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Ever wonder how the Seven Chaos Emeralds were made?(Its a stormy night and a dark figure is seen)Some say they were made by the echidnas.(In the woods seven shadows are seen running to the same location)But only a few back then knows the truth of their birth.(The seven figures fought the dark figure with all they can)The truth is that seven warriors gave up their lives to stop a great evil.(Six of the warriors are tired out while the evil figure and a man with wings fights on)By using their last of their powers,(The wing man combine his powers with the others)they seal the great evil,at the cost of being seal in seven emeralds themselves.(They all turned into emeralds)But their bloodline lives on in their desendents',to use these emeralds and free the souls of the great warriors,to once again saved the world.(Eight young figures stand ready for the adventure)And this is how our story begins...

Part 1

It was a normal day in Station Square,a day that seems to never turn awful,but none know what is happening on Sonic home.Stange weather was hitting the land,thunderstorms,all you could think happened and two evil people watch as this happens.

???:Such great weather today.

???:Yes,you think we should share this with the other world?

???:Yes we should.(He opens a rift)

???:(Pulls the weather into the rift)This should bring out the others from that world.

Back in Chris World,a blode haired girl and a light blue haired boy run through the rain that just hit and arrived at school

???:Sparkle,you alright?

Sparkle:I'm fine Elie,could you get this water off me please?

Elie:(Smiles)Sure thing.(Takes his hand and the water goes to him,and makes a bubble)All dry now.

Sparkle:(Smiles)Thanks Elie,looks like that storm knocked the power out.

Elie:I could use your light,Spark.I need to get to my locker.

Sparkle:Alright.(Makes a ball of light appear from her hands)Make it quick.

Elie:Right,don't want anyone to see us.(Grabs what's in his locker)Let's go.

Elie and Sparkle make thier way to the class room unknown that two others saw them.

???:We finally found them

???:The Chaos Compass never lies.Let's get to know them 1st before scaring them.(Smiles)

???:(Crosses arms)Fine.

In the classroom,the students wait to hear what the teacher has to say

Teacher:Morning class.


Teacher:Today we have two new students to join our class.(Looks at the door)You may come in now.

Enters a red haired girl and purple haired boy and the stand in front of the class.

Teacher:Please introduce yourself.

Red haired girl:(Crosses arms)I'm Blair Hotshot.

Purple haired boy:(Bows)And I'm Rock Stonewall.

Teacher:Thses two just moved here.So I need you all to help them.


Teacher:Alright.Miss Hotshot you set next to Miss Thorndyke.

Blair:Fine.(Goes to her seat)

Teacher:And Mr Stonewall you sit next to Mr Bluemoon.

Rock:Alright.(Goes to his seat)

(Later at lunch)

Blair:So you two can do something as well?


Elie:What do you mean?

Rock:Blair,don't confused them.

Blair:Alright you ask them.

Sparkle:What are you talking about?

Rock:What we mean is,do you two have powers,like me and Blair?

Elie:What powers?We don't know anyone with powers.

Blair:Like this.(Fire appears in her hands)


Rock:And this.(A rock flies in his hand)


Blair:So show us what you can do.

Sparkle:Okay.(Puts her hands together and she makes a orb of light)

Rock:Good.Now you Elie

Elie:Alright.(Waves his hand and water flies to his hand)

Blair:Good,now come with us.

Sparkle:Wait,go where.

Rock:Blair it's too soon,let's wait for the right moment.


(Then suddenly,the sky turned dark and the winds pick up)

Rock:It's starting.

(Then plants started to wither)

Blair:So are the plants.

(Then snow started to fall)


Elie:What's going on?

Blair:It's Sonic's world.This weather is hitting this world now.

Rock:We need to go there and find the rest of our team,grab what you can and meet back here.

(At Sparkle's home)

Sparkle:I'm not sure what's going on,but something tell's me otherwise.

Chris:Sparkle,where are you going?

Helen:The weather is awful outside.

Sparkle:I'm going on a trip somewhere.I love you guys.(Hugs them)

Chris:Take care sweetie.

Helen:And be careful.

Sparkle:I will.(Leaves the house)

(At the meeting place)

Rock:Good we're all here.

Elie:How do we go to Sonic's world?

Blair:By using this.(Pulls out a broad with symbols on it)

Sparkle:What is that?

