Sonic Journey is a 3D video game (I'm not good with genres) for the Nintendo Wii. The player controls two characters, similar to Sonic Heroes.


When Metal Sonic attacks Sonic and his friends one morning, Sonic wonders what made him so powerful. Then, Metal Sonic clones start destroying everything, so it's up to sonic and his friends to stop them!

Story Mode

Difficulties: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Professional


It was a peaceful morning in Green Hill. Sonic and his friends were relaxing outside. Suddenly, Metal Sonic, powered by some strange energy, attacked them. Most of them escaped safely, although Vector, Cheese, and Big were severely hurt. Afterward, Sonic was wondering what energy could have made Metal Sonic so powerful.

Team Sonic:

Plot: Sonic is racing through a field when Tails catches up with him. He tells Sonic of Dr. Robotnik's plan: To use Hyper-Go-On energy from the Wisps to make Metal Sonic robot clones, and to transform them to take over the world through threat. He would then use them to build Eggmanland on his new territory. Sonic and Tails then set off to find Eggman and stop him.

The levels for Team Sonic are to free the Wisps in the Wisp Capsules by breaking the capsules, and then make it to the Warp Ring at the end of the stage without dying. The Warp Ring will not open until the Wisp is rescued.

The item for Team Sonic is “Final Color Blaster”, which destroys all enemies, bosses, and breakable objects on screen, regardless.

The Team Item for Team Sonic is Friction Shoes, which let Team Sonic perform Halt and not slide on ice.

Final Boss (Secret Base): After all the Wisps were rescued (one in each stage), Sonic finds Eggman's base, encountered a Metal Sonic clone using Hyper-Go-On energy from a Red Wisp to transform into “Hyper Metal Go-On”. The Red Wisp turned into a Violet Wisp. Sonic and tails battled the clone, while avoiding the Violet Wisp that tries to suck them in.

Once Sonic's Skill Bar and Wisp Bar is filled, he uses the Final Color Blaster to obliterate the clone. He then releases the Wisps, letting them head home. Sonic and Tails then head to Station Square.

Halt: Makes the character stop moving almost immediately. Press - to use.

Team Thieves:

Plot: Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald when a Metal Sonic clone comes and throws him off Angel Island. He is saved by Rouge, who was looking for the Chaos Emeralds to give to someone (unknown to her, it was Metal Sonic). Knuckles knows that the only way to get back to the island was to use the Chaos Emeralds and turn into Super Knuckles, and fly up to the island. Rouge says that she will help as a way of Knuckles saying thanks for her saving him, and Knuckles reluctantly agrees. They then set off to find the Chaos Emeralds.

The levels for Team Thieves are very much like the levels for Team Sonic, except a Chaos Emerald is hidden in the level instead, and does not need to be freed from a capsule. The Warp Ring will not open until the Chaos Emerald is found.

The item for Team Thieves is “Chaos Control”, which destroys all one-hit enemies and objects, and warps the player farther ahead in the level to a safe position.

The Team Item for Team Thieves is Digging Claws, which lets them Dig into dirt walls and the ground.

Final Boss (Emerald Altar): After collecting the Chaos Emeralds (one in each stage), Knuckles turned into Super Knuckles and flew up to Angel Island, and Rouge followed. Once they arrived, they found out that a Metal Sonic clone stole the Master Emerald. The clone then swiped the Chaos Emeralds from a surprised Knuckles, and transforms into “Metal Mayhem”. Super Knuckles and Rouge then battled the Metal Sonic clone. After the Metal Sonic clone was beat, he exploded, dropping the eight emeralds. Knuckles then returned the Master Emerald to its altar and Rouge flew away with the Chaos Emeralds to give them to her client.

Team Rose:

Plot: Cream was taking care of Cheese, who's arm was in a cast from when Metal Sonic attacked. Suddenly, Sonic and Tails sped by, and Amy, Cream, and Cheese followed.

The levels for Team Rose are the simplest, as the player only has to reach the Warp Ring at the end of the stage. The levels are also very interesting, as they are the levels that Sonic played, yet with less enemies and maybe things already activated, determined and due to what the player did to the level as Sonic. These things can make the levels much easier.

There is no item for this team.

Final Boss (Blockage Battleground): Amy and Cream follow Sonic and Tails all the way to Dr. Robotnik's base, and fight Eggman, who was guarding in his Eggmobile.

Amy and Cream almost destroy the Eggmobile, until Eggman retreats back into his base. Amy and Cream then wait outside for Sonic and Tails to return.

Team Chaotix:

Plot: The Chaotix were relaxing in their office one day, Vector glumly in crutches. Espio was practicing his ninja skills, and Charmy was playing around. Then, their was a knock on the door, and outside was a note. It stated that someone was in Station Square's city central, and needed the Chaotix to collect the Super Emeralds for him. He said he would pay them great deals of money. The Chaotix then sent out to find the emeralds.

The levels for the Chaotix are the same as the levels for Team Thieves, except that they are looking for the Super Emeralds, not the Chaos Emeralds.

There is no item for this team, as the Super Emeralds cannot be used.

