Scene 1: A Gem of Hope

(Rouge's story begins with her in Frog Forest. She spots a large glow in the distance via Treasure Scope. Smiling, she flies towards the glow. It turns out to be a Chaos Emerald.)

Rouge: There's the Chaos Emerald. (Gets transmission from G.U.N. H.Q.)

G.U.N. Soldier (transmission): Agent Rouge? Report current status immediately Did you find another Chaos Emerald?

Rouge: Yes, I did.

G.U.N. Soldier (transmission): Was it the last one?

Rouge: Not sure, but I'll keep looking and report back to you later.

(Rouge flies away, starting the first level of her story.)

Scene 2: Metal Assualt

[Rouge makes it through Frog Forest. She spots another shine coming from inside a bush. She walks over to it and opens it up, eventually finding the last Chaos Emerald.]

Rouge: There's the last one.

[Before Rouge can get it, Metal Sonic jumps out of nowhere, attacks Rouge, and snatches the last Chaos Emerald.]

Rouge: Hey! Give that back! I found it first! Huh...?!

[Metal Sonic charges an energy blast and shoots it at Rouge, but she dodges it before it could hit her.]

Rouge: Okay, that's it! You're going down for this!

[This starts the first boss battle in Rouge's story.]

Scene 3: Surprise Attack

[Metal Sonic is seen on the ground, looking defeated. Rouge walks towards him to slowly take the Chaos Emerald away from him. Metal Sonic surprise attacks her, which knocks the other Chaos Emerald out of her hand.]

Rouge: The Chaos Emerald!

[Metal snatches it and flies off.]

Rouge: Darn! So close!

[Receives a transmission from the G.U.N. Captain.]

G.U.N. Captain: Rouge, there's an oncoming assault heading for Station Square! Hurry and stop it before it happens!

Rouge: Okay, I'm on my way...! So much for getting the Chaos Emeralds.

[Rouge flies off to Station Square, starting the next level of her story.]

Scene 4: Disaster At Wake

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