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Sonic Leagues
Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Release Date(s)
JP - June 4, 2013

NA - June 10, 2013 EU - June 30, 2013

AUS - July 1, 2013
Adventure Platformer
Single player, Multiplayer, Semi-multiplayer
ESRB: E (Everyone) PEGI: 3+
PS3, Wii, Wii U, DS, XBox 360, PC

Sonic Leagues is a fan-made video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Sonic Team and released in 2013  for multiple platforms. This game differs from other Sonic games by allowing the player to take control of one of seven teams, each a duo. Each team has a different type of stage to play specific to those two characters.


In this game, there are two available charaters to play in each level. The player can switch back and forth between characters, and a second player can come in and out of the game, controling the other character. Each team has different types of stages to go through-- Speed, Boating, Hunting, Escaping, Shooting, Power, and Stealth. Each team must go through thirteen stages, and the Speed team must go through fourteen. Each team also has a different colour: speed = blue, boating = yellow, hunting = red, escaping = orange, shooting = green, power = purple, and stealth = black. After defeating a certain amount of enemies or collecting a certain amount of rings, each team has a League Lash that helps them greatly through their level in their special way.


Sonic and his friends are all invited to a party by an anonymous source, which all of them speculate. However, each of them get a phonecall from Dr. Eggman, impersonating a friend of theirs and convincing them to come to the party. When they all arive to the party, they find a box wrapped to resemble a gift-wrapped present. Cream becomes curious and opens the box while everybody else is busy. She comes to Sonic and tells him that there is a bomb ticking inside of the box. Everybody heard her say this and immediately took off in the other direction (except for Tails and Marine, who run towards it to attempt to defuse the bomb). However, there is no time and the bomb explodes, sending the people at the party flying every which way (somehow in groups of two). They all wake up and attempt to find different proof that Dr. Eggman is behind this, and go after him to confront him.

While every team has a different little story with their stages and levels, there is a general story that each of the teams follows. Each team, for their own reasons, follows what they may/mat not believe to be the trail of Dr. Eggman, and end up at Frosty Mountians. There, they all find the plans as to what Eggman wanted to do: destroy his biggest threats so he could use a Chaos Emerald to power his new machine. The machine is basically a Chaos Emerald magnet that find the other six for him. If the story is done right, each team except for Speed League will have a Chaos Emerald. If not, they will fly up from the Earth.

Each team with a Chaos Emerald must battle Eggman in their own style that reflects their level style. Tails and Marine stay together and shoot cannonballs at Eggman's Egg Walker. Knuckles and Charmy find Egg Walker's three weak points (they change constantly and the Egg Walker is thrice as big as the regular ones). Amy and Silver can attack its head for extra damage, but mainly hide in different parts of the room to ware the out the Egg Walker. Cream and Vector lock-on and shoot certain parts of it. For Espio and Big, it is the most like a classic Sonic boss, as you just dodge attacks and then attack yourself. Rouge and Blaze's battle is the same as Amy and Silver's. Afterwards, Eggman still manages to hit the button that magnetizes the ship they're in and take the Chaos Emeralds. He uses them to power his huge new machine, called the Egg Inferno. For this boss, Rouge manages to steal the emeralds and give them to Sonic and Shadow, but the Egg Inferno starts to work without them. Sonic and Shadow are controlled by the player to defeat the Egg Inferno using every different team's techniques against it and Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow. After defeating Egg Inferno, Eggman is on the ground, unconscious.

A very confused and frightened Marine asks if they should dispose of the body, thinking that Eggman is dead. Knuckles puts his head on Eggman's chest and assures that he is still breathing. Cream asks what to do with Eggman now that it's all over, and they all decide to leave him there. Sonic and Shadow both zoom off in different directions. Tails and Marine jump on the boat they made, and Knuckles, Big, and Amy jump on too. Marine sails the boat away. Vecotr suggests that they might have missed phonecalls back at their office, and Charmy flies him and Espio away to their office. Silver and Blaze decide to walk away together, and Cream gets one last look at Eggman before she catches up with them.


