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Sonic Overload
Sonic Overload (Nintendo Switch)
Sonic Team
Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Bonus Edition
Action, Adventure, Platformer
Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date(s)
August 12th, 2017 (JP)

August 18th, 2017 (NA and PAL)

October 1st, 2017 (AUS)
(ESRB): Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief)

(PEGI): 7 (Violence, Fear, Online)

(ACB): G

(USK): 6

Music by
Crush 40, Zebrahead, Cash Cash (DLC Only)
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Followed by

Sonic Overload(ソニックターボアドベンチャー Sonikkutāboadobenchā, lit. "Sonic Turbo Adventure") is a 3D/2D game created by Heroic412229. This is the main title 26th aniversary game. A new villian is threatening everything and it's up to Sonic and his friends team up and save Mobius, this time, a new ally joins the group to help and it will take more than speed to save the world.

  • Unfinished



Sonic Overload is a fan game developed by Heroic412229 and was first made a few years ago. During the making of the game, it went through a few name changes before it was decided to be called Sonic Overload, ex. Sonic Overdrive, Sonic Overland, etc. In Japan, it was named Sonic Turbo Adventure.

The idea and goal for Sonic Overload was to create a game that is able to take the player(s) on a journey into the world of Sonic by making the player(s) truly feel like they're the character(s) they're playing as and allow them to truly feel like they're on a true adventure without it being over-exaggerated. This was approached by a suggestion "What would it be like to actually live and move around in a world like Sonic's?" and Heroic412229 decided to choose both the graphics and story that is similar to Sonic Unleashed.

The 3 reasons for Heroic412229 to add extra characters in the game beside just Sonic and Sid were to add more variety to the game and he didn't want the focus to be just on the two main stories. The last reason was that he wanted to bring back the multiple characters aspect from games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06 and give each character a reasonable purpose to be in the game.

In terms of story, Heroic412229 wanted a story that would convince the player(s) that they are inside the world of Sonic and wanted to blend the tone of both lighthearted and serious into the game without taking itself too seriously on either tone. The main and side story concept was added in order for Heroic412229 to create simple but unique stories that complimented what the game was about.

Heroic412229 wanted the level design to be open-ended while still giving the player an idea of where the goal is. He also wanted each gameplay styles to not only focus on speed, platforming, and exploration but to be differentiate them in someway.

When coming up with a good theme for the game, Heroic412229 wanted a main theme that was supported by several supporting themes in each character's story. The main theme was supposed to be about epistemology and how everything exist for a reason/cause.

With some help from SpeedyBlue, along with some other friends, Heroic was able to created a script for the game that was at least passable for the series, though it's still being updated at the time.


About 10,000 years ago, there was a large village that housed a young and miserable panther whose true name was recently unknown at the time. He had no one to trust or look up to for help and support and was continuously treated poorly, even by himself. One day, he had enough and, after gaining his morality/empathetic powers, decided to them on the world to change everything. The gods heard of this and sealed him away to prevent him from causing potential harm. After what happened, he was given the name "Ominous" as a reminder of his extremely heinous actions, as well as put him in legend in order to make sure no one would dare to awaken him.

Main Stories

Sonic's Story

For the script of Sonic's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Sonic)

After Eggman comes across a dark and powerful figure named Ominous, Eggman agrees to help Ominous get his energy back by using a strange source of energy called the ”Ener-Spheres” as long as Ominous promises to help him take over the omniverse and beyond. Will Sonic and his friends save the world before it's too late?

Sid's Story

For the script of Sid's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Sid)

Sid is a normal teenaged boy, who is considered “boring”. However, a humanoid figure, Ominous, destroys Sid’s town. He will have to work with Sonic and his friends to stop Ominous and Eggman before it’s too late!

Side Stories(Unlockable)

Tails' Story

For the script of Tails' story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Tails)

After Tails and Sonic tried to stop Ominous from destroying the city, He, along with Amy, were captured by Ominous, but eventually escaped in the process. Along the way, they hear about Ominous' plan and try to find Sonic and co. in order to warn them about what's to come.

Knuckles' Story

For the script of Knuckles' story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Knuckles)

After getting the Master Emerald stolen by both Eggman and Ominous, Knuckles has to team up with Sonic and his other friends in order to get it back.

Amy's Story

For the script of Amy's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Amy)

After Amy was having a nice stroll through the city, she was attacked and then captured, along with Tails, by Ominous, but eventually escaped in the process. Along the way, they hear about Ominous' plan and try to find Sonic and co. in order to warn them of what's to come.

