In Sonic Nexus Riders, players can purchase or unlock several different kinds of Extreme Gear. This is the list of Extreme Gear available in the game.

List of Extreme Gear

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting Extreme Gear:

  • Leonidas and Nexian Soldier do not use Extreme Gear.
  • Most Extreme Gear can use Gear Parts, though there are some that cannot.
    • Board-type Extreme Gear can use up to three Gear Parts, while the rest only use two.
      • Ability-type Gear Parts are a must for all Board-type Extreme Gear that can use Gear Parts, however.
    • Special-type Gear Parts do not take up any slots and can be equipped on any Extreme Gear that can use Gear Parts.
  • Dr. Eggman and Vector are strictly Bike-type riders.
  • Metal Sonic and E-10000G are strictly Board-type and Air Ride-type riders.
  • Ulala and Jacky Bryant are strictly Board-type and Skate-type riders.
  • When Sonic enters a race with the Chaos Emeralds, he starts off with 50 Rings and must collect more to maintain his super form.
    • Speaking of Rings, The Crazy consumes them instead of Air as well.


Gear Name Description How to Obtain Dash Limit Power Curve
Blue Star This particular Gear was custom-made by Tails with specs that serve to make use of much of his capabilities as well as a sleek design to reflect his personality. Default 4 5 3 4
Yellow Tail Personally customized by Tails himself, this Gear may lack in power, but it does indeed emphasize on what the fox can do with its specs and flight-oriented design. Default 5 4 3 4
Red Rock Knuckles' personal Gear, with its sturdy build and bulky appearance, very much reflects his own incredible strength and rough style of racing. Default 4 4 5 3
Pink Rose A specially-customized Accelovice model tuned specifically for Amy, this Gear is sure to outdo any other standard off-the-shelf model. Default 4 5 3 4
Type-J As Jet’s personal Gear, redesigned once again by Wave, it possesses a rather quirky tuning job that only he can take full control of and master. Default 4 5 4 3
Type-S This incredibly broad ride was custom-made by Wave to support Storm’s incredible bulk and power by pushing its hover lift output to its absolute maximum. Default 3 4 6 3
Type-W A Gear befitting Wave’s high standards in Extreme Gear, this model perfectly reflects her genius in its compact build and high performance. Default 5 4 3 4
Smile This model by Accelovice may have a kid-friendly design, but it can match the power of most other Extreme Gear around. Unlock Cream 5 4 3 4
Temptation This women’s Extreme Gear was custom-ordered by Rouge with a heart emblem around its body to match her style. Unlock Rouge 5 3 4 4
Black Shot Shadow took this speed-oriented model made by Accelovice and personally customized it for maximum velocity. Unlock Shadow 4 5 5 2
Metal Star Installed with several racing algorithms of several other racers obtained by Dr. Eggman, this Gear serves as a vehicular extension for Metal Sonic alone. Unlock Metal Sonic 4 5 4 3
Wild Stinger A kid's model Gear much like Cream's, but its specs are more in line with Charmy's hyperactive and daredevil-ish personality. Unlock Charmy 5 5 3 3
Psychic Wave Very little is known about how this particular Gear was crafted. Maybe Silver simply brought it with him from the future... Unlock Silver 5 4 4 3
Flame Lance Blaze's custom Gear may be of unknown origin, but it's royal-esque design and performance combines class and power befitting the princess of the Sol Dimension. Unlock Blaze 4 5 4 3
E-Gear This mass-produced model was developed as a traversal-enhancement option for the E-10000 series, and it very much reflects Eggman’s tastes. Unlock E-10000G 3 3 6 4
Rhythm Machine Amigo's personal Gear, it rides with festive rhythm of a samba festival by sounding out the beat of a maraca as it flies along. Unlock Amigo 4 5 3 4
Channel5 This nifty-looking Gear is a Space Channel 5 exclusive and is most often used by the station's reporters, such as Ulala. Unlock Ulala 4 6 3 3
Night Sky Night's personal Gear is said to be made of dreams given form and would disappear if people stopped dreaming. Let's hope that doesn't happen... Unlock NiGHTS 5 4 3 4
White Comet Forged by the Star Goddess, Oruto, this otherworldly Gear allows Ristar to blaze through the competition like a fiery comet. Unlock Ristar 5 4 4 3