There are seven different teams, each with a different style of levels, to choose from.

Speed League

Members: Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog

Speed League is the title league of the game. As their title indicates, their stages are centered around speed, and are the most classic levels. The objective of each level is to get to the Goal Ring within a time limit, and the faster the level is finished, the higher grade they get on the level.

Their League Lash is called Hedgehog Handle. Sonic and Shadow grab hands and start spinning around, running in a circle. They begin to lift off the ground, spinning around in midair. Both of them then spin into ball form and bounce around in their ball form, attacking enemies rapidly while automatically mvoing through the game for 10 seconds.

This league has an extra level at the end of their story, and it is different from the rest of its levels. In it, Sonic and Shadow have found Dr. Eggman, and chase him down. It is more of a miniature level, but has its own grade and name. After story mode is completed all the way through and all Chaos Emeralds are found, this level can be played by and combination of charaters.

Boating League

Members: Miles "Tails" Prower and Marine the Raccoon

The Boating League's stages are about, as the title indicates, boating. The player uses Tails and Marine to travel through the ocean in a boat that they constructed. The goal of their stages is to get through each level with as minimal amount of damage to the vessel. After each level, the player has the option to repair and upgrade parts of their vessel, depending on the amount of rings they have.

Their League Lash is called Double Dynamo. Tails grabs Marine's feet and flies up into the air as she shoots her "special power" out from her hands rapidly in every direction. It does not damage the ship, but destroys all surrounding obstacles and enemies.

The Boating League also requires a decent amount of flying with their boats after making a required upgrade that gives their boat wings after completing Camping Grounds.

Hunting League

Members: Knuckles the Echidna and Charmy Bee

The Hunting League's stages revolve around trasure hunting. Knuckles and Charmy work together to hunt for emerald shards that they believe Eggman may be accidentally dropping from the machine he is traveling in. The objective of these levels is to find all three emerald shards in each stage in the shortest amount of time.

Their League Lash is called Rocky Charm. Charmy begins to dance and sing, and Knuckles punches the ground to fling him up into the air. When controling Charmy, he comes back down with a device that points the exact direction as to where the shard is.

Escape League

Members: Amy Rose and Silver the Hedgehog

The Escape League's stages involve escaping Zero 3.0, a resolved and much more dangerous upgrade of Zero. Eggman originally wanted to use him to destroy the party guests, but the robot ran off and Eggman couldn't find it. Amy and Silver realize that they cannot destroy the robot, so they try to escape Zero by hiding and running. The objective of the stages is to get through the level as undamaged as possible, along with a finding the best hiding spots from Zero 3.0 and completing the level as fast as possible.

Their League Lash is called the Extreme Evasion. Silver and Amy lock an arm and run around in circles, similar to the Hedgehog Handle. However, Amy then jumps on Silver's back as he zooms around. Amy gets out her Piko Piko Hammer and uses the Revolving Hammer Attack on Zero, stunning him for 20 seconds.

Shooting League

Members: Vector the Crocodile and Cream the Rabbit

The Shooting League's stages are about the player racing against the clock to get to the goal ring. Players can gain extra time by shooting enemies in a chain or multiple at once. The goal to these levels is to get to the goal ring in as little time as possible, along with getting as long a shooting chain as possible.

The team's League Lash is called Target Practice. Cream jumps on Vector's head and stands on her hand. Vector begins to spin rapidly in place, shooting his Shattergun (a weapon that shoots 4 things of ammo at once at 4 different targets) around constantly as Cream commans Cheese around the same way. This destroys all the enemies around them and gives them an extra minute to complete the stage.

Power League

Members: Espio the Chameleon and Big the Cat

The Power League's stages revolve around defeating as many possible enemies in each level. Espio and Big work together at attempt to wipe out every enemy on each level. The goal of each stage is to destroy as many enemies as possible in as little time as possible.

Their League Lash is called the Clear Destroyer. Big swirls his fishing rod around with Froggy bouncing all around him. Espio then performs Leaf Storm around him, turning them all invisible. Big continues to twirl his rod and Espio continues to Tornado Jump for 10 seconds afterwards, destroying all in the path of each.

Stealth League

Members: Rouge the Bat and Blaze the Cat

The Stealth League's stages involve trying as much as possible not to be seen by enemies, security systems, etc. Rouge and Blaze must work together to keep things quiet and stealthy as they go through the level with as little commotion as possible. The goal is to be seen as little as possible throughout the level.

Their League Lash is called Flaming Wings. Rouge summons her Bat Balloon and Blaze lights it on fire. A hole appears and the two jump inside. The hole then closes. The two of them seem to use the balloon as a camoflauge of sorts, as they fly through the stage for 20 seconds. They can do absolutely whatever they want without being spotted until the time is up.



  • Crystal Park
  • Rocky Range


  • Downtown Station
  • Auditorium River


  • Nuclear Plant
  • Neigherhood Shennanigans


  • Camping Grounds
  • Reeky Ruins


  • Devil's Canyon
  • Deep Ditch


  • Freaky Foothills
  • Frosty Mountains


  • Rocket Station
  • Bullet Runway (Speed League Only)

Voice Actors

Role Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Ryan Drummond
Doctor Eggman Deem Bristow
Miles "Tails" Prower William Corkery
Knuckles the Echidna Scott Dreier
Amy Rose Lisa Ortiz
Shadow the Hedgehog David Humphrey
Rouge the Bat Karen Strassman
Silver the Hedgehog Quinton Flynn
Blaze the Cat Laura Bailey
Cream the Rabbit Michelle Ruff
Big the Cat Kyle Hebert
Espio the Chameleon Troy Baker
Vector the Crocodile Keith Silverstein
Charmy Bee Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Marine the Raccoon Maia Mitchell
Omochao Laura Bailey


Every level of this game has a basic track that goes a bit with the location of the level. However, the different teams of the game each have a remix of the track that goes with a genre of music specific to them. The only time the basic track can be heard is in the Multi-Player mode.

  • Speed League - Rock music
  • Boating League - Calypso music
  • Hunting League - Rap music
  • Escape League - Pop music
  • Shooting League - Techno music
  • Power League - Ska music
  • Stealth League - Jazz music

The main theme of the game is a fusion remix of His World, Sonic Heroes, and It Doesn't Matter.


Playable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

The blue blur is back again! This time, he's going after the evil Doctor Eggman in a crazy adventure with... Shadow?! His character moves are:

  • JUMP + ACTION = Homing Attack
  • JUMP + JUMP = Tornado Jump
  • JUMP (1+ second) = Bounce Attack
  • (Row of rings) + ACTION = Light Speed Dash

Shadow the Hedgehog

The ultimate life form is back in the party. He won't stop at anything to get Eggman this time. He'll even team up with Sonic the Hedgehog! His character moves are:

  • JUMP + ACTION = Homing Attack
  • JUMP + JUMP = Tornado Jump
  • JUMP (1+ second) = Hover Attack
  • (Row of rings) + ACTION = Light Speed Dash

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's trusty sidekick is here! Except this time, he's not teaming up with Sonic to take down Eggman. He's flying around with an old pal! His character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Flight (lasts 8 seconds)
  • ACTION (1+ second) = Revolving Tail Whip (lasts 3 seconds)
  • JUMP + ACTION = Laser Attack

Marine the Raccoon

The spunky sailor girl is back again, and coming after Doctor Eggman! Teaming up with old friend, Tails, she's a force to be reckoned with! Her character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Double Jump
  • ACTION (1+ second) = Revolving Tail Kick (lasts 4 seconds)
  • ACTION + ACTION = Power Release

Knuckles the Echidna

Look out; that hot-head Knuckles is ready to rumble! In search for more Emerald Shards and Doctor Eggman, can his teammate keep up? His character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Glide
  • JUMP + ACTION = Drill Claw
  • ACTION 3× = Spiral Upper
  • JUMP + Wall = Climb

