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This is an article about Sonic Nexus Riders, a fangame created by CrimsonFlame2K on 05/19/2013.
Sonic Nexus Riders
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Release Date(s)
CrimsonFlame Software
PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U
Sonic Riders series
Preceded by
E10+ for Everyone 10+
Cquote1.png The legend of Babylon ends here, one way or another. Cquote2.png

Sonic Nexus Riders, sometimes stylized as Sonic neXus Riders and abbreviated as SXR, is a high-octane racing game developed by CrimsonFlame Software and published by Sega. It is the fourth and final installment of the Sonic Riders spin-off series.

In this installment, it focuses on further on the origins of the ancient Babylonians and features a new group of antagonists known as the Nexus Legion, who turn out to have a deep connection with the Babylonians, and finally gives closure to the legend of Babylon.

It was released for PlayStation 3 and 4 on April 7, 2015 in Japan and May 4, 2015 in all other countries. Eventually, some time after its initial release, the game was announced to be released worldwide for the Xbox One and Wii U by Fall 2015.



Another EX Grand World Grand Prix was underway, and Sonic and Jet were among the top five riders of the event. The rivals were ready to race each other again. After some preparation, the race has begun! All was well when something suddenly makes its presence known and destroys the stadium by releasing a surge of destructive energy and unleashing a swarm of smaller creatures.

Some of the racers began to fight the small monsters off, including both Sonic and Jet. However, more appear and they had no choice but to flee the stadium as well. With the stadium in shambles, there was no choice but to put the EX World Grand Prix on hold.

Just what is this creature that has shown itself, and what does it have planned?

Heroes Story

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Heroes Story

Babylon Story

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Babylon Story

Final Story

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Final Story


Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Gameplay Elements

The gameplay is simply a carefully-crafted mix of the level design of Zero Gravity, the Air Slide, aesthetic, and fast-paced action of the original Riders, and a modified version of the Gear Part system of Free Riders. Aside from that, the core gameplay remains the same as previous installments.

However, some notable elements of the F-Zero games - primarily from F-Zero GX - and Speed Racer: The Videogame - the closest the Wii got to an F-Zero game - such as the Boost using a limited charges as well as a couple of Attack maneuvers, have also been implemented to make the action as intense as possible.

Mission Mode

Like in Zero Gravity, the game's Story Mode also holds an extra Mission Mode where the player can unlock extra content and obtain one of three different Mission Ranks upon completion.

Item Boxes

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Item Boxes

Item Boxes also appear around the tracks for riders to pick up. In the game, there are three types of Item Boxes: 

  • Support Items - Gives riders items that may provide them a much-needed boost.
  • Trap Items - Hinders the performance of any rider than happens to pick them up.
  • Power Items -  Grants riders consumable weapons that fire at any opponent when activated.

Difficulty Levels

Unlike the previous installments, Nexus Riders has separate difficulty levels that the player can choose before entering a race. The difficulty levels are as follows:

  • Novice - the Easy difficulty. Good for newbies who wish to take less of a risk out on the track with a lowered speed cap and less competition, with only eight racers competing when playing in this difficulty.
  • Standard - the Normal difficulty. The challenge and speed are cranked up a bit, but nothing too mind-numbingly punishing for the most part. The competition has also slightly bumped up, with the number of racers competing in a race in this difficulty being twelve.
  • Master - the Hard difficulty. The AI opponents become notably more aggressive and a little faster, meaning players will have to step up their game in order to win. A total of sixteen racers tear through the track when playing the game in this difficulty.
  • Legend - the hardest difficulty in the game and requires certain conditions for it to be unlocked. Every AI racer on the track is at their fastest and most aggressive, meaning it will take a lot of skill to overcome the already-perilous challenges. In addition, a whopping twenty racers are able to compete at once while playing in this difficulty.

