Scene 1: Angel Island Heist

In Angel Island, Knuckles is resting at the Master Emerald shrine.]

Knuckles: [Monoluging] Heh. 'Sure has been a while since our last battle against Dr. Eggman... Still, no matter how hard we try, he just keeps coming back, craftier than before... I can't keep letting my guard down when he tries to take the Master Emerald... I just can't... Gotta stay alert.

[Right after Knuckles' monologue, noise begins to occur.]

Knuckles: What?! [Prepares himself] ...Who's there?! Show yourself!

[The noise stops.]

Knuckles: [groans] Stay focus, Knuckles. You can't get distracted for one sec--

[Knuckles turns around to see that the Master Emerald's gone again.]

Knuckles: [Shocked] Ah! The Master Emerald!

[Knuckles hears that same noise again and spots Eggman and Ominous flying off with the Master Emerald.]

Knuckles: [Angry] Hey! Give that back now!

Eggman: Hoohoho! I can't believe he fell for that old trick. What a knucklehead!

Ominous: Yeah, but are you sure we need this gem, to begin with?

Eggman: Of course! With this, we'll be able to those Ener-Spheres more ea--

[A boulder hits Eggman's Eggmobile.]

Eggman: H-Hey!

[It starts to fall into the Island, along with the Master Emerald.]

Eggman: [screams]

[The Eggmobile and the Master Emerald both crash down on the island. Knuckles runs towards them.]

Knuckles: You're not stealing it from me this time!

[Eggman pulls out a remote control and calls out his Egg-Squid. This starts the first boss fight of Knuckles' Story.]

Scene 2: Teleportation Rush

[The Egg-Squid malfunctions and explodes with both the Eggmobile and the Master Emerald flinging out. Knuckles jumps up and catches the Master Emerald before it can hit the ground.]

Knuckles: [Puts the Master Emerald down near him and walks towards Eggman, who is now lying on the ground.] [cracks knuckles]

[Before Knuckles could finish off Eggman, Ominous attacks Knuckles from behind, grabs the Master Emerald, and teleports both himself, the Master Emerald and Eggman away.]

Knuckles: [Hits the ground in frustration.] So close! [Notices Angel Island starting to shake] Huh? Oh no, it started...

[Soon, Angel Island falls into the ocean again.]

Scene 3: A Stolen Miracle Gem

[After what happened at Angel Island, Knuckles is seen running through the forest.]

Knuckles: I must track down that jerk... The one who stole the Master Emerald with Eggman... But where should I look...? Huh?

[Knuckles skids to a halt to find out that Station Square has been destroyed.]

Knuckles: Whoa, what happened here?

[Knuckles walks through the destroyed city, until he sees a hurt person on the ground, groaning. He runs over to the poor citizen]

Knuckles: Hey, you okay?

Hurt Citizen: [Groans] What happened...? W-Who are you...?

Knuckles: I'm Knuckles. Who did this to you?

Hurt Citizen: I-I-it w-w-was... [The poor citizen passes out.]

Knuckles: Hey! [Tries to get him to wake up.] Wake up! WAKE UP! Darn! Then, I guess I'm gonna have to find out for myself.

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