Shadow's Story

For the script of Shadow's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Shadow)

Rouge's Story

For the script of Rouge's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Rouge)

Cream's Story

For the script of Cream's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Cream)

Blaze's Story

For the script of Blaze's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Blaze)

After getting a signal from the Sol Emeralds that her dimension is facing a huge disruption due to Ominous' meddling, Blaze, along with Silver, decide to travel to the present and join Sonic and his other friends in order to save space and time itself.

Silver's Story

For the script of Silver's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Silver)

After the future is being in ruins due to Ominous' meddling, Silver, along with Blaze, decide to travel to the present and join Sonic and his other friends in order to save both space and time itself.

Team Chaotix's Story

For the script of Team Chaotix's story, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Team Chaotix)

After receiving a message from the G.U.N. Commander about where a strange source of energy is coming from, the team decide to join Sonic and his other friends in order to help them stop the energy from unleashing it on everything.

Final Story

For the script of the Final Story of the game, see Sonic Overload (Heroic412229's version)/Script (Final)

After the two heroes' stories are completed, A new and final story appears, along with the side stories.


Main Playable Characters

Main Playable Characters
"Name Description Ability Type
Sonic the Hedgehog (Super Sonic)Sonic is the main hero in the game. Sonic is noted as being "like the wind", He is adventurous, cocky and easy going with a somewhat short temper, Despite that, he has a good heart and is willing to help those in any need. He has many adventures and battles against Eggman and other villians and always wins, But now, a new and mysterious enemy appears. Speed
Sid the Hero (Super Sid)Sid is the secondary protagonist of Sonic Overload. He is willing to help anyone in need, especially Sonic and friends. He’s kind of immature and loud, but can be serious when needed. Power, Flight

Semi-Playable Characters

Side Playable Characters
Name Description Ability Type
Miles "Tails" Prower (Super Tails)Tails is a kid fox with a talent for tinkering, Sonic has taken him under his wing and treats him like a younger brother. Tails is nice and open minded with a smart IQ that even match that of Eggman's, Though is yet to reach his true potential. He has helped Sonic for years, Thanks to his natural skill of machinery. Flight
Knuckles the Echidna (Super Knuckles)Knuckles is born on Angel Island and was put into this world to protect a powerful relic called the Master Emerald. Knuckles is as strong as Sonic is fast, Wild and Tough, Knuckles thinks of Sonic as his rival, but deep down, He and Sonic are great teammates. Power
Amy Rose (Super Amy)She's Sonic's self-proclaimed fangirl, She's cheerful and persistent with a bit of a scary temper and is very short-sighted. Despite that, She is pure-hearted and will not let anything stand in her way. She wields a giant Piko-Piko Hammer which she uses for self-defense. Speed, All Around
Espio the Chameleon An intelligent ninja warrior and member of the Chaotix. He is calm, soft-spoken and serious person though can be self-obsessed at times. His wariness and soulful character makes him a vital member to the team, and balances out the foolishness of his friends. Speed
Vector the Crocodile He is the leader and head honcho of the Chaotix. Large and imposing with a kind heart beneath his scaly exterior, Vector is always ready to take jobs that pay good money. But is willing to help those in need for free, leaving his agency in its eternally poor state. He also has a great love for music. Power
Charmy Bee While hyperactive, bee-brained, immature, loud and often annoys his teammates a lot, his tracking skills are nonetheless an invaluable assist to the Chaotix Detective Agency and a crucial part of their team. As such, both Vector and Espio treat Charmy as their equal. Flight
Blaze the Cat (Burning Blaze)She is a mysterious cat from another dimension and the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She is calm and disciplined but a bit anti-social and harsh. Nevertheless, She is caring and protective to her friends and her homeworld. Thanks to Sonic, She now knows the true meaning of friendship. Speed
Cream and Cheese Cream is a polite and sweet rabbit who is a friend of the chao. She always takes Cheese with her everywhere. They are the bestest of friends who always look out for each other and always aid Sonic in adventures. Flight
Shadow the Hedgehog (Super Shadow)Shadow is Sonic's dark doppelganger and "The Ultimate Life Form". Shadow is self-sufficient and serious, he was created by Gerald Robotnik to help mankind. He is also arrogant and aggressive but is also caring, Shadow is always determined to keep his promise to Maria. He now works at G.U.N, protecting humanity from Dr. Eggman. Speed
Rouge the Bat Rouge is the world's greatest treasure hunter with a love for jewels and Knuckles' rival. She is also a professional spy that was hired by the president to discover the cause of the stolen chaos emeralds in town. She is a fearless bat girl who knows how to get what she wants. Though she's carefree and nice, she is cunning and a tough girl. Flight
Silver the Hedgehog (Super Silver)A white telekinetic hedgehog from the future where his role is to protect his time from catastrophe. He is kind hearted and well meaning but is also naive and short tempered. He is always willing to help anyone in need of help. Flight