Charmy Bee

The hyper-active bee-brained Honey Bee from Chaotix is after Eggman! But instead of staying with his usual team, Charmy's in another partnership. His character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Fly (lasts 10 seconds)
  • (Warp Flower) + ACTION = Flower Warp
  • JUMP + ACTION = Midair Sting

Amy Rose

Amy's back and ready for action! Unfortunately, so is Eggman's robot, Zero. Even with Silver's help, will she be able to escape capture? Her character moves are:

  • JUMP + ACTION = Hammer Propellor
  • JUMP + ACTION (right before she hits the ground) = Hammer Jump
  • ACTION (1+ second) = Revolving Hammer Attack

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is back from the future and after the doctor! But a new threat, Zero 3.0, shows to be an obstacle. Can teaming up help him out? His character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Levitate (lasts 4 seconds)
  • JUMP (1+ second) = Psychokinesis (walks more slowly, moves object w/ alternate ctrl)
  • JUMP + ACTION = Homing Attack

Cream the Rabbit

Cream is a sweet little thing, but she's after Doctor Eggman too! Now, she has to put her aim to the test as she teams up with Vector! Her character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Flight (lasts 6 seconds)
  • JUMP + ACTION = Air Attack
  • ACTION (1+ second) = Chao Block

Vector the Crocodile

The money-loving leader of Chaotix isn't with Chaotix this time. Instead, he's teaming up with Cream the Rabbit and gunning for Eggman! His character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Elbow Bounce
  • JUMP + ACTION = Vulcan Air Shot
  • ACTION 3x = Teeth Upper

Espio the Chameleon

The speed of Chaotix is on a new mission - get Doctor Eggman! But instead of his normal team, Espio is partnered up with a bigger teammate. His character moves are:

  • JUMP + ACTION = Homing Attack
  • JUMP + JUMP = Leaf Storm
  • Action (1+ Second)  = Revolving Star Attack
  • JUMP + Wall = Climb

Big the Cat

This large, layed back cat is in on the action, too! With Eggman as his new target, nothing will stop Big and his new friend from finding him! His character moves are:

  • ACTION 3x = Revolving Fishing Rod
  • JUMP + JUMP = Umbrella Landing
  • JUMP + ACTION = Froggy Attack
  • JUMP + Wall = Climb

Rouge the Bat

The sneaky and seductive bat girl isn't teamed with Eggman this time. She's coming after him! With Blaze's help, is she sneaky enough to get him? Her character moves are:

  • JUMP + JUMP = Flight (lasts 7 seconds)
  • ACTION 3x = Screw Kick
  • JUMP + ACTION = Drill Drive
  • JUMP + Wall = Climb

Blaze the Cat

This firey cat princess is back, but this time for Dr. Eggman! Teaming up with Rouge, will she be able to use stealth to get her target? Her character moves are:

  • JUMP (1+ second) = Hover (lasts 3 seconds or until she hits the ground)
  • JUMP + JUMP = Double Jump
  • JUMP + ACTION = Homing Attack

Note: In each group, both characters can use the other as an attack by either throwing or kicking them at enemies. In single-player, it is achieved by JUMP, JUMP, ACTION. In semi-multiplayer and multiplayer modes, both players must do this. However, it is not nearly as powerful if the Story-Mode partnership isn't used. Each player can also use the JUMP button to jump and the ACTION button to attack.

Multiplayer Mode

Full-on multiplayer mode can be used either online, with a second controller, or both. Players can battle each other, race each other, or go in a treasure-hunt competition. This can be either 1 vs 1, 3vs, 4vs, or 2 vs 2. Races are in the Speed League versions of areas, battles are in Power versions of them, and hunting competitions are in Treasure Hunt versions of them.


  • Sonic, Shadow, Knuckes, Big, Espio, and Rouge are the only character to have four character moves.
    • Each of their fourth abilities have to do with another object. Sonic's and Shadows are also the only moves that aren't climbing.
  • Cream is the only character with the ability to block attacks.
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