Final Boss (City Central): When the Chaotix collected all the Super Emeralds, they brought them to Station Square. They arrived to find a Metal Sonic clone, their client, waiting for them. The clone then swiped the Super Emeralds and transformed into “Metal Frenzy”. Espio and Charmy then had to battle him.

After the clone was defeated, it exploded and dropped the Super Emeralds. The Chaotix then collected them, not sure what to do with them.

Team Dark:

Plot: Omega was fighting Eggman's robots, and was failing badly. He found Shadow, apologized to him for their fight in Sonic Heroes, and they teamed up to fight Metal Sonic.

To complete the levels for Team Dark, the player simply has to destroy all the robots in the stage, thus opening the Warp Ring and enter it.

There is no item for this team.

Final Boss (Frenzy Factory): After eliminating all the robots in several cities, they finally catch up with an armored Metal Sonic clone, named “Metal Master”, and fight it. After defeating it, they headed to their last city, Station Square.

Team Future:

Blaze was protecting the Jeweled Scepter and the Sol Emeralds, when the room was filled with a knockout gas. When Blaze woke up, she found it, along with the Sol Emeralds, missing. Extremely panicked, she asked Marine if she knew who took them. Marine says she saw Metal Sonic run away with them (which was actually a Metal Sonic clone). Blaze and Marine then traveled to Sonic's world to look for them.

Meanwhile, Silver's world is still in chaos, and he travels back in time once again to find out why. He finds a Metal Sonic clone with the Jeweled Scepter that Blaze told him about, and knows that that is the reason. He finds Blaze, and the two team up to get back the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter.

The levels for this team are the same as the levels for Team Thieves and Team Chaotix, except that the Sol Emeralds need to be fount instead.

There is no item for this team, as the Sol Emeralds cannot be used.

Final Boss (Green Hill): After Blaze and Silver collected all the Sol Emeralds, they find a Metal Sonic clone destroying Green Hill. Blaze uses the Sol Emeralds to transform into Burning Blaze, and she and Silver battle the clone, which is named “Metal Star”.

After the clone is defeated, Blaze uses the Jeweled Scepter to return Green Hill to normal. She and Silver then say goodbye as Blaze and Marine starts heading back home with the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter.

Final Story:

Plot: Rouge took the Chaos Emeralds to her client, and was shocked to find out that it is Metal Sonic, and chases after him. While Metal Sonic was running away, he grabbed the Sol Emeralds and Jeweled Scepter from Blaze, and stuffed them in a mesh bag with the Chaos Emeralds. Enraged, Blaze chased after him alongside Rouge.

On his way to Station Square, Metal Sonic grabbed the Wisps, and when he does get to Station Square, he grabbed the Super Emeralds from the Chaotix. He then uses the power from the emeralds, the Wisps and the Jeweled Scepter, along with robot pieces from the robots there, and started to transform into his most powerful state ever yet achieved: “Metal Mega-Drive”, which is almost his most powerful state possible. The noise distracts Knuckles, who heads over to see what is happening. All the teams then take part on their own level, each level with a mini-boss boss being a variation of a Metal Sonic Clone (except for Team Rose, who fights a standard Metal Sonic clone). Sonic and Tails then fight Eggman's Annihilation Airship.

Final Boss (Station Square): Finally, everyone teams up to fight Metal Mega-Drive. Sonic and Tails, who were close to Metal Sonic when the transformation completed, got a dose of the high energy, and transformed into Super Sonic and Super Tails. Everyone defeats the tyrant, making it explode, thus completely destroying Metal Sonic. The explosion also scatters the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds, and everything else is returned to their rightful places. Enraged, Eggman flees to start making Metal Sonic 4.0. Everyone is exhausted, and they head back to their homes. Sonic and Tails are seen at the end, running off towards the sunset.

Secret Final Boss (Angel Island): If the player does not use Team Thieves at all during the fight, then the secret final boss is unlocked. There is a different cutscene, with Metal Sonic exhausted and beat up. He flies to Angel Island, and Knuckles and Rouge follow, along with all the fly type characters. Metal Sonic then steals the Master Emerald, and completes his mission. He transforms into “Metal Hyper-Drive” and is about to leave to conquer the world, but is stopped by Knuckles and the fly type characters. Shadow teams up with Tails, and Silver teams up with Charmy. Cream, who is too scared to battle Metal Sonic at his most powerful state, waits by the side and acts as the guide. The three teams defeat Metal Sonic, the Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds were scattered, and everything else is returned to their rightful places. Knuckles then continues to guard the Master Emeralds, and the fly type characters go to meet up with everyone else.

Secret Stages:

There is a secret zone called, well, Secret Zone, and can be accessed at the end of a stage when Team Sonic or Team Thieves use their item 10 times in one stage, or if Team Dark completes a stage without getting hurt. Then, at the end of the level, they will enter a portal to a Secret Zone. For Team Sonic, the portal takes them a few months back to Planet Wisp, where they battle Nega-Mother Wisp. For Team Thieves, it takes them back about 4,000 years to Emerald Altar, where they battle Perfect Chaos. For Team Dark, it takes them to 50 years ago, aboard the Space Colony ARK, where they battle the FinalHazard. