In Sonic Nexus Riders, most Extreme Gear can be manually customized with any of the following Gear Parts to help them out in the race. However, some Extreme Gear in the game cannot use Gear Parts at all, usually due to overspecialized functions.

List of Gear Parts


Only equippable on most Board-type Extreme Gear, the Ability-type Gear Parts grant the Extreme Gear in use the ability to access grind rails, accelerators, or pathways blocked by barricades depending on the Gear Part used.

Gear Part Description
Grind Enables the Gear in use to grind on rails.
Air Ride Enables the Gear in use to fly through accelerators.
Power Enables the Gear in use to break through barricades.


Enhance-type Gear Parts improves on a certain aspect of the selected Gear's performance capabilities. Though active throughout the whole race, they are not directly affected by the game's Level Up mechanic.

Gear Part Description
Dash UP Increases the Gear's base acceleration and boost duration.
Limit UP Increases the Gear's base max speed.
Power UP Increases the Gear's base off-road maneuvarability and resistance to damage.
Curve UP Increases the Gear's cornering ability.
Big Air Increases jump height when doing a Trick.
Ring Cap UP Increases maximum Ring cap by 50.
Trick Rank UP Increases the Rank of the player's Tricks by one.
Trick Boost Yields an extra burst of speed after landing a Trick.
High C. Boost Increases the Gear's max speed when using a Charged Boost.
High Turbulence Increases the Gear's max speed when riding on a rival's turbulence.
High S. Boost Increases the distance and speed of an Slide Boost.
Extra Air Increases the Gear's base Air Gauge by 30%.
Air Plus Increases the amount of Air gained by performing tricks by 20%.
Air Reserve Decreases the Gear's Air consumption by 25%.
All Stats UP Improves all stats of the Gear in use.


Most Special-type Gear Parts are a different kind of Gear Part that are not active immediately and need to be activated manually. Even then, they only stay active for so long before deactivating and going through a fairly long cooldown time.

Gear Part Description
Phantom Turns the rider and the Gear in use invisible for 15 seconds, rendering them unable to get hit but also unable to attack rivals or use offensive items.
Thunder Shield When activated, the Gear emits an electric barrier that attracts all nearby Rings for 10 seconds.
Flame Shield When activated, the Gear emits a flaming barrier that deals damage when bumping into a rival for 10 seconds.
Unlimited Air Grants an unlimited supply of Air for 20 seconds.
Item Lock: Rings Item Boxes carrying Support Items always yield Ring Boosts for 10 seconds.
Item Lock: Air Item Boxes carrying Support Items always yield Air Boosts for 10 seconds.
Speed Trap Temporarily slows down all nearby rivals.
Lock Trap Temporarily hits deactivates Gear Parts of all nearby rivals.
Vision Trap Temporarily obscures the vision of all nearby rivals.
Stun Trap Temporarily forces the Gear of all nearby rivals to grind to a halt.
Angel/Devil Exclusive to Angel • Devil. Changes the Gear into an Angel mode or a Devil mode.
Throttle Exclusive to Throttle. When activated, it can randomly select any one of the available Enhance-type Gear Parts. Can be activated only after a Level Up.
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