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Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna


Sonic was sitting there watching the Moon Festival. The Moon Festival is the celebration of the 100th full moon in Central City. Millions of people were there, cheering and talking. Sonic's eyes darted around. "Hmm... ah... the good old Moon Festival." Sonic laid back on a roof of a large building. Then an explosion was heard. "Woah!" Sonic got back up and looked around. "What was that!?" Then there was sereaming and worried conversation. Sonic then saw a familiar face. "It... it CAN'T be!" Sonic looked at the figure. "HAHAHAHA!" the figure laughed. ""the figure began. "It's you..." "EGGMAN!" they both said at the same exact moment. Sonic saw Central City then surrounded be Eggman's Robots. Sonic grunted as he jumps down. "What is your scrambled scheme this time, Eggman!?" Sonic said as he landed. "Sonic!?" Eggman yelled. "What are you doing here? YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO MESS WITH ME! WHY!?!?!?" "Save the waterworks, Egghead! You're going down!" Sonic then rushed all over the city, destroying robots here and there. "Grr...." Eggman pushed a button. "HA!" a giant boulder came out of the machine and almost hit Sonic. "Stop tryin' to beat me! You never will!" Sonic said with a grin. "That's it!" Eggman's robot got ready to fight. "Pfft... this'll be a snap!" Sonic got ready to battle him.


Sonic finally stopped Eggman this time. "Way to go, Sonic!" Tails congratulated. "Great job!" Knuckles added. They all high fived... then walked away. But one of the the remains of the mech went flying and hit a nearby switch. An alarm sounded. They all looked back. "No..."Sonic said. It's begun. "Wait. It can't be!" he was relieved. "There's four switches! What could ever happen? Hahaha..."Sonic walked off.

Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega


Shadow and Omega were relaxing on the ARK. "What is there to do, Omega?" Shadow asked. "TIME-WASTER.... UNAVAILIABLE." Omega said to Shadow. Then there was a sound of a hatch opening. "An intruder!" Shadow jumped up. "PREPARE TO AHNILATE!" Omega switched his hands to guns. "Relax. It's just me!" Rouge the Bat flew down to Shadow and Omega. "Rouge!?" Shadow yelled. "OH....IT IS ONLY ROUGE THE BAT. AWWW....I WANTED TO AHNILATE."Omega switched his hands back. "What are you doing here, Rouge?" Shadow asked. "Why can't I spend quality time with my two best friends?" Rouge said as she landed. Another hatch sound. "What? This must be a real intruder!" Shadow, Rouge, and Omega got ready to battle. They ran in the ARK.


The Shadow Android crackled and then blew up. "Hmmph. Easy." Shadow said as he walked back to the ARK. "Chaos......CONTROL!" Shadow teleported away. "Alright!" Rouge said as she high fived Omega. "Say, Omega. I'm gonna go.... look for some treasure, okay?" "AFFIRMATIVE." Omega replied. "Thanks. You're the greatest." Rouge winked and flew away. Omega looked at Rouge then back at the Android. "AHNILATION SEQUENCE.... COMPLETED." Omega walked away. The head of the Android rolled away.... and pressed a switch. Another alarm. Omega looked back at the switch. "RED ALERT! RED ALERT!" Omega said. He went to find Shadow and Rouge.

Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Amy Rose


Silver sat there in the bright future. "It's great that the future is good again... But I sure do miss Blaze." Sliver then saw a flame swirlly thingy. "Hmm?" he stood up. "What's happening? What's going on!?" then a familiar cat-like structure came out of the swirl. "Blaze?" Silver was happy to see his good friend again. "WHOOHOO!" he then smiled and rushed to hug Blaze. "Silver....Silver...SILVER!" Blaze burnt Silver's tail. "OW!" Silver fell down. He got back up. "Sorry." he rubbed his tail. "Heheh." how are you back?" "I was gone?" Blaze asked. "Uh...yeah. You used Chaos Control to merge yourself with Iblis's soul!" Silver said to Blaze. "No...." Blaze replied. "That was a copy." she smiled. Silver smiled back. Then a broken Blaze robot fell from the shy. "WHAT THE!?" Silver and Blaze jumped back and stared at the robot. "That's the robot!" Blaze informed Silver. "WHAT!?" Silver yelled. "Then that means...." Silver and Blaze looked at the sky which turned back to what it was before. "No!" Silver said. "Grrr...." Silver growled and ran off. "Silver!" Blaze went after Silver.


