Cquote1 Don't think I'm getting soft here! I'm only doing this 'cuz it's what Sonic the Hedgehog would do... besides, if I just let those Nexians do whatever they please, I won't be able to beat him now, will I? Cquote2
Jet the Hawk

The Babylon Story of Sonic Nexus Riders focuses on the events of the story from the perspective of the Babylon Rogues as they set out to find the truth of the connection between the Nexians and the Babylonians.


With the EX World Grand Prix on hold, the Babylon Rogues are in their ship trying to find out where the small monsters came from. Wave the Swallow manages to find out that the huge monster that emerged from the stadium was The Great Nexus, the ruler of an ancient civilzation known as the Nexus Legion, one of two sides of an ancient war from long ago.

Jet the Hawk, with his right-hand man, Storm the Albatross, by his side, understands this but questions who they were against. Wave reluctantly answers that Nexus Legion was fighting against... the ancient Babylonians. This leaves both Jet and Storm shocked, leaving the former to assume that the monster is out to get revenge on all Babylonians that are still around today. Hell, who's not to say they might go after all involved with them to.

As Storm questions as to how they're gonna do that, a horde of Nexians arrive and charge straight at Jet, but is blown back by a swing from the hawk's Bashōsen. Jet leaves the ship in auto-pilot and the three proceed to escape the Nexians' pursuit!

Stage Midnight Terror
Mission Flee from the Nexians' pursuit! (Reach the Goal before 04'50"00!)

Having escaped the Nexians for now, Wave is left without knowledge of how exactly they will execute their plan and has no choice but to search for answers in the mobile computer installed within her necklace. However, it is only then that Jet notices that the Key to Babylon Garden he's been keeping the whole time has gone missing, but can't afford to fret about it at the moment.

As they traverse the area, more Nexians show up. However, the Rogues easily knock them away. Knowing that they can't keep fighting them on their own, Jet decides to look for Sonic the Hedgehog and see if they've got anything else that might prove useful to put an end to this fiasco.

Wave and Storm are surprised that he's actually putting aside his rivalry with the blue hedgehog, prompting Jet to explain that he's only doing so out of respect for Sonic's ideals. In addition, if the world were to essentially end, Jet can't exactly challenge him anymore, what with everyone probably being dead and all.

Not wasting anymore time, Wave tries to track Sonic down and finds that he's actually nearby! With their mission put into motion, the Babylon Rogues' speed through the canyon!

Stage Eclipse Canyon
Mission Catch up with the Heroes! (Win 1st Place!)

The Rogues arrive at the outskirts of Future City and find that Sonic and co. have been surrounded by a swarm of Nexians. The Rogues then speed up and knock them all down with a Tornado, saving the four heroes.

Jet mockingly greets Sonic, feeling snarky as usual. The blue hedgehog, however, shrugs it off and asks what he's doing here. The Legendary Wind Master asks if he knows anything about the Nexus Legion, but Sonic answers that they only know of their plans. Jet groans, thinking to himself that the Sonic knows as little as he and his teammates do.

Suddenly, a humanoid figure in dark armor, introducing himself as Leonidas the Voidwalker, shows up out of nowhere and, impressed with the heroes lasting this long, reveals his plan to collect the Chaos Emeralds to bring the rest of the Legion to wreak havoc upon what remains of Babylon, prompting Jet to slowly come to a startling realization as to how exactly the Nexians will pull that off...

However, Leonidas announces his egress, forcing the Heroes and Rogues to chase him down!

Stage Highway Rampage
Mission Go after Leonidas! (Win 1st Place!)

While travelling along the outer ridges of a volcano, the Rogues traverse through the hot ground as they wonder where they are. However, the ground begins to shake and several rocks begin falling towards their general area.

Figuring that the volcano is about to erupt, the Rogues begin to find their way out before they find themselves scorched to the bone!

Stage Scorched Mount
Mission Escape the volcano! (Reach the Goal before 03'55"00!)

As the Rogues advance towards the Nexians inside the tomb, Jet mutters that Leonidas had the gall to send him and the others to a volcano to get incinerated, to which Storm agrees with a look of annoyance. At that moment, however, Wave is seen with a visible expression of shock on her face, as if she had seen a ghost. Jet asks what she just saw, and is given her mobile computer.

Jet and Storm examine the data Wave just found and are seen to be just as shocked. The hawk then asks Wave if whatever they saw was the truth before the latter, still shudderring, quickly nods. Storm, clearly not happy about it, smacks his fist onto his palm out of heavily-restrained anger, saying that they're gonna "pound those Nexian scum".

Jet nods, with an angry expression in his face and the Rogues move forward!

Stage Spectral Crypt
Mission Find the Nexus Legion headquarters! (Win 1st Place!)

The Rogues manage to catch up with the Heroes, only to find Sonic going after Leonidas on his own. As Jet tries to dash off after him, he is blocked off by a brigade of Nexian Soldiers. More begin to surround the six remaining riders, and they have no choice but to fight them all off.

It's high-time we put an end to this!!!

Stage Celestial Grid
Mission Fight off the Nexian Soldiers! (Reach the Goal before 3'20"00 in 1st Place!)

The six riders race off to find Sonic, who has already defeated Leonidas for good. However, as Sonic questions where the Great Nexus is, a field of gravity suddenly surrounds them and the leader of the Legion, appearing just as suddenly, takes the Chaos Emerald the former kept, knocking him back in the process.

The Great Nexus then calls all seven Chaos Emeralds to him and pulls out... the Key to Babylon Garden! This confirms Jet's suspicions of the Nexians have swiped the cube right under his nose during the attack on the airship and that they would use it to summon Astral Babylon in an attempt to reach their home planet.

Sonic then takes the opportunity to ask the Great Nexus why he's so obsessed with fulfilling his vengeance. The cloaked creature merely laughs, prompting Sonic to ask what's funny. The leader of the Legion coolly replies:

"I believe your wretched Babylonian companions can provide a suitable answer for you more than I ever could, blue hedgehog..."

This prompts Sonic to turn to Jet's direction, with the latter bearing a look of worry and fear...

-End of Babylon Story-

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