Cquote1 I admire your persistence, however foolish it may be... but it is futile. We have arrived. Cquote2
The Great Nexus

The Final Story of Sonic Nexus Riders revolves around the concluding events after both of the first two stories. All members of both Team Heroes and Team Babylon are playable in this story.


Continuing from where the Babylon Story left off, Sonic the Hedgehog repeatedly questions Jet the Hawk about why the Nexus Legion really caused the recent chaos, but the hawk is reluctant to tell him. Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross then confront him, saying it's time to let them know the truth; as it turns out, the ancient Babylonians actually came across the Great Nexus and the Nexians on their home planet while on an expedition and began conducting experiments on them, which eventually led to the creation of the five Arks of the Cosmos. However, the Nexians grew to resent the Babylonians for their experiments and decided to fight them for freedom from their control.

After many years, the war ended in a steep stalemate, and the Babylonians had no choice but to flee. Thinking they had won, the Nexus Legion celebrated their newfound freedom from the Babylonians, who eventually lost control of the Arks and had to send them away, leading to the the events that took place after the first EX World Grand Prix thousands of years later.

During their short time of prosperity, the Nexians found them, but were ultimately defeated and finally sealed underground at the cost of Babylon Garden being sealed in the process. Now, they've risen again, intending to annihilate every single Babylonian left in existence.

The four heroes are greatly shocked at this revelation and Sonic then angrily glares at the Great Nexus, saying that it's finally time for him to pay for all the destruction he's caused - both to the Babylonians and to Mobius, earning him a grim look from the Nexian ruler, who remarks, "You would side with those who have provoked our fury in the first place?"

Sonic, tranquil fury evident on his face, merely replies, "Like that matters anymore! I don't care if it's some 'poetic justice', I won't let anyone do as they as they please if it means putting the world at risk!" before Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose then proceed to share their blue-furred friend's sentiments.

The cloaked being laughs and taunts, "Then feel free to try and stop me, foolish Earthlings, but you shall all die trying," as he enters the Astral Babylon and ignites its thrusters for take off.

The seven barely manage to get inside the spacecraft, intending to take him down once and for all. However, they find that it won't be easy, as the place is loaded with Nexian Soldiers and is pretty much a maze, making it hard to safely navigate...

Stage Astral Babylon
Mission Navigate through the Babylonian starship! (Reach the Goal before 4'50"00!)

As Sonic and co. manage to reach the door to make their way to Astral Babylon's central command center, Knuckles and Storm easily smash the doors away, granting them entrance. As they enter, the Great Nexus laughs at their efforts, boasting that it was all for naught, for the spacecraft has finally reached his home: Planet Nexus.

At that moment, the Great Nexus warps away to bring the rest of the Legion to Mobius, intending to see through his purpose, starting with the seven of them. The group gives chase and race off towards him before it's too late!

Stage Planet Nexus
Mission Chase after the Great Nexus! (Win in 1st Place!)

The group finally finds the Great Nexus, who appears to have grown more powerful - indicated by having gained a bright, corporeal form. The seven figure that the Nexian leader had made use of the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds to make himself more powerful.

The Great Nexus, after confirming their suspicions, quickly proceeds to envelope them and himself within an endless void and quickly attacks the group, wishing to finish them off before he proceeds to destroy all Babylonians, their precious technology, and all involved with them.

Sonic and Jet sure aren't going to let that happen and they, along with the others, proceed to take him down for good!

Stage Dark Tranquility
Mission Put an end to the threat of the Nexus Legion once and for all! (Defeat the Great Nexus before 5'00"00!)

The seven continue whaling on the Great Nexus, and the Nexian leader seems to be getting close to defeat. As he decides to let out one last all-or-nothing desperation attack, Sonic rushes towards him at full speed and crashes right through him, destroying him for good and leaving the Emeralds intact. Without wasting any more time, the seven then use the Chaos Emeralds to bring themselves out of the void. With the Nexus Legion gone, the Heroes and Rogues transport themselves back to Mobius and - after a trip taking several hours - begin to say their goodbyes.

Storm and Knuckles give each other a fistbump, and the latter admits that "for a bunch of thieves, they aren't all that bad", earning him a humble chuckle and a rough pat on the back from the large albatross before continuing their conversation.

Wave finally admits to Tails that he's probably become as skilled of a mechanic as her when it comes to Extreme Gear. The fox, though thankful for the compliment, replies that it was only because of her that he even got this far, which does make the swallow feel a little better about herself, though she doesn't really show it.

As Sonic and Amy look on towards the now-setting sun, Jet approaches them and reluctantly offers a handshake to the blue hedgehog, who then takes it, fully indicating their utmost and undisputed respect for one another. The hawk then says, "You know I'm still gonna try and beat you in a race one of these days, Sonic the Hedgehog. Anytime, anywhere," before the hedgehog gives a cocky grin, replying, "I'm always game for a challenge any day of the week, Jet the Hawk. Just give me a heads up when you do."

The two groups then go one last ride across the desert before ultimately going their separate ways, knowing that the children of Babylon are finally free from the sins of their ancestors.

-End of Final Story-

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