Silver and Blaze looked at Iblis. "Do what we planned!" Silver ordered Blaze. "Got it!" Blaze replied and looked up at Iblis. "Flame Merge!" Blaze merged flames in the flame monster. "Now, Silver!" Silver then put stones in Iblis's roaring mouth. "Blaze! Do it!" Blaze then used flame explosion and made the flames in Iblis blow up, making Iblis go too. "Yes!" they high fived. Then a part of knwo. Went in a time portal, hit a switch, alarm. They didn't hear it though.

Gold the Hedgehog, May the Hedgehog, Bronze the Hedgehog


It was bright daylight in a city called Lightning Road. And then panting was heard. A golden hedgehog was rushing through the vacant city. "Why now, Jupiter!?" he said to another hedgehog who was chasing him. "Silly Gold..."Jupiter said, halting to a stop. Gold turned and looked at Jupiter. Then a bright green hedgehog and a brown hedgehog jumped in. "Leave Gold alone!" said the bright green one. "May's right! Just back off before we get UGLY!" said the brown one, putting up his bright green boxing gloves. Gold turned around and looked at the two. "May! Bronze!" he was happy to see some kind people around. Then they all glared at Jupiter. "You guys go evacuate the townspeople! I'll take care of HIM!" Gold said pointing towards the busy area of Lightning Road. May and Bronze nodded and ran off. "You're done for!" Gold said to Jupiter. "Bring it on!" Jupiter and Gold went into a fighting stance.


Gold looked down at the defeated Super Jupiter. Jupiter turned back to normal and managed to choke out..." can't defeat me.... I AM TOO.....POWERFUL!" "Enough, Stupider!" Gold called Jupiter Stupider...heheh. Then he picked up Jupiter and threw him towards the edge of the large building they fought on. Jupiter fell...on a switch. Alarm.

Final Story (SPOYLERZ!)


Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Silver, Blaze, Amy, Gold, May, and Bronze stood there in Central City. All with a grin on their faces. (All but Omega who doesnt have a mouth) Then, with all four switches pressed, a purple ooze rose out of the ground and made a monster looking thing. They all looked up at it. "Woah!" Sonic said. "What's going on?" Amy said. Then the monster shot a laser. It hit the blue hero. "Ugh!" Sonic grunted then fell to the ground with a thud. He was dead. "Not again!" Shadow said. Amy cried. They all looked down at Sonic, but Amy, who was still crying. Then they looked at a container with the seven Chaos Emeralds in it. "I've got it." Shadow used Chaos Spear but the glass didn't break. "WHAT?" Shadow said. Then he saw 11 red circles on the container. Knuckles read the words near the circles. "If the 11 levers are pulled, then the greens will open the cage." he said. "What does that mean?" Silver asked. "It means that there are 11 levers around the world, and if we pull them, the red circles will become green. If they all turn green, then the container will open. "Then we have to hurry!" Tails said. They all ran off the find the levers and to save Sonic.


"Phew. We did it." Shadow said. "MISSION COMPLETED." Omega said. "Not yet, Omega! We still have to stop the monster!" Tails informed Omega. "The monster has a name actually." Knuckles said. "It's dubbed the "Ultimate Destruction"." "Oh..." Rouge realized. "Now let's get those Chaos Emeralds!" Tails grabbed the Emeralds and formed a circle around Sonic with them. Okay... the all glowed, including Sonic. Then he turned into Super Sonic! "YAAAAH!" Sonic grunted. They all smiled. "Yes!" Silver said. Sonic was about to fly off...."WAIT!" Shadow said to Sonic. "Yeah, Shadow?" Sonic asked. "You cannot stop the Ultimate Destruction with ONE super form. You need at least four." Then Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Gold all looked at each other and nodded. Sonic turned Shadow, Silver, and Gold into Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Super Gold. Then they all flew off. "Good luck!" Tails said.


In space, the four hedgehogs looked at the remains of the Ultimate Destruction. "We..did it."Sonic said. "Yes... we...did."Shadow said. "Yeah!" Silver shouted with glee. Gold just smiled. Then they flew up to the ARK where the others were. "Yay!" Amy said and ran over to hug Sonic. Tails and Knuckles high fived. Shadow, Rouge, and Omega nodded at each other. Silver and Blaze smiled at each other. Gold, May, and Bronze high fived. Then the screen faded to sy TEH END :)

2 Player Mode


Race:Get to the end!

Fight:Duke it out!

Chaos Emerald Hunt:Find most of the 7 Emeralds!














Metal Sonic





Dark Chao

Angel Chao

Devil Chao





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