Here is the games that have in the series, featuring its True Divine Generation and its games from its other five subseries. Some of the game are considered or unconfirmed but belong in the franchise.

The Japanese version of Sonic Monster World series have been published that the different titles are quite odd and very strange send in NA.

Italic = Title
BOLD Italics = Japanese Titles versions

Main Games


  • Sonic: Monsters From The Other World (Monster World Remake)
  • Sonic Story of Monsters
  • Chronicles of Sonic and The Early Life
  • Sonic: What If...
    • Sonic Beast Hunnters
    • Sonic Monster Fantasy: Heredity (RE:Incarnation enhanced)
    • Monster Sovereignty: Sonic Sci-Fi Fantasy Kingdom
    • Monster Paradoxia: Sonic Union X
    • Sonic Monster Era: The Beginning...
    • Sonic Monster World: Terrestrial Afterlife

Post-Pre RPG/Neo-Games

  • True Divine Generation (original game)
  • True Divine Generation: Sonic Monster World X (Enhanced version XD)
  • True Divine Generation series
  • False Divine Generation series
    • False Divine Generation: Shadow's Alternative Story
    • FDG Conjured Soul
    • False Divine Generation: Damien's Side Story
  • Neutra Divine Generation
    • Divergent Neutral
  • Chaotic Divine Generation
  • Chaos Divine Generation: Inverted Paradox (based on the pseudomanga Shin Kami Nenrei: Bleeding Hana series)
  • True Divine Generation: Metamorphosis (真・神世代:変成, Shin Kami Sedai: Hensei)
  • True Divine Generation Need for Speed
    • Need for Speed...
    • Need for Speed II
    • NFS III
    • NFS IV
    • -The Final Chapter-
    • Real Goddess Generation: Birth by Inannian
      • The Forbidden Rebirth (Midasu Tensei)[2]
  • True/False Divine Generation: True Blood
  • False Goddess Generation
  • True Divine Generation: Twelve
  • True Divine Generation Strange Reveries

Japanese games

  • Gizo Megami Sedai
  • Daitai Megami Sedai: Shin Tokyo Hanrangun
  • Sonikku no


  • Megami no Midday Star
  • Taoreta Megami Sedai: Sonikku Keiji
  • Goddess Chronicles
    • Pilot

Mobile Games

  • Sonic TDG Tantrix
    • Tantrix II
    • Tantrix III
    • Tantrix IV
    • Tantrix V
    • Tantrix VI
  • Mirai Kami Sedai
  • Need for Speed: Metro Maze
  • Chain of Memories: TDG Puzzle Chamber
  • TDG Chaos
  • Chaotic Gems -Sonic Monster Bejeweled-
  • TrueDivGen Pinball Fipper (featuring MegaGen Gem Spinball)

Goddess Archives


  • Need For Speed Casino Strike


  • ソニック代替女神世代:新東京反乱軍 lit. Sonic Alternative Goddess Generation: New Tokyo Rebels
  • 乱す転生, Disturbing Reincarnation[[[2]]]
  • Released as 女神世代ジェムスピンボール (Megami Sedai Jemu Supinbōru)
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