Control Scheme

Menu Controls

Button Action
D-Pad / Left Analog stick Select
X Button Enter
Circle Button Back
R1 Button Set Rules
Start / Options Button Start Race

Button Action
D-Pad / Left Thumbstick Select
A Button Enter
B Button Back
Right Bumper Set Rules
Start Button Start Race

Button Action
D-Pad / Left Stick Select
A Button Enter
B Button Back
R Button Set Rules
+ Button Start Race

Race Controls

Button Action
Left Analog Stick Steer
X Button Jump
Square Button Charged Boost
Triangle Button Activate Special-type Gear Part
Switch Ability (Omnitempus only)
Circle Button Restore Energy Core (Boost Charge required)
R1 Button Brake
L1 Button Use Item (if available)
Left Analog Stick + Double-tap R1 Attack
Exit Turbulence (while on Turbulence)
R1 Button + Turn Left/Right Air Slide
Start / Options Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Thumbstick Steer
A Button Jump
X Button Charged Boost
Y Button Activate Special-type Gear Part
Switch Ability (Omnitempus only)
B Button Restore Energy Core (Boost Charge required)
Right Bumper Brake
Left Bumper Use Item (if available)
Left Thumbstick + Double-tap Right Bumper Attack
Exit Turbulence (while on Turbulence)
Right Bumper + Turn Left/Right Air Slide
Start Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Stick Steer
B Button Jump
Y Button Charged Boost
X Button Activate Special-type Gear Part
Switch Ability (Omnitempus only)
A Button Restore Energy Core (Boost Charge required)
R Button Brake
L Button Use Item (if available)
Left Stick + Double-tap R Button Attack
Exit Turbulence (while on Turbulence)
R Button + Turn Left/Right Air Slide
+ Button Pause Game


Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Characters



Character Dash Limit Power Curve Default Gear
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 5 3 3 Blue Star
Miles "Tails" Prower 5 4 3 3 Yellow Tail
Knuckles the Echidna 3 4 5 3 Red Rock
Amy Rose 3 5 4 3 Pink Rose
Jet the Hawk 5 5 2 3 Type-J
Wave the Swallow 5 3 4 3 Type-W
Storm the Albatross 3 5 5 2 Type-S


Character Dash Limit Power Curve Default Gear
Cream the Rabbit 5 3 3 4 Smile
Rouge the Bat 5 4 3 3 Temptation
Shadow the Hedgehog 3 5 4 3 Black Shot
Dr. Eggman 3 5 5 2 E-Rider
Metal Sonic 4 5 4 2 Metal Star
Vector the Crocodile 3 4 5 3 Hard-Boiled
Espio the Chameleon 4 5 2 4 Eclipse
Charmy Bee 5 3 4 3 Wild Sting
Silver the Hedgehog 5 2 3 4 Psychic Wave
Blaze the Cat 3 5 2 2 Flame Lance
E-10000G 4 4 5 2 E-Gear
Leonidas the Voidwalker 5 4 4 3 None
Nexian Soldier 4 5 3 4 None
Amigo 3 5 4 3 Rhythm Machine
Ulala 3 5 3 4 Channel5
Jacky Bryant 3 5 4 3 Lightning
NiGHTS 5 3 3 4 Night Sky
Ristar 5 4 3 3 White Comet
Vyse 5 3 4 3 Crescent Moon
AiAi 4 3 5 3 BANANA
Billy Hatcher 3 4 5 3 Power Egg
Alex Kidd 4 4 5 2 Sukopako EX


Offline Mode

  • Story Mode - Run a race based on the storyline or complete side missions to unlock bonus content. (1-2 Players)
    • Heroes Story - Race through the story as told from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy's perspective.
    • Babylon Story - Race through the story as told from Jet, Wave, and Storm's perspective.
    • Final Story - Put an end to the threat of the Nexus Legion, once and for all!
  • Normal Race - Compete in a race under a set of rules.
    • Free Race - Compete against up to 11 other riders in an all-or-nothing race. (1-4 Players)
    • Relay Race - Run a relay race using the Gear as batons. (2 Players per team)
    • Time Trial - Race against the clock. (1 Player only)
    • Challenge Mode - perform awesome stunts while clearing a set of challenges in a stunt arena within a set amount of time. (1-4 Players)
    • World Grand Prix - Compete in a set of 5 races to become the overall champion. (1-2 Players)
  • Tag Mode - Share 1 Air Tank with your teammate and win the race! (2 Players per team)
  • Survival Mode - Compete in a race under a set of Special rules.
    • Survival Race - Compete in a race where the man at the back runs the risk of getting knocked out. (1-4 players)
    • Survival Battle - Attack your opponents with different Items and landing offensive maneuvers. (1-4 Players)
    • Emerald Mode - Collect the Chaos Emerald in a race against time. (1 Player only)
  • Tutorial - Learn the ins and outs of Sonic Nexus Riders.
    • Beginner - Learn the basic controls and actions of the game.
    • Intermediate - Learn to control some of the game's most crucial elements.
    • Advanced - Master other neat tips and tricks to help you win the race.