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable Characters
Name Description Ability Type
E-123 Omega He is a strong and free willed robot created by Dr. Eggman as one of his E-series robot army. He was disabled and wanted revenge on Eggman for said fate, as well as destroy all the doctor's robot creations to prove himself superior. He is a spiritual successor to Gamma and the Ultimate E-Series Robot. Power
Big the Cat Big is a lazy and free-spirited yet dim-witted cat who fishes with his pet, Froggy. He loves fishing and helping Sonic and his friends defeat Eggman. While he is gentle and friendly, He has a massive amount of strength that rivals Knuckles, Omega and Vector's strength. Power
E-102 Gamma Gamma is one of Eggman's E-100 robots. He is the first robot to be playable in a game. He was one of Eggman's loyal robots until he befriended Amy and abandoned Eggman. He was destroy after saving all of the other E-Series robots and was back to his old family. Power
Mighty the Armadillo - Mighty is a pacifist and nature-lover who only uses his strength when there's no other option. He is also a long time acquaintance of Sonic. He loves to travel and wishes to see the world. Speed, All Around
Ray the Flying Squirrel - He's a faithful friend and ally to Mighty, While he may not be the strongest fighter, he's still eager to help others. Flight
Tiara the Manx She was a talented magician by a very young age. Tiara has a cheerful and positive personality. Power
Fang the Sniper Fang is a wolf weasel who is considered a dangerous criminal and a treasure hunter who is wanted for theft and extortion. He is rather clumsy and egotistical but mischievous and cunning. He also is a bit of a coward. His weapon is a popgun and is the leader of Team Hooligan. Speed
Bean the Dynamite Bean is a goofy and eccentric duck, prone to mood swings and extreme reactions. He is the youngest of Team Hooligan and his weapons are bombs. He is capable of generating bombs and can be friendly and easy going as well as angry and indigant. Flight
Bark the Polar Bear Bark is a tough, down-to-business kind of guy and the muscle of Team Hooligan. He is a strong silent-type and has a dark sense of humor but is also even-tempered and level-headed. His strength can rival up to be one of the top three strongest characters in the series. Power
Jet the Hawk Jet is a cocky and brash hawk and leader of the Babylon Rogues. He is an expert Extreme Gear rider and is very prideful of his reputation and refuses the pity of others. He is quite short-tempered despite being laid-back and level headed though. He is considered Sonic's greatest rival in Extreme Gear racing. Speed
Wave the Swallow She is the mechanical and technical expert and voice of reason of the Babylon Rogues. She is brimming with self-confidence and can be highly critical towards others. She gives advice that only she can understand though she is often mistreated by her teammates. Flight
Storm the Albatross He is the muscle of the Babylon Rogues and is somewhat dim-witted and slow, but makes up for it with raw power. He is Jet's right hand man and refers to him as "Boss". He will do anything to serve him and shows great respect for him. Storm is also short-tempered and rude yet happy and childish. Power
Marine the Raccoon She is cheerful, energetic and carefree, but also stubborn, brash and overconfident with a passion for the sea. She wishes to be a captain of her own ship so she can travel the world but is still a child and needs to grow up. During her adventures with Sonic though, she has matured and has promised to grow up. Power
Sally Acorns She is strong-minded, caring, focused, and a born leader with a playful side. Despite being a princess, She is a bit of a tomboy, not hesitating to get into rough or messy situations when needed. She is kind, but headstrong and somewhat insecure, but she sometimes keeps her cool when needed. Speed


  • Flicky(Blue Bird)
  • Ricky(Squirrel)
  • Pocky(Rabbit)
  • Pecky(Penguin)
  • Rocky(Walrus)
  • Cucky(Chicken)
  • Picky(Pig)
  • Becky(Bear)
  • Locky(Eagle)
  • Wocky(Monkey)
  • Tocky(Turtle)
  • Licky(Dog)New!
  • Wicky(Cat)New!


Name Description
Ominous (Perfect Ominous)Ominous is the main antagonist of Sonic Overload. He is a modest, vigilant, and serious yet self-deprecating and pessimist extremist who wants to destroy all evil and conflict by any means, even if it meant using dark energy to destroy everything in existence, including himself. It turns out that he was brainwashed by Eggman in order to make him embrace evil so that he can help him take over the world.
Dr. Eggman Eggman is Sonic's arch enemy who has been trying to destroy Sonic and take over the world for years. He's intelligent, devious, malevolent and short tempered, but very childish and egotistical, which makes him think that taking over the world is easy.
Orbot He's one of Eggman's two assistants. He is sassy and straightforward with an honesty complex. He serves Eggman in hand and foot for a long time. Orbot is also insensitive and very sarcastic as he usually tends to criticize Eggman alot, but he also likes to see Eggman succeed in world domination.
Cubot Cubot is another one of Eggman's two assistants. He's lazy, dim-witted and avoids work. He likes Eggman to a large degree, but can sometimes be very talkative and can annoyed Eggman with his constant talking. He also loves to see Eggman succeed as much as his partner Orbot does.
Metal Sonic He's Sonic's robotic doppelganger created by Eggman with a sole purpose of proving that he is better than Sonic and destroying him for good. He is a dark-hearted and ruthless killing machine that has gone to the point of rebelling Eggman to achieve his goal, but fails in the end. He is one of Sonic's formidable rivals and enemies.
G.U.N. A worldwide military and law enforcement organization led by the Commander, They are bent on protecting earth from all sorts of threats, including Eggman, the Black Arms, and Ominous. They are also the base of Team Dark and other soldiers.
Professor Pickle Professor Pickle is a calm and well-mannered academic at Spagonia University and an expert in ancient literature. He helped Sonic and his friends save the world once from Dark Gaia and has become one of Sonic's closest allies ever since. He also has a love for cucumber sandwiches.
Rana Franklin She's Sid's annoying little sister and daughter of Laurel and Stephen Franklin. While the two do get annoyed by each other, they deeply care for each other and share a mutual love for others. While she can be a bit whiny and has a hard time understand things like "Sayonara" and "Plot Convenience", she is sweet-hearted and is able to show more common sense than her older brother usually, especially when it comes to his dreams of an extraordinary life.
Laurel Franklin She is the wife of Stephen Franklin and mother of both Sid and Rana Franklin. Though not much is known about her, she, like her husband, is depicted as a kind and loving, yet strict person who wants to see her son grow up as much as the other family members do.
Stephen Franklin He is the husband of Laurel Franklin and father of both Sid and Rana Franklin. Though not much is known about him, he, like his wife, is depicted as a kind and loving, yet strict person who wants to see his son grow up as much as the other family members do. He's also a great artist who used to do art and drawing as a hobby in his youth, which is how Sid got his drawing skills.
Clover Clover is Sid's love interest and one of his friends. She


  • Egg Pawn
  • Moto Bug
  • E-06 Bladder Spinner
  • Buzzer
  • Sandworm
  • Eggrobo
  • Orbinaut
  • E-16 Electro Spinner
  • Aero Chaser
  • Egg Fighters
  • Swatbots
  • Buzz Bomber
  • Egg Raccoon
  • Egg Runner
  • Spiny
  • Burrobot
  • E-13 Fire Bot
  • Egg Crow
  • Egg Leech
  • Egg Fighter: Shield
  • Egg Fighter: Sword
  • Packrat
  • Dark Leech
  • Fire Bird
  • Dark Titan
  • Black Crawler
  • Boom Ghost
  • Red Titan
  • Shadow Warriors
  • Flame Wing
  • Blue Titan
  • Black Rat
  • Dark Roach
  • Dark Blade
  • Thunder Eel
  • Deep Black Titan
  • Dark Bull
  • Black Rat


The game is basically divided into two main stories and nine side stories; After completing the two main stories, the player has the option to either choose to complete the side stories or final story. Much like the Adventure series, each story is told through different perspectives to know the characters goals in the game and how they play in each story. Each character has his/her own style of gameplay, some of which are recycled versions of the other with a few major differences. The main gameplay style is similar to other modern games as it focuses on a 2D/3D perspective. The Red Rings return to the game for more replay-ability. There are five rings in each level and collecting them unlocks concept art, new music, movies and the ability to unlock Super Forms in regular levels. Like most Sonic games, This game has a unique health system. Rings are collected and used for protection and earning lives. If the character gets hit by an enemy, they drop all of their rings and have to pick them before they disappear. If they get hit by an enemy without any rings, fall into a bottomless pit, drown, or get crushed, they lose a life and return to the checkpoint that they went through. If they get no lives, the game over screen will appear and they have to restart.

Unlike other games, Sonic Overload has over 25 playable characters with different abilities and gameplay styles. In this game, The player has the ability to choose whether type of gameplay style they desire, depending on the character. The game also included the ability to play a level with any character they choose, however, the levels' mechanics and gameplay changes in different orders, depending on the character the player is playing as. Despite this, all of the character's gameplay styles focus on how to finish a level while keeping up their momentum in order to finish the level as quickly as possible. Sonic Overload also has an Esports leaderboard that records and ranks data on the player's performance. Sonic Overload has a deep combo-system each with a different category, showing the player(s) what they did to earn it and a deep score multiplier that increases every time the player(s) does a perfect combo.

There are ten countries and nine stand-alone areas to explore and collect items. They are designed as a metroidvania-like style for puzzle solving, story-progression and exploration. They also contain items and vehicles that are used to advance through them. Each area has one vehicle to travel to another area, even to the Chao Gardens. Every hub world is playable in 3D. Every character in the hub worlds can be talked to. There are also missions in the hub worlds, Special Stages and rival battles. Bosses can be accessed through Boss Gates found at the end of each two levels.

In the 3DS version, unlike the Wii version, the gameplay and designs are similar to Sonic Rush, Though the Special Stages are based on Sonic 4 episode 2. There are ten missions per level.

Single Player

Sonic's Story

Sonic's levels and gameplay are similar to the daytime stages on Sonic Unleashed, which allow the player to get to the end of the stage, while destroying enemies and collecting rings along the way. Sonic's gameplay features moves like, Homing Attack, Spin Dash, Boost, Stomp and even Freestyle Tricks. He is the fastest character in the game.

Sonic's stages and gameplay consist of him running to get from point A to point B at high speed, platforming toward the levels to get to the Goal Ring, similar to original modern games.

Sid's Story

Sid's gameplay is a combination of Sonic's gameplay and Sonic Adventure 2's mech-shooting stages. His gameplay and stages are more run-and-gun oriented than the others. They allow Sid to use his Ergokinesis to shoot at enemies and crates, find secrets, and move through the levels at high speed in order to get to the Goal Ring.

Other Character's Gameplay

These side characters have their own gameplay and mechanics, but are only playable in the levels rather than the stories until they have their own story and levels.

Tails' Gameplay

Tails' gameplay is a slightly slower version of Sonic's that focuses on heavy-platforming and strategy. Tails' gameplay features moves used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and find secrets while getting from point A to point B at high speed. These moves include his Flight, Tail Swipe, Spin Dash and his inventions.

Knuckles' Gameplay

Knuckles' gameplay consists of a platform-heavy, beat-em-up version of Sonic's gameplay. Knuckles uses melee and combat attacks to defeat enemies, collect items an traverse through the stages as fast as possible.

Amy's Gameplay

Out of all the other character's gameplay, Amy's gameplay is the most platform-heavy. Her gameplay and stages are similar to Sonic's, except more streamlined and more focused on platforming. Her stages involve using her hammer to defeat enemies, break capsules and crates, and traverse through the levels in order to get to the Goal Ring at high speed.

Shadow's Gameplay

Shadow's gameplay is similar to Sonic's, except harder and more combat-oriented. In Shadow's gameplay, Shadow fights more enemies than Sonic. Shadow's goal is to reach the Goal Ring at high speed, while destroying as many enemies as possible using his Chaos Powers, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Kicks, etc.

Rouge's Gameplay

Rouge's gameplay is a more stealth-oriented version of Knuckles' gameplay. In Rouge's gameplay, she has to get from A to B as fast as she can without being spotted while defeating enemies, collecting rings and finding secrets along the way.

Cream's Gameplay

Cream's gameplay is similar to Tails' gameplay, except more easier and shorter than Tails'. She uses her chao, Cheese, to solve simple puzzles and attack enemies before reaching the Goal Ring.

Blaze's Gameplay

Blaze's gameplay is similar to Sonic and Shadow's, except more focused on acrobatics and using her pyrokinesis as long-ranged projectiles. Her stages involve using her pyrokinesis to shoot at enemies and run through the game with fast, acrobatic and fluid movement. She has the highest jumps out of all the characters.

Silver's Gameplay

Silver's gameplay is similar to his Sonic 06 gameplay, except his speed is much more faster and he is able to grab enemies without having to stun them first. Like Sonic 06, his gameplay and stages involve him using his psychokinesis to attack enemies, solve puzzles, and move through wide, open levels to get to the end of the Goal Ring at high speed

Team Chaotix' Gameplay

Team Chaotix' gameplay is a combination of both Sonic Heroes and Banjo-Kazooie. Like Sonic Heroes, the player(s) are able to control three characters and are able to choose between them at any time. Their gameplay involves getting to the end of the stage like the others, except their stages are more collectathon-based and more nonlinear than the others.

Two Player Mode

Just like Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Overland has a two player mode. 2P mode involves Sonic, Sid, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Cream, Team Chaotix, Blaze, Silver, Virtual Hedgehogs, Mii, and even Unlockable Characters to race, fight or hunt for gems. Each type of stage has a split screen, except for the fighting stages. One or Two players has the advantage to choose whether levels to play in to race, fight or hunt for gems. Some of them reward the player with new costumes.

