Sonic Origins
Sonic Team, Sonic Art
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Playstation vita, 3DS
Action, 2D Platformer
Release date(s)
America: October 15th, 2012

Japan: August 10th, 2012

Europe: September 21st, 2012

Australia: November 2nd, 2012
ESRB: E10 (Everyone Ten and up)

Sonic Origins is a made up cartoonish 2D platformering game thats a copy from Rayman Origins except it features two remastered classical zones like the green hill zone and angel island zone and three new zones like the stone desert zone, element zone and the sea village zone. This takes place back on planet Mobius


Sonic Origins was intended to be the next episodic downloadable game. The first game trailer shows that Sonic is being born by Queen Aleena on christmas island before Sonic 1, and Sally Acorn's narration seems to imply that this would be a squel between Sonic 1 and 2 with a two-player co-op campaign, and the game would tell the story of how Sonic and Tails would have gone from "animals" to heroes. The game's characters would have only been Sonic and Tails and it would have been the Sonic 5 series. But then the idea has changed into a squel after Sonic Generations. Now the characters are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and other characters except the Freedom fighters, Shadow, Rouge, and Blaze. The titular Origins refers instead to the game's revelations regaurding the origins of Sonic and several other characters, and also to the design philosophy of returning the series to its roots. The characters' sillier behaviour is not a sign of immaturity, but it is intended to give the game a more light-hearted feel and help it appeal to a wider audience.

Soon there will be drawings showing a demonstration of its early mechanics. One early drawing would appear to be a different heath system with two yellow (red when hit) bubbles that indicate the players health.

A world composed entirely of fungi was planned for inclusion but scrapped during development.


  1. Green Hill Zone: a Zone that is first explored in Sonic 1, now remastered to look as a jungle-like area. You'll encounter Badniks and dark spawns. You'll also find Sally Acorn trapped in a dark spawn's mouth and you must rescue her. Afterwards, you get the attack abillity. At the end of the zone, you fly a normal bee to the next zone, you'll then that last encounter the Guardian of the stone desert zone.
  2. The Stone Desert Zone: simillar to the Sandopolis Zone, except you encounter birds and dark spawns and rescue Bunnie Rabbot. Afterwards, you get the homing attack abillity. There are also trampolines and wind holes that you can go through. At the end you fly a bee again and go to the next zone.
  3. Element Zone: the top of the land is simillar to the Ice Cap Zone, you'll encounter penguins and spiky fruit. At the bottom of the land, there is a volcanic area simillar to the Lava Reef Zone. You'll encounter baby dragons. You'll find special Chaos that can give you the power to change size. At the end, you'll fly towards the Sea Village Zone then fighting the Guardian of the Sea village.
  4. Sea Village Zone: a village on the ocean. You'll encounter Badniks and piranhas. You'll also find and more Chaos, afterwards, they'll give you the power to run on water. After that, you fly a bee to the Angel island.
  5. Angle Island Zone: a Floating island thats usually on the ocean, now its near the mountains. First you'll start on the land mountains under Angel island. You'll encounter badniks, and dark spawns. Eventually, you'll find Tikal the Echidna and after you rescue her, see gives you the power to run on straight walls. Then, you'll find a tribe of Echidnas and they'll lead you to a stargate that can take you to Angel island. On Angel island, you'll encounter dark spawns and stone men. eventually you'll battle the Golem monster. after that, you'll see another stargate on the top of Angel Island's main mountain that leads you to the Goliad Skies Zone, but Tikal tells you that you need to free the Four Kings from their darkness corruption, and use the power of the four king to activate the stargate.
  6. Emerald Hill Zone: An area first explored in Sonic 2, you'll encounter Badniks, and dark spawns. Later on, you'll battle the Bear king's nightmare corruption. You'll need to punch three bumps, then finally he turns back into his normal self and thanks Sonic (or others).
  7. Gritto`es Zone: Stones and cactuses everywhere, you'll encounter Birds, swarms of vicious bats, and dark spawns. Later on, you'll fight the nightmare Bird king. Puch two bumps while hovering in the air. After that, he turns back to normal and thanks Sonic (or others).
  8. Refreshment Zone: A iceberge lake entirely made of juice, you'll encounter penguins, dragon-flies, and baby dragons. As soon as you get to a boss level, you get eaten by a giant dragon chef and battle the dragon within its belly. You'll need to hit three bumps, then you need to outrun its fiery heartburn. After that you get out of it's belly and the dragon changes back too normal and thanks Sonic (or others).
  9. Tiki Tees Zone: A network of tiki statues on the ocean. You'll encounter badniks, piranhas, and blow-fish. At the end, you'll fight the fish king that is corrupted by his nightmare, you'll need to hit two bumps and hit one bump as fast as you can. After that, he turns back to normal and thanks Sonic (or others).
  10. Goliad Skies Zone: You freed the four kings from their nightmares, now you have the power to activate the stargate and head to this zone. You'll need to fly a bee and go through storm clouds, missles, and flies on mini cannons. Then you'll need to explore the steampunk machines, you'll encounter robots that can never be defeated, robot flies, and hazards such as, spining blades, lasers, and storm clouds. after all that, you'll find Magician the fox, turns out he's evil and he did the ulimate trick on Sonic that he collected all those rings (even from the past games) so that the Magician can power his machines. Sonic fell from a trap door and fights robot recreations of the bear king's, and bird king's nightmares. After that, he and the Magician start dancing to the disco, then the Magician runs away and Sonic chases him through falling objects and blades. Finally, you fly a bee and fight the Magician on a flying pirate ship and until you come across a giant sun-like glass ball. The pirate ship goes on collision course for the glass ball and breaks it. Suddenly, the whole city explodes and Sonic and friends manage to survive the explosion and land right back where they have started and start snoring again. That concludes the game.

Bonus: Vampire Zone: There are 7 chaos emeralds you need to collect to get to this zone. If you collect them all, then you get access. You'll encounter Vampires and dark spawn tentacles, then you outrun a swarm of dark bats, avoid spining blades, and fire. After that, you'll find Lillaby in a pool of dark lava. You'll need to hit a bump, punch all of her eyes off, hit another bump, and hit the big bump. After that, She turns back into a purple Hedgehog with voodoo colthing. That also concludes the game.


This is the first game where sonic and his friends actually punch if they're standing, walking or runing. You spin dash when you sprint.

Dr. Eggman does not appear in this game, he is replaced by Magician the Hedgehog. It might be because Eggman is still being trapped in the white limbo.


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