List of Items

Support Items

Support Items help the rider out, whether by increasing Ring count, refueling the Air Gauge, giving a small boost of speed, etc. It should be noted that the Energy Shield and Invincibility are manually activated.

Items Effect(s)
Ring Boost Gives the rider Rings varying from 5, 10, 30, or 50.
Air Boost Refuels the Air Gauge varying from 20, 40, 50, or 100.
GP Boost Only obtainable while playing as Leonidas or Nexian Soldier. Refuels the GP Gauge varying from 20, 40, 50, or 100.
High Speed Gives the rider a small burst of speed.
Energy Shield Blocks off any item that may harm the target.
Invincibility Leaves the rider temporarily invulnerable, and also damages any riders that happen to be in its way.

Trap Items

Trap Items hinder the rider that picks them up, whether by slowing them down, distorting their vision, etc.

Items Effect(s)
Heavy Chain Slows the rider's gear down up for 7 seconds with a chained ball.
Parts Lock Locks all active Gear Parts for 5 seconds.
Colorball Obscures the rider’s vision for 5 seconds.
Jolt Stun A jolt of lightning stuns the rider’s gear for 3 seconds.
Gear Glitch It causes the rider’s gear to glitch and go in directions the rider doesn’t intend to go for 7 seconds.

Power Items

Power Items are offensive items used to disrupt any rival it targets. It should be noted that not only are they fairly rare to come across (with the Ultrasonic Explosion and All-Out Attack being the rarest) and most of them can also be blocked out by the Super Barrier as the cost of their power.

Items Effects
Target Torpedo A missile that homes in on whoever is one place ahead of the item's user.
Bowling Strike A giant ball that is thrown around the track and strikes anyone in its way for a few seconds.
Bolt Arrow A three-shot bolt of lightning that can be fired separately or all at once. Getting hit by one bolt will slow the rider down while being hit by two or three will cause the Gear to malfunction and stop in place for a moment.
Soda Rocket Lets the rider burst through the course at high speeds. It also damages any rider that it runs over.
Ultrasonic Explosion A missile resembling Sonic’s head is thrown and chases after whoever is in first place. It also knocks down any other rider that happens to be in its path.
All-Out Attack A special power-up where the rider lucky enough to pick it up is able to attack rivals with their signature move for a set amount of time. In addition, they have temporary access to special shortcuts, such as Springs, while active and is the only Power Item that cannot be blocked by the Super Barrier.
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