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Sonic Adventure
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Sonic Misadventure, or Sonic MIS-Adventure is an expansive open world, re-structuring, and spiritual sequel to the influential 3D platformer, Sonic Adventure.


Sonic Misadventure, places Sonic back in Station Square re-built from the events of Sonic Adventure. Now once again ready to enjoy his vacation, Sonic is placed in an open world more expansive and lively than anything before. The game acts as a love child between the SEGA games, Yakuza and Sonic Adventure, placing Sonic in a world with something to do and someone to confront at every corner. Having access to all areas in the original Sonic Adventure, the game is a major expansion on everything the game had. Much like Sonic Adventure, the game also follows 6 different characters and their own story lines, with their own unique gameplay. The major new inclusion being the many different mini games found over the world.

Open World Gameplay

Open World

Mini Games

  • Fishing
  • Extreme Gear Racing
  • Poker
  • Pinball
  • Claw Crane Machine
  • Arcade
  • Chao Garden
  • Target Practice

Other-Areas and Companies

  • The Chaotix Detective Agency
  • The Mob
  • Station Square Cafe & Dinner
  • Clothes Store


  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Adventure Style Plaftormer
    • Sonic is the protagonist of the game. His gameplay remains largely unchanged from the classic Adventure style. The player's primary target is to reach the Goal Ring, located at the end of the stage.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - TBD
    • TBA
  • E-123 Omega - First Person Shooter
    • Omega is the most unique new character having something much less reminiscent of Sonic Adventure. The player must platform and kill enemies in a first person perspective, with the primary target is to kill all the enemies in a level.
  •  ??? - TBD
    • TBA
  •  ??? - TBD
    • TBA
  • Amy - Survival/Horror Adventure Gameplay
    • The gameplay is reminiscent of Amy's gameplay in the first Sonic Adventure. Her gameplay revolves around her being chased by a powerful enemy and having to avoid all enemies using smart split second decision making.


Upgrades now are found within mini games rather than the open world. If a player is in interested they can hire The Chaotix to acquire the upgrades.

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