  • Racing - The player to reach the Goal Ring first wins.
  • Fighting - The player to knock out the other player wins.
  • Aerial Run - The first player to reach the goal in the air first wins.
  • Gem Hunt - The first player to find five gems wins.(optional)
  • Puzzle-Solving - The player to solve the most puzzles while reaching the goal wins.(optional)

There is also a Kart Racing mini-game in the two player mode. In the 3DS two player mode, there's also a Shooting mini-game and a random that chooses the characters and levels for the player. Along with the two other characters, the player can unlock and play with non playable characters in 2P Play. These include: Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze and the Chaotix (playable after finishing Sid's Story with an S Rank), Metal Sonic (playable after finishing Final Story with an S Rank), and Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream (playable after finishing Sonic's Story). In the 3DS version, they are already playable, though characters like E-123 Omega and Tikal are included.

  • S+ Rank - 200 Rings or more, Reach the Goal in 2 minutes or less
  • S Rank - 150 Rings, Reach the Goal in 2 minute and 30 seconds
  • A+ Rank - 100 Rings, Reach the Goal in 3 minutes
  • A Rank - 95 Rings, Reach the Goal in 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • B+ Rank - 90 Rings, Reach the Goal in 4 minutes
  • B Rank - 85 Rings, Reach the Goal in 4 minutes and 30 seconds
  • C+ Rank - 80 Rings, Reach the Goal in 5 minutes
  • C Rank - 75 Rings, Reach the Goal in 5 minutes and 30 seconds
  • D+ Rank - 70 Rings, Reach the Goal in 6 minutes
  • D Rank - 65 Rings, Reach the Goal in 6 minutes and 30 seconds
  • E+ Rank - 60 Rings, Reach the Goal in 7 minutes
  • E Rank - 50 Rings, Reach the Goal in 7 minutes and 30 seconds
  • F+ Rank - 45 Rings or less, Reach the Goal in 8 minutes



  • Air Bubbles
  • Chaos Emeralds/Fake Emeralds
  • Emblems
  • Ener-Spheres (First appearance)
  • Monitor
    • Bubble Shield
    • Electric Shield
    • Fire Shield
    • Ice Shield
    • Invincibility
    • Power Sneakers
    • Shield
    • Super Ring
    • Wind Shield
    • 1-Up
  • Number Rings
  • Red Star Rings
  • Rings

Gimmicks and obstacles

  • Balloon
  • Bumper
  • Trampoline

Game Modes

  • Character Selection
    • Main Playable Characters
      • Sonic the Hedgehog
      • Sid the Hero
    • Side Playable Characters
      • Miles "Tails" Prower
      • Knuckles the Echidna
      • Amy Rose
      • Shadow the Hedgehog
      • Rouge the Bat
      • Cream and Cheese
      • Blaze the Cat
      • Silver the Hedgehog
      • Espio the Chameleon
      • Charmy Bee
      • Vector the Crocodile
    • Unlockable Characters(Unlockable)
  • Episode Selection(Story Mode)
    • Main Stories
      • Sonic the Hedgehog
      • Sid the Hero
      • Final Story(after unlocking the other stories)
    • Side Stories(Unlockable)
      • Tails
      • Knuckles
      • Amy
      • Shadow
      • Rouge
      • Cream
      • Team Chaotix
      • Blaze
      • Silver
  • Multiplayer
    • Local
    • Online
  • Missions
  • Stage Selection
  • Extras
  • Unlockables
  • Gallery
  • Theater
  • Options
    • How to play
    • Controls
    • Themes
    • Save Data
    • Languages (Depends on which region you’re in. For example, in North America, the settings are English, Japanese, French, and Spanish. In Europe, the settings are English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.)
    • Brightness
    • Shadows
    • Bloom
    • Motion Blur
    • Quality Preset
    • Resolution
    • Depth of Field
    • Captions (Read Languages)
    • Perspective(unlockable)
      • First Person
      • Second Person
      • Third Person
  • Sound Test
  • Exit Game

Upgrade Shop

Upgrades are items awarded for fantastic challenge solving and exploration. They are also gained when emblems are earned, which can be given when doing specific tasks, such as unlock a story or complete missions. They can be very useful in levels and make quests more exciting and challenging than before (ex. they can be use to attack harder enemies faster and more easily, find secret and alternate pathways, or even help you complete a stage or mission much more quickly). The shop is hosted by Omochao. Each character has a different set of upgrades. If the player finishes the stage, complete a mission, earns a certain number of emblems, etc, they get a new upgrade unlocked on the Upgrade Shop. Rare Upgrades are unlocked by red rings which can be used for replayability. There are some limitations though; for example: The maximum amount of upgrades that the player can use in a stage is five, similar to Sonic Generations. There is also an on and off switch for every upgrade for every upgrade. The reason for these limits was to allow players to use the upgrades in different ways without struggling with too many upgrades.