Online Mode

  • Network Race - Race with other players from around the world. (2-12 Players per race)
    • Ranked Race - Race against others in an attempt to rise through the ranks!
    • Casual Race - This is perfect for those who just wanna have fun with other players from all over the world.


  • Shop - Trade rings for new Extreme Gear in the black market.
  • Database - View cutscenes, listen to different tunes in the game, or take a look at the Extreme Gear you purchased.
    • Theater - View cutscenes of the story or relive your greatest moments on the track.
    • Library - Learn of the events that transpired during Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
    • Audio Room - Listen to the tunes within the game.
    • Gear Gallery - View the Gear you have purchased.
    • Records - View your best records on every course in the game.
  • Options - Change the game's settings as you see fit.

Extreme Gear

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/List of Extreme Gear

In Sonic Nexus Riders, there are four types of Extreme Gear. As with previous installments, a large number of the playable roster has a Board-type Extreme Gear as their default Gear. However, there are characters that have one of the other three types as their default Gear.

Certain Extreme Gear can be unlocked by completing certain areas in the game, such as completing the Heroes Story. The designs for most of the Extreme Gear are mainly revamped looks of their Free Riders designs.

Types of Extreme Gear


The basic and well-balanced gear, the Board-type Extreme Gear is suited for general riding and normally has no particular weaknesses. Their general versatility grants them the unique ability to be equipped with an Ability-type Gear Part, in addition to their two Enhance-type Gear Parts and Special-type Gear Part - which most Gear of all types can equip.


The Skate-type is a less powerful but much faster and more fuel-efficient type of Extreme Gear that allows riders to grind on rails. However, being a less powerful type of Gear naturally means that their Energy Cores cannot take a load of damage before getting destroyed.

Air Ride-type

The Air Ride-type of Extreme Gear is a rather gimmicky ride that automatically lets the rider to fly through Accelerators until he/she loses momentum and falls. They are as balanced as the Board when it comes to fuel efficiency and Energy Core stability, though they tend to have a slightly higher acceleration rate than most


The Bike-type is easily more powerful than other Gear Types but less fuel-efficient and less maneuverable, as well as being able to carry a maximum only two Gear Parts at maximum. However, using a Bike-type Gear allows the rider to smash through most barricades without as much of a hint of slowing down and their Energy Cores can take a lot more punishment.

Gear Parts

Main article: Sonic Nexus Riders/Gear Parts

Like Free Riders, Gear Parts are manually equipped into a gear. All types of Extreme Gear can contain two Enhance-type Gear Parts and one Special-type Gear Part. However, Extreme Gear falling under the Board-type are to be equipped with one Ability-type Gear Part of choice as well.

Be aware that some Extreme Gear cannot be equipped with any Gear Parts at all due to heavily-specialized functions. In addition, Leonidas and the Nexian Soldier cannot use Gear Parts at all since they don't use Extreme Gear in-game.


Sonic Nexus Riders contains the largest roster of courses - both new and old - to race through, with each cup holding five courses.

Main Courses

Heroes Cup

Courses Description
Gear-Break Subway A bustling metro station filled with high-speed bullet trains travelling through various railroads. 
Sunset Valley The sunset reflects its light off of the various sights of this beautiful valley.
Roadway Rumble These roads are covered by numerous vehicles and fairly tight turns, making traversing this course safely rather difficult.
Hotspot Caverns The deepest caverns of a dormant volcano which may or may not erupt anytime soon.
Mystic Tomb Many say that various weird secrets lie in this abandoned tomb, waiting to be discovered.

Babylon Cup

Courses Description
Midnight Terror This dark and eerie ghost town can give even those with nerves stronger than steel the chills solely because of how quiet it is.
Eclipse Canyon The moon shines bright through the night sky, giving the landforms of this grand canyon a sparkling glow.
Highway Rampage Dubbed as the wildest highway in all of Future City, these roads are incredibly tight and it's pretty easy to get run over.
Scorched Mount Some would probably claim that being outside a volcano is less risky than being inside. This course proves them wrong.
Spectral Crypt A spooky temple where a few hundred more ghosts happen to hang around. Try not to let them grab you...

