Sonic Mach 2
Sonic Mach 2
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS,
T for Teen
Sonic Journey
Release Date
NA: 6-19-15

Euro: 6-19-15

JPN: 6-26-15
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Sonic Mach 2 was a game released around Sonic 24th birthday and received a lot of positive reception from fans. Especially after the Sonic Boom games. The story features main character Sonic as he looks for the emeralds with Tails and also Knuckles, Shadow and some guy named Agilent are looking for them to. It was released for multiple platforms and was the first in the Sonic Journey series.


The main plot centers around the releasing of the Shi poison that will spread all over the world. After 6 months the main heroes discover that people have been dying from it after months of no harm. This causes world wide panic and leads to the chase for the emeralds. The one who attempts to stop them in their progress, Scratch the Hedgehog, fights with the heroes in order to take their emeralds for reasons he won't say. Agilent is going for the emeralds in order.

Sonic Story/Sonic Moch 2

Sonic plans on bringing the emeralds back in order to rid of the poisoning as Eggman warns him that they are the the only thing that can save earth. He teams with Tails and ventures across the world.

Knuckles Story/Sonic Mach 2

Knuckles is told that Sonic is the only one who knows who caused the Shi outbreak. He chases after Sonic with the help Amy who is also looking for Sonic for what she claims "No real reason" which is what Knuckles assumes an attempt to marry him. It is later revealed her true ambition in the last story

Agilent Story/Sonic Mach 2

Agilent is very mysterious and is hunting after the emeralds because he is told it is the only way he can save his loved on in his alternate universe. He was transported from a timeline that is very different from Sonic's but this is all the detail in the game. He goes after Sonic believing he is taking the emeralds for his own purpose and even by the last story he dosen't like Sonic. (But over the games he feels respect for Sonic and his friends.) He is also followed by Shadow the Hedgehog who was assigned a mission to watch him by G.U.N.

Last Story/ Sonic Mach 2


Sonic Story

The Game has a different formula for each story. Sonic runs fast and Tails also has Sonic like stages but his main stages are the Tornado stages. In these stages Tails flies his tornado attacking enemy just like in Adventure 2. There are also a few stages with Mach speed, Tornado flying (Like in Sonic Adventure/Unleashed) and exploring the world map.

Knuckles/Amy Story

In this story it's mostly spent looking around for emerald shards because the Master Emerald was shatterd supposedly because of the Shi Poison. 50% of this is spent in the world map. Amy has some of the gameplay recycled from Sonic Unleashed's Werehog battles except that instead of Werehog it is Amy's Piko Piko hammer which can be upgraded rapidly.

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In mid 2014 rumors spread about a new Sonic game for 2015. Later the director stated that there were 2 planned, Sonic Runners (ios and Android) and and new one for later. In November 2014 Sonic Boom was held in New York City. At the event they showcased an alpha form of a new Sonic game titled: Sonic Journey: The mysterious poison and also announced there idea for it being a trilogy The name was later changed the next month to Sonic Mach 2. In January new gameplay was showed as well as a story trailer. An announcement was made about all the gameplay styles and in February a trailer was shown about it.

Kite Demo by cryZenx)

Kite Demo by cryZenx)

Sonic team had trouble coming up with a good idea for a Sonic game since some of their latest, Sonic Lost World, Sonic & The Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed had all failed due to their different styles. Art designer Yuji Uekawa suggested a more dark Sonic game but because of Shadow the Hedgehog the idea was turned down. The writers of Colors, generations and on had also thought up some cool story ideas but they were all turned down. On a visit to Sonic Teams development team area, Yuji Naka arrived and conceived a story. He later said in a interview that he had little to do with the game but the story. He went for a more deep and dark story and had a whole new writing team who went back and checked the good and bad of all the Sonic games. They spent weeks playing Sonic games and thinking of their story. They even watched reviewers review the games and see what they did and didn't like. The offical script took 2 months to write and was among a lot of criticism among devs who felt it did not fit Sonic's world.

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