Character Normal Moves Power Ups (Emblems Required) New Upgrades
Sonic Run, Jump, Jump Dash, Homing attack, Slide, Boost, Side Step, Spin Dash, Drift, Wall Jump, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Light Speed Attack(33 Emblems), Light Dash(78 Emblems), Flying Kick(63 Emblems), Wall Jump(89 Emblems), Insta-Shield(57 Emblems), Thunder Kick(99 Emblems), Mach Speed(13 Emblems), Somersault(48 Emblems), Fire Shield(54 Emblems), Thunder Shield(38 Emblems), Bubble Shield(59 Emblems), Chaos Control(can freeze time for 30 seconds while the player remains unaffected)(22 Emblems), Super Sonic(180 Emblems and collecting all seven chaos emeralds) Super Spin Dash(10 Red Rings), Ice Shield(20 Red Rings), Wind Shield(30 Red Rings), Triple Jump(40 Red Rings), Double Ring Blast(50 Red Rings), Hyper Sonic(60 Red Rings), Foot Sweep(70 Red Rings), Ultra Sonic Wave(80 Red Rings), Drift Dash(90 Red Rings), Drop Dash(100 Red Rings)
Sid Run, Jump, Slide, Glide, Flap, Ergo-kinesis, Side Step, Spin Dash, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Punch(59 Emblems), Ergo-Control(45 Emblems), Drift(60 Emblems), Lightning Kick(50 Emblems), Ergo-Blast(97 Emblems), Super Punch(38 Emblems), Energy Grab(88 Emblems), Sonic Comet(40 Emblems), Ergo-Smash(58 Emblems), Ergo-portation(30 Emblems), Chaos Control(freezes time for 25 seconds while player is unaffected)(23 Emblems), Super Sid(180 Emblems and collecting all seven chaos emeralds) Block Shield(20 Red Rings)(only in Multiplayer Battles), Ergo-Boost(40 Red Rings), Heal(30 Red Rings)(only in Multiplayer Battles), Air Step(20 Red Rings), Bolo-Punch(50 Red Rings), Leg Swipe(60 Red Rings), Energy Bomb(50 Red Rings), Energy Jump(60 Red Rings)
Tails Run, Jump, Fly, Tail Attack, Slide, Spin Dash, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Dummy Ring Bombs(40 Emblems), Flying Spin Attack(56 Emblems), Dummy Ring Blitz(99 Emblems), Flash Bang(52 Emblems), Tail Swipe(12 Emblems), Medi-Bot (17 Emblems), Electric Plug(10 Emblems), Super Tails(180 Emblems and collecting all seven chaos emeralds) Tail Whip(Unlockable), Decoy Bomb(Unlockable), Super Hand(Unlockable), Scan-Bot(Unlockable), Magic Arm(Unlockable), Flash Cannon(Unlockable), Rocket Blast(Unlockable)
Knuckles Run, Jump, Glide, Punch, Slide, Climb, Spin Dash, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Dig(67 Emblems), Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack(51 Emblems), Double Punch Combo(70 Emblems), Triple Punch Combo(43 Emblems), Multiple Punch Combo(75 Emblems), Drill Claw(15 Emblems), Quake Punch(86 Emblems), Uppercut(14 Emblems), Super Knuckles(180 Emblems and collecting all) Meteor Slam(Unlockable), Electric Jab(Unlockable), Fire Dive(Unlockable), Boxing Drill(Unlockable),
Amy Run, Jump, Double Jump, Hammer Attack, Slide, Homing Attack, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Flower Typhoon(17 Emblems), Hammer Jump(20 Emblems), Hammer Spin(62 Emblems), Propeller Hammer(78 Emblems), Amy Heal(3 Emblems), Invisibility(9 Emblems), Spin Dash(16 Emblems), Boost(41 Emblems), Super Amy(180 Emblems and collecting all seven chaos emeralds) Hammer Dive(Unlockable), Hammer Stomp(Unlockable),
Shadow Run, Jump, Jump Dash, Slide, Homing Attack, Boost, Spin Dash, Wall Jump, Drift, Side Step, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Chaos Control(can freeze time for 20 seconds while player remains unaffected)(20 Emblems), Chaos Spear(30 Emblems), Chaos Blast(46 Emblems), Light Speed Attack(42 Emblems), Light Dash(50 Emblems), Wall Jump(34 Emblems), Drift(75 Emblems), Super Shadow(180 Emblems and collecting all seven chaos emeralds) Chaos Blitz(Unlockable), Karate Chop(Unlockable), Air Kick(Unlockable), Chaos Assault(Unlockable), Chaos Win-23(Unlockable),
Silver Run, Jump, Levitate, Slide, Psychokinesis, Spin Dash, Side Step, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Psycho Shock(50 Emblems), Hold Smash(38 Emblems), Teleport Dash(73 Emblems), Meteor Smash(96 Emblems), ESP(64 Emblems), Levitate(43 Emblems), Psycho Smash(49 Emblems), Spin Attack(32 Emblems), Super Silver(180 Emblems and collecting the chaos emeralds) Psychic Rush(Unlockable),
Blaze Run, Jump, Double Jump, Slide, Boost, Fire Shot, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Axel Jump(12 Emblems), Axel Tornado(73 Emblems), Fire Claw(61 Emblems), Burst Dash(54 Emblems), Burst Hover(36 Emblems), Spinning Claw(79 Emblems), Homing Dash(107 Emblems), Axel Jump(25 Emblems), Burning Blaze(180 Emblems and collecting the sol emeralds) Fire Bombs(Unlockable),
Rouge Run, Jump, Glide, Kick, Slide, Climb, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Dig(67 Emblems), Heart Bombs(99 Emblems), Screw Kick(34 Emblems), Distract(49 Emblems), Black Wave(32 Emblems), Drill Dive(61 Emblems), Spin Dash(79 Emblems), Bat Cracker(83 Emblems) Blazing Kick(Unlockable),
Cream Run, Jump, Fly, Chao Attack, Kick, Spin Dash, Freestyle Tricks, Crouch Chao Dash(47 Emblems), Chao Circle(76 Emblems), Chao Dunk(57 Emblems), Cure(12 Emblems), Chao Rush(19 Emblems), Chao Cannon(50 Emblems), Heal(4 Emblems) Distraction(Unlockable), Chao Cross(Unlockable),
Espio Run, Jump, Jump Dash, Homing Attack


