Sonic Legacy Online is a MMO Action/Adventure Platforming Game using the Unreal Engine 4, taking Place in the Archie Sonic Universe, You create Your Own Character and embark in a Story that Brings a Sonic Beat-em Up in a MMO form. Explore Mobius and Take Part in Different Missions and Level Up to become stronger. learn new Abilities and Skills, and Choose Your Side. The Game is set to launch, however no Release Date has been Announced 


Mobius has been Recovered, but evil still lurks around every corner. The Blue Blur and his friends are in need of help, and so does his Arch-nemesis. Its up to you to decide your path and destiny. An all out war has been unleashed Between both Good and Evil.

Fight along side the Freedom Fighters and take down evil doers to reduce the conflict to a minimal. Stop villians and take out their goons while stopping The Blue Blur's Arch-Enemy on his schemes for world domination.


Fight along Side the Eggman Empire and leave no witness to the world as you help Eggman Take Down the Freedom Fighters, become loyal to the mad scientist, and rule the world.

Its all you to choose your legacy!

Who's side are you on?!


See this for info: Sonic Persona

At the start of the game, and after signing into the servers. You will be prompted to choose a Species of Mobians to Create your own Character. After Choosing your Species you will be prompted to choose your ability type, then you choose your gender, then you create you character.

While Creating your character, you will be given near infinine customisation possibilities for you character, from Spines, to hair, to clothes, etc. You can create a character that you dreamed to see in a game.



There are 3 mission Types in all, each mission type contains different Requirements to accept the mission, and rewards depending on the difficulty of the mission.

Involved Characters

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