Nexus Cup

Courses Description
Nexus Command The underground base of the Nexus Legion, where they make preparations to travel back to their home planet. Watch out for the incoming Nexian forces out to terminate you!
Celestial Grid The wild and confusing inner-workings of the Nexus Command, which proves that the place is a lot more than dangerous than meets the eye.
Astral Babylon The starship used by the ancient Babylonians, now a lot more maze-like in design. Can you find your way around this labyrinth?
Planet Nexus The homeworld of the Nexians, where the rest of the Nexus Legion awaits their leader's command.
Dark Tranquility A black void of absolute nothingness, where the Great Nexus intends to put an end to our heroes.

Retro Courses

Chaos Cup

Courses Description
Metal City The famous opening track of the first EX World Grand Prix; the streets of this futuristic city are as busy as ever.
Splash Canyon This beautiful canyon is best known as the place where Tails nearly lost it upon realizing he had been insulted.
Egg Factory One of Dr. Eggman's numerous factories that had been converted into a race track for the first EX World Grand Prix.
Green Cave The semi-final course of the first EX World Grand Prix, this deep jungle is a lot more dangerous than it appears.
Sand Ruins The cruel and dangerous desert where the grand finals of the first EX World Grand Prix took place.

Cosmic Cup

Courses Description
Megalo Station The station where the early stages of the robot rampage that took place in Monopole took place.
Botanical Kingdom A futuristic jungle where the MeteorTech security robots continued their pursuit for the Arks of the Cosmos.
MeteorTech Premises The main manufacturing facility of MeteorTech, where Eggman was revealed to be the owner of the company.
Aquatic Capital A gorgeous city filled to the brim with water and the place where SCR-HD initially fell.
Gigan Rocks The infamous ruins where one of the Arks of the Cosmos was once sealed centuries ago.

Eggman Cup

Courses Description
Dolphin Resort A resort with pristine waters and clear skies, where participants of the new EX World Grand Prix made their entrance.
Rocky Ridge A mining town where racers can find steam engines and mine carts criss-crossing the rails, making for some high-speed thrills.
Frozen Forest These woods are coated in a glistening frost that can make simply traversing this track a real challenge of skill on a rider's part.
Metropolis Speedway A mix of wide roadways up above and tight alleyways down below make this maze-like city easy to get lost in if one isn't paying attention/
Final Factory This hidden facility of the mad doctor is covered in robots and other mechanical weaponry and traps, providing the toughest challenge for its competitors thus far.

Console-Exclusive Cups

F-Zero Cup (Wii U) Wipeout Cup (PS3/4)
Mute City Empire Climb
Big Blue Queens Mall
White Land Rockway Stadium
Death Wind Sol
Silence Altima

Arena Courses

The Arena Courses are used in both Challenge Mode and Survival Battle. However, the courses listed below sport two variations so as to fit with the two different modes.

  • Gear-Break Slums
  • Hotspot Peak
  • Nexus Pit

Special Courses

Special Courses are race-course variations of the Special Stages in most Sonic games and are the tracks the player must go through in Emerald Mode. Clear all seven Special Courses - the latter six of which need to be unlocked through various means - to unlock a special Extreme Gear for use in the game.


  • Reala was originally placed as one of the SEGA All-Stars riders but was replaced by the rarely-mentioned Ristar as it was found odd that 2 characters from the same series would be here.
    • Also, Reala is an antagonist as opposed to the other SEGA All-Stars being protagonists.
    • The same goes for his gear, Dark Void, as it was replaced with the White Comet to match Ristar's appearance.
  • There were originally no plans to release the game for other consoles, but announcements for a release for the Xbox One and Wii U were eventually made.
  • This is the second 3D Sonic game to not feature Eggman in the story whatsoever, with the first being Sonic and the Black Knight, as well as the only game in the Riders series where Eggman does not appear in the story once.
  • Among the Sonic Riders titles, this game has the biggest amount of SEGA All-Stars featured with nine of them in total.
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