BANANA This banana-shaped Gear was found somewhere in Jungle Island. No one knows who made it or how it got there, but it's AiAi's personal Gear now. Unlock AiAi 3 5 5 3
Power Egg This ancestral Gear of Morning Land was awoken by the crow of a rooster and is now under the command of Billy Hatcher. Unlock Billy 4 3 6 3
Hyperdrive This Gear yields a powerful Charged Boost due to the safety limiter on its booster being removed, but this effectively makes it harder to control. Purchase for 300 Rings 4 6 2 2
Powerful Gear This Board-type Gear can easily take on any terrain with its incredible bulk, but it sacrifices a lot of acceleration in return. Purchase for 500 Rings 2 4 6 3
Turbo Star A Gear with an astounding rate of acceleration thats perfect for recovering from bumps or scrapes, but is rather frail and has a less than impressive max speed. Purchase for 750 Rings 6 4 2 4
Shooting Star This Gear can curve through turns like a comet in the sky, though it heavily lacks in durability and doesn't have quite an impressive speed. Purchase for 500 Rings 3 4 2 6
Fastest This Gear possesses the absolute highest top speed, but it pretty much sacrifices everything else in return. Purchase for 900 Rings 2 7 2 2
Legend A Gear once ridden by a legendary master in the art of stunts, it enhances any riders' own skills in performing tricks at the cost of being unable to replenish its Air Tank from doing so. Purchase for 500 Rings 2 3 2 2
Beginner This Gear was installed with a safety device that makes it a dependable ride for beginning Extreme Gear racers with its modest stats. However, the device restricts the use of Gear Parts as well. Complete the Tutorial 5 3 3 4
Light Board This Gear's weight is exceptionally light, allowing whoever rides it to perform most actions on a dime. However, the lightweight of the Gear also makes it easy to damage. Purchase for 800 Rings 5 4 2 3
Slide Booster This Gear possesses an enhanced Slide Boost output, making it highly idealy for courses with several tight turns placed around it. Purchase for 800 Rings 2 3 2 3
Blue Star II  An incredibly powerful Extreme Gear with a high emphasis on speed, it was once Sonic's to command alone. Unfortunately, for its impressive performance, it cannot use Gear Parts at all. Complete all Heroes Missions 5 6 3 3
Magic Carpet Said to be the very first Extreme Gear ever crafted, this Extreme Gear was once hidden away by its creators until the aftermath of the first EX World Grand Prix. Naturally, this means Gear Parts cannot be equipped. Complete all Babylon Missions 4 5 3 4
Chaos Emeralds Seven mystical gems said to hold unlimited power, they shine withinn Sonic's grasp. As they aren't exactly Extreme Gear per se, Gear Parts cannot be used. Complete All 7 Emerald Mode Stages 6 6 6 4
Dragonfire Whenever one fires off a Charged Boost with this Gear, they become enveloped in a fiery aura that damages their rivals upon contact. Purchase for 750 Rings 4 5 5 3
Gambler A Gear designed for the Ring-hungry rider. Win a race on this thing and... heh, like we would tell you.  Purchase for 300 Rings 3 4 3 3
The Crazy The soul belonging to an infamous cabbie inhabits this Gear. Unlike several others, this Gear does not run on Air, but on Rings. This presents a problem... Purchase for 1,200 Rings 6 4 2 3
Throttle A Gear that utilizes randomized specs with its special Gear Part, anything can happen with this ride. You best pray lady luck is on your side, especially since other Gear Parts cannot be equipped. Purchase for 800 Rings 5 3 4 3
Steel Watch out! This wicked Gear's spikes allow its rider to steal Rings from any rivals it bumps into, making it perfect for those who like to annoy Ring collectors.  Purchase for 450 Rings 5 3 4 4
Explosion This Gear's booster was tampered to fire off small explosions behind it upon using a Charged Boost, dealing a small amount of damage to itself in the process. Purchase for 400 Rings 6 3 4 2
Potential This strange Gear possesses the ability to draw out the rider's dormant abilities. However, it builds its Air Tank fairly slowly. Purchase for 400 Rings 5 6 5 4
Professional This Extreme Gear provides the ultimate test for all riders with its all-manual specs. Do you have what it takes to master this ride? Complete all Missions 4 4 4 3
Omnitempus A balanced and all-powerful Gear that allows its riders to make use of all basic skills. In exchange, this Gear cannot use other Gear Parts at all. Purchase for 2,000 Rings 4 5 4 3