The Soundtrack for the game is "Blue Wind: Sonic Overload Original Soundtrack" produced by Crush 40. It has main themes and in-game level music. which includes music from Wii and 3DS versions.

The theme song of the game is Take a Stand sung by David Bowie and remixed by Zebrahead and Crush 40, which was released in April 1, 2016.

The ending theme of the game is We're All United sung by Amy Hannam and directed by Jun Senoue.

Each stage music is made to match the levels and hub world's theme; while the main themes are made to match the character's personality, style, and/or abilities. Some of which are remixes of old main themes. There are also returning themes from previous games, most of which are unlockables.


The demo for Sonic Overload is available in MEGA software and is safe to download in File Planet in DLC version.


For the levels of the game, see [1]


For the bosses of the game, see[2]


Sonic Overload
Review Scores
Gametrailers (GT)
Screw Attack
Classic Game Room
Toonami (Game Reviews)

The game has received mixed to positive reviews. Most reviews praise the gameplay and story, but criticize the idea of an OC protagonist. {I know Sonic Forces had a customizable character, but that doesn’t count, since it was technically created by SEGA, with the player only added certain assets.}


This game also has some DLC. This includes new playable characters, music, and stories. Some of said DLC Characters are some of Speedyblue’s OCs, others includes characters from other SEGA games, and some also include some brand new characters. It also includes another story that tells about the Ener-Spheres and Ominous' backstory and how he met Eggman.


DLC Characters
Name Description Ability Type
Rosebud Wood Rosebud is a cheerful teenager, so what’s not to love? She frequently makes jokes and references to previous Sonic games. She is a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and enjoys his company. Speed
Platinum Foehn Platinum is a shy teenaged boy, and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, he is a kind person, and is ready to fight for his friends. Flight


  • This marks as Sid's first appearance in the series, as well as Sally Acorns' first playable appearance in a Sonic game.
  • Since Sonic Runners, this game has the most playable characters in the series.
  • This is the first main series title to have multiple playable characters and multiple stories since Sonic the Hedgehog(2006).
  • This is the first and only Sonic game to have a first person perspective, though only as an unlockable option.
  • This game has the most amount of language options of any game in the series, although this depends on your continent. Japan, however, is an exception. If you live in Japan, you only get two options: Japanese and English.
  • In Soleanna, Elise makes a cameo. {But I really don’t care because I don’t like Elise. And I know I’m not alone.}
  • I’ll Be There is the only song in the series to be bilingual. It’s also available in Japanese. The Japanese singer is unknown.
  • In the Japanese version, SONIC DRIVE (the Japanese theme for Sonic X) can be heard in the credits.
  • This is the last Sonic game released for the Wii, Original Xbox, and Nintendo 3DS
  • Out of all Sonic games, this is the one that breaks the 4th wall the most.
  • The game's tone and atmosphere has both lighthearted moments from most of the recent Sonic games and serious moments from the Adventure games, Shadow, and 06, though with none of the swearing.



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