Rock:Its called a Choas Compass.This is what helped us find you.And it can also send us to Sonic's world.


Blair:Let's go then.(Press the symbols in a order,making them shoot out beams of light and shallowing the kids,sending them to their next destnation)

Part 2

(Once in Sonic's world,the kids land in a clearing in the forest)

Sparkle:Wow.We're in Sonic's world for real.

Elie:This is way past cool.

Rock:Welcome friends to Sonic's home.

Sparkle:What do we do here?

Blair:The compass shows that the rest of our team is out there.

Elie:So we have to find them?

Rock and Blair:Correct.

Rock:Let's go to the forest.(Leads the way)

Blair,Elie and Sparkle:(Follow him)

(Meanwhile Sonic was running like always till he saw light in the sky)

Sonic:Whoa!Where did that come from!

Tails:Sonic!(Flies down to him)Did you see it?

Sonic:Sure did.We better go see it.

(They rush off to see the source of the light,back with the kids)

Sparkle:So what does the compass say?

Rock:It says we go forward.

Elie:Then I guesss that way.

Blair:Let's go then.

(Meanwhile,a nightopian,seedrian,lion and bird was traveling in the woods)

???:I saw the light over there.Come on.

???:I hope its safe.

??:I won't let anyone touch my princess.

???:That's really sweet.(Smiles)

(The four go to the light,meanwhile,Dr.Eggman also saw the light)

Dr.Eggman:Ah.There's the light that my two friends told me about.I better send my robots to get the goods.(Presses a button and a troop of robots march to the kids location,switch back to heroes)

Rock:We might want to be careful guys.

Sparkle:What do you mean?

Blair:He means that somethings coming in different paths.


(Soon,they meet the other 4)

???:And we just found them.


???:At least we got to them 1st.

???:Yeah.Before anyone else saw them.

(Soon the troop of robots surround them)

Blair:Great.A bunch of tin cans.

Rock:I bet they belong to Eggman.

Sparkle:What do they want?

Robot leader:Capture kids.

Elie:I think us.

(Then the robots start attacking them,and the kids tryed their best to avoid the hits,but are slowly getting tired)

Blair:(Pants)We can't keep this up.

Elie:Even with our element powers,they still attack us.

Rock:JUst a bit more.

Sparkle:I hope more help comes.

(Then soon,a blue blur shoots by and makes fast work of the robots)

Sparkle:Is that who I think it is?

Rock:We'll soon see.

(Soon after,the blur stop in front of them,showing to be Sonic)

Sonic:You kids alright?

Blair:We're alright.

Elie:Thanks for the help.

???:(Flies)Nice to meet you all.I'm Juliet,a dream jester,and these are my friends.Lukio.

Lukio:(Bows)Pleasure to meet you.^^


Lune:Its great to meet you.

Juliet:And Sora the Doven

Sora:(Puts his hands behind his head and smiles)Great to meet you.

Rock:Good to meet you.I'm Rock Stonewall.

Blair:I'm Blair Hotshot.

Elie:Elie Bluemoon

Sparkle:And my name's Sparkle Throndyke.

Sonic:Throndyke?You mean your his kid?

Sparkle:Sort of,not by birth though.More like foster parent.

Tails:Why are you all gathered together?

Juliet:We were summoned by someone.She sound like she knows what's going on with this weather we been having.

Elie:Where is she?

Rock:My compass tells me we have to go deeper into the woods till we find a passage.

Sonic:We'll tag along and see if we can help.

Lukio:Thanks you two.^^

Blair:Lead the way Rock.


(The group follows Rock)

Part 3

(As they went deeper in the woods,they saw a castle in the distnce)

Sparkle:Think that's where she is?

Lune:We can't be sure till we get in there somehow

Juliet:True there.But we don't see a passage yet

Lukio:Let me try my Plant Sight.

Elie:Plant Sight? What's that?

Lune:Its a skill that allows Lukio to see what's around her by using plants as her eyes.

Lukio: (Goes near a small flower, closed her eyes and uses Plant Sight)

(From the flower, many things can be seen in Lukio's mind, from rivers, mountains and woods. She soon saw a cave covered by a large rock on a mountain side, the sight then goes back to Lukio as she opened her eyes)

Lukio:There's a sealed cave on the mountains side a few steps by here.

Rock: (Whistles)Impressive Lukio.

Lukio:Thank you^^

Blair:Then let's get going.

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