander: What!? Deploy all the troops we have! Notify both Shadow and Rouge immediately! For the safety of both the world and its people, make sure to stop that assault before it happens!

G.U.N. Captain: Sir! (The G.U.N Captain leaves the room.)

Scene 2: Ongoing Patrol

{The screen shows a group of G.U.N. soldiers chasing down some bank-robbers in Westoplis.}

G.U.N. Soldier: This is your last warning! Stop your vehicle and surrender yourselves or else!

(Both bank robbers nod to each other and smirk. The one driving steps on the accelerator. The two bank robbers speed off, leaving the G.U.N. Soldiers behind.)

G.U.N. Soldier: (Through a walkie talkie) This is G.U.N. Soldier 259. Two bank robbers are heading straight towards you. (The camera cuts and pans to shows Shadow standing on top of a building, receiving a transmission from the G.U.N. soldier through his Inhibitor Ring.) Hurry and pursue them pronto. Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow: Understood. Initiating the mission now. (Teleports to downtown Westopolis, starting the first level of his story.)

Scene 3: A Call Back To Station Square

(After the first level, Shadow takes down the two bank robbers and the G.U.N. Soldiers arrest them.)

Shadow: Hmph! That was almost too easy.

(A black limo drives by the area. Coming out of the limo is the Mayor of Westopolis. He comes over to Shadow to congratulate him.)

The Mayor of Westopolis: Thank you, Shadow the Hedgehog. Your heroism won't be forgotten.

Shadow: No problem, Mr. Mayor. (Receives a transmission from the G.U.N. Captain.)

G.U.N. Captain: Shadow. We've got an alert from the command center. There's an oncoming assault heading towards Station Square. We've already notified Rouge as well, so join her on-site and stop that assault ASAP.

Shadow: Don't worry. I'm on my way.

(Shadow dashes off, starting the second level of his story.)

Scene 4: Disaster At Wake

(After going towards Station Square, Rouge flies along with him.)

Rouge: Hey, Shadow. It sure has been a while, hasn't it?

Shadow: Not now, Rouge.

Rouge: Hmph. Looks like you're the same as ever, I see.

(Shadow and Rouge make it to Station Square, only to find out it's already destroyed.)

Rouge: What!? B-But how?!

(Shadow and Rouge hear a strange sound and look up to see Ominous and Eggman flying down.)

Eggman: Hoo ho ho ho! It's been a while, Shadow and Rouge!

Rouge: Doctor?!

Shadow: So, you're the one behind this, Eggman! What did you do to Station Square?!

Eggman: Oh, that! Well, that's none of your business, you see!

Shadow: Okay then...(Notices Ominous)...And who are you?

Ominous: My name is Ominous. Though I believe that's all you need to know for now.

Rouge: What are you talking about?

Eggman: You'll see.

[Both Eggman and Ominous laugh and fly off.]

Scene 5:

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