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Out of the games in entire sub-series, Nexus Riders sports the largest roster of characters that players can select.

Playable Characters


Sonic the Hedgehog

The famous Blue Blur and the Fastest Thing Alive, Sonic’s Extreme Gear skills have greatly improved ever since the MeteorTech incident. In this adventure, the blue hedgehog and his friends must work together with the Babylon Rogues to resolve the issue surrounding the Nexus Legion.

  • Default Gear:
    • Blue Star - this particular Gear was custom-made by Sonic’s buddy, Tails, with specs that serve to make use of much of his capabilities as well as a sleek design to reflect his personality.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Spin Dash - Sonic curls into his signature ball form and rapidly speeds around the track, utterly wrecking anyone within his path.
    • Lightning Bolt - as Super Sonic, Sonic flies through the course at insane speeds, instantly rendering anyone in his way a complete mess upon impact.

Miles “Tails” Prower

Sonic’s two-tailed best bud with a heart of gold and an amazing IQ rivaling even Dr. Eggman, Tails has continued improving his work on Extreme Gear and it shows with his new redesigns for his team’s personal Gear. Along with Knuckles, he joins Sonic in their quest to stop the Nexus Legion’s plans.

  • Default Gear:
    • Yellow Tail - this Gear, personally customized by Tails himself, may lack in power, but it does indeed emphasize on what the fox can do with its specs and suspiciously plane-like design.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Electric Plug - while speeding forward on his Gear, Tails pulls out a massive electric plug that shocks any rivals that get too close with a massive surge of electricity.

Knuckles the Echidna

The guardian of the legendary Master Emerald and an old rival and friend of Sonic, Knuckles tags along with the rest of Team Heroes in an effort to put a stop to the Nexus Legion’s evil scheme. His prowess on Extreme Gear, though still fairly rough, has not diminished at all and he can still easily make a mincemeat out of the competition.

  • Default Gear:
    • Red Rock - this Gear, with its sturdy build and bulky look, very much reflects Knuckles’ incredible strength and rough style of racing.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Deep Impact - Knuckles travels at max speed on his Gear and unleashes a savage punch that causes a small explosion upon contact.

Amy Rose

A spunky and energetic pink hedgehog with a thing for the Blue Blur, Amy has proven herself to be able to keep up with the boys time and time again, both with her impressive hammering and Extreme Gear skills. If you want this guy's personal opinion, he doesn’t think the blue dude can keep running from her forever at this rate.

  • Default Gear:
    • Pink Rose - A specially-customized Accelovice model tuned specifically for Amy, this Gear is sure to outdo any other standard off-the-shelf model.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Piko Piko Hammer - Amy speeds through the course on her Gear and flattens any rival in her path with a single vertical hammer swing.

Jet the Hawk

The Legendary Wind Master and leader of the Babylon Rogues, Jet’s fate, as well as the fates of the rest of the present-day Babylonians, is on the line with the reawakening of the Nexus Legion, who are out to put an end to the Babylonian race by any means necessary. Will this legendary rogue put aside his pride and free his people from the sins of their ancestors?

  • Default Gear:
    • Type-J - Jet’s personal Gear, it possesses a very strange tuning and specs that only he can take full control of and master.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Bashosen - while tearing through the track at high speeds, Jet pulls out his Bashosen and unleashes a quick strike that spins any rival hit by it out in an instant.

Wave the Swallow

The Babylon Rogues’ mechanic, Wave is a total expert on all things relating to working with Extreme Gear, and she’s rather arrogant about it. However, she must be willing to put that aside for the greater good of the world and the fate of the Babylonians.

  • Default Gear:
    • Type-W - a Gear befitting Wave’s high standards in Extreme Gear, this model perfectly reflects her genius in its compact build and high performance.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Power Wrench - Wave pulls out a massive wrench and swings it with great force, utterly disorienting them for a few seconds.

Storm the Albatross

The muscle of the Rogues and Jet’s right-hand man, Storm loyally joins Jet in finding the truth of the connection between the Nexians and the Babylonians. He’s gonna need all the strength he can muster for this ordeal if he is to survive.

  • Default Gear:
    • Type-S - this incredibly broad ride was custom-made by Wave to support Storm’s incredible bulk and power by pushing its hover lift output to its absolute maximum.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Tornado Clap - as he flies through the track at incredible speeds, Storm entraps any rivals in his path within a tornado with a single clap with those hands of his.


Cream the Rabbit

A kind-hearted but somewhat naive young rabbit and a friend of Amy’s, Cream joins the race once more. Despite being a kid, she’s definitely not one to look down on. With the competition taking a significant level of intensity, however, Cream will need to stay on her toes.

  • Default Gear:
    • Smile - this kid’s model by Accelovice was modified to match the power of most other Extreme Gear.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Chao Attack - Cream beckons Cheese to her side and to attack anyone who gets too close.

Rouge the Bat

An intelligent and flirty treasure hunter and GUN spy, Rouge is not one to pass up a challenge, especially when it’s something as intense as Extreme Gear racing and getting her hands on the prize.

  • Default Gear:
    • Temptation - this women’s Extreme Gear was custom-ordered by Rouge with a heart emblem around its body to match her style.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Bat Cracker

Shadow the Hedgehog

The Ultimate Life Form and one of Sonic’s greatest rivals, Shadow has proven himself to be an extremely skilled and formidable Extreme Gear racer. With the competition taking a huge dose of intensity, this hedgehog won’t let anything stand in his way.

  • Default Gear:
    • Black Shot - Shadow took this speed-oriented model made by Accelovice and personally customized it for maximum velocity.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Chaos Control - Shadow creates a sphere of Chaos Energy and launches it at any rival foolish enough to stay close, knocking them back a good distance.

Leonidas the Voidwalker

A powerful Nexian and the primary antagonist of the game, Leonidas serves the will of the Great Nexus with little to no questions asked. Though he does not utilize Extreme Gear, Leonidas still proves himself to be formidable foe with his power to control gravity and light at will.

  • Default Gear:
    • N/A - Leonidas does not utilize Extreme Gear in the game.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Black Hole Sword - Leonidas sprouts a sword-like construct from his gauntlet and, upon closing in on a rival, unleashes a quick series of strikes that deals heavy damage.

Nexian Soldier

The Nexian Soldiers make up a large portion of the Nexus Legion, and are fairly formidable foes whether they operate solo or in groups. Like Leonidas, they possess the power to manipulate gravity and light as they please, but they also do not utilzie Extreme Gear in-game.

  • Default Gear:
    • N/A - The Nexian Soldiers do not utilize Extreme Gear in the game.
  • All-Out Attack:
    • Nova Blades - The Nexian Soldier creates sharp blades of light on each of its arms and, upon closing in on a rival, unleashes a swift strike that deals heavy damage.

Non-Playable Characters

The Nexus Legion

Serving as the primary antagonistic force of the game, the Nexus Legion consists of several humanoid aliens known as Nexians, who possess the power to control light and gravity. They appear to have a strong connection to the deeds of the ancient Babylonians, and are willing to do whatever it takes to eradicate what remains of their supposed mortal enemies...

The Great Nexus

An entity whose real name has long been lost to history, the being known only as the Great Nexus is the leader of the Nexus Legion and the true antagonist of the game. He is the mastermind of exacting the Nexus Legion's vengeance upon the Babylonians by wiping all those of Babylonian descent who remain off the face of the planet, even if it means killing the rest of the populace in the process.

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