Gear Name Description How to Obtain Dash Limit Power Curve
Eclipse This Skate-type Gear was customized by Espio with achieving top speed at a quick rate at the cost of power in mind. Unlock Espio 5 5 2 4
Lightning This Gear perfectly compliments Jacky's capabilities as both a quick fighter and a skilled racer. Unlock Jacky 4 5 4 3
Advantage-S A Gear that enhances the abilities of the Speed type by increasing its maximum top speed. Purchase for 500 Rings 3 7 2 2
Cover-S This Gear balances out the Speed type's weaknesses with better acceleration and power. Purchase for 250 Rings 4 3 5 3
Rail Linker This amazing auto-grinding Gear allows any rider to conquer the rails even in their sleep. Purchase for 700 Rings 5 3 4 2
Shinobi A Gear once ridden by a legendary ninja, it allows its riders to ride alongside the walls with ease. Purchase for 700 Rings 4 5 3 4
Master Wind-Surf This Gear lives on the turbulence left by its rider's rivals, as it replenishes its Air Tank the entire time they ride on it. Purchase for 900 Rings 3 6 2 2
Wanted This Gear is prefect for any thrill-seekers out there! Try to score a huge amount of Rings by crossing the finish line without sustaining any damage. Purchase for 600 Rings 4 6 4 3

Air Ride

Gear Name Description How to Obtain Dash Limit Power Curve
Sapphire Moon This Air Ride-type Gear possesses specs that only Vyse knows how to work around. Its design seems to resemble the ships seen in Arcadia. Unlock Vyse 5 4 4 3
Airship Since the Air Ride-type of Gear is rather gimmicky, Accelovice produced this model for riders who wish to learn how to use them. With its fairly modest specs, it should be possible. Purchase for 150 Rings 4 3 3 4
Advantage-F This Gear greatly improves upon the capabilities of the Flight type with heavily increased acceleration. Purchase for 500 Rings 7 2 2 3
Cover-F This Gear offsets the weaker aspects of the Flight type with enhanced top speed and power. Purchase for 250 Rings 3 4 5 4
Kunoichi A Gear formerly used by a famed ninja, much like Shinobi, but taking the form of an Air Ride-type Gear. Perhaps it was used for aerial reconnaissance. Purchase for 700 Rings 4 4 2 5
Wind Catcher This Gear's wide, elegant wings allow it to accumulate a large amount of Air into its large Air Tank at once. Purchase for 600 Rings 5 4 3 3
Bingo Star A well-balanced ride that allows the rider to score a bunch of Rings upon receiving the same Trick Action rank three times in a row. Talk about scoring with style! Purchase for 750 Rings 4 4 3 4
Angel • Devil Who will win the day? The radiant angel or the dark devil? One flip of the coin could determine the fates of those who dare take it out for a spin... Not even other Gear Parts can save them. Purchase for 1,000 Rings 6 4 3 4


Gear Name Description How to Obtain Dash Limit Power Curve
E-Rider This Bike-type Gear was made by Dr. Eggman himself, and every single aspect of its design perfectly reflects his unique tastes and preferences. Unlock Dr. Eggman 3 5 6 2
Hard-Boiled Vector's Gear was once a touring model made by Accelovice, but it has been rebuilt for use in Extreme Gear racing competitions. Unlock Vector 3 4 6 3
Sukopako EX Alex took this Bike-type Gear model and personally customized it to resemble his signature motorcycle. Unlock Alex Kidd 3 5 5 3
Advantage-P This Gear capitalizes on the abilities of the Power type with insane durability. Purchase for 500 Rings 2 3 7 3
Cover-P This Gear circumvents the Power type's weaknesses with improved acceleration and max speed. Purchase for 250 Rings 4 5 3 3
Air Tank A Bike-type Gear with a large Air Tank, it can easily stockpile a lot of Air with much ease. Purchase for 500 Rings 3 2 2 2
Reserve Tank Just as its name implies, this Gear comes equipped with three back-mounted spare Air Tanks to keep you going. However, it can't replenish Air on its main tank throughout the race. Purchase for 250 Rings 4 5 5 4
Master Off-Road This Gear can take on even the roughest of roads! It even thrives on them, as it gradually refills its Air Tank upon treading on them. Purchase for 900 Rings 3 2 6 2
Fortress Crafted with a special alloy, this Gear is pretty much a mobile fortress that is invulnerable to almost anything. It would take a nuke to destroy it... Of course, it cannot use Gear Parts at all. Purchase for 750 Rings 5 2 6 3
Money Crisis A Gear cursed by the ghost of a great thief, it lives on Rings in order to build its speed. The fact that it cannot use Gear Parts only serves to make this a really tricky ride to use. Purchase for 800 Rings 2 2 5 4
Hang-On This collector's Gear is said to be inhabited by the soul of a legendary bike... Purchase for 1,750 Rings 4 6 5 4
Super Hang-On This collector's Gear has been rumored to house the soul of great and legendary game machine... Purchase for 2,500 Rings 5 7 4 3
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