Sonic Mariala Baseball is another game of the Sonic and Mariala series.


Alexis and her friends are somewhere in Mariala City. Suddenly, Alexis has an idea. A little old fashioned softball! But, boys don't place softball. But girls can sometimes play baseball. So Alexis changed her idea to baseball and her friends and her friends spend time on making baseball fields on some of the known places. It took days to construct, dedicating their free time to working on this project.

Days later, the work is finally done. The fields are built and apparently, the mayor saw these baseball fields and asked how they got permission. They didn't know how to answer. They did it all on their own. Alexis told the truth, but the mayor was very impressed and then made an announcement about these new baseball fields.

Later, it got on the news. Apparently, Sonic and his friends were watching it because they ad nothing new. Amy spotted Christina and her friends playing baseball. Sonic and his friends go to Mariala City to go play some baseball with some of their friends.

Once they arrive there, Tails builds two baseball fields purposly for them. These actions caused Christina and David not to sleep. Christina mentioned that she never remember building the two new ones that Tails built.

The next day Alexis sees the two new fields and the heroes are in suspision. Later on Sonic and his friends go greet Alexis and her friends. But after they planned to spend some time together and play baseball, something drops from the sky. It was a scary looking baseball field. And who doesn't know scary better than the ugly woman herself, Mimi and the scary man himself, Eggman?!

Some of Sonic's friends and some of Alexis's friends scatter to the other fields. Sonic and Alexis were brave enough to find them and recruit them on their ultimate baseball team. Will the two of them recruit enough teamates to face the evil likes of Mimi? Or will Mimi and Eggman! ruin baseball for the whole planet?! You can decide!


Sonic's Team

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower
  3. Knuckles the Echidna
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Shadow the Hedgehog
  6. Cream the Rabbit
  7. Rouge the Bat
  8. Silver the Hedgehog
  9. Blaze the Cat

Alexis's Team

  1. Alexis the Fox
  2. Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog
  3. Michelle the Cat
  4. Alyssa the Dog
  5. Krys the Unicorn
  6. Candace the HedgeFox
  7. Marisa "Mary" the Hedgehog
  8. ??? (Might be added)
  9. ??? (Might be added)

David's Team

  1. David the HedgeFox
  2. Cole the Echidna
  3. Sebastian the Fox Hybrid
  4. Daniel "Danny" the Hedgehog
  5. Kester the Echidna
  6. ??? (Might be added)
  7. ??? (Might be added)
  8. ??? (Might be added)
  9. ??? (MIght be added)

Mimi's Team

  1. Mimi the Cat
  2. Dr. Eggman
  3. Jamie the Dog
  4. Chloe the Cow
  5. Angelina the Porcupine
  6. Gabriella the Cat
  7. Cubot
  8. Orbot
  9. Bokkun


Speedy City (Sonic's Stage)

Sunshine Gardens (Alexis's Stage)

Brockland Fields (David's Stage)

Beauty Chamer (Mimi's Stage)


Exhibition Match

Story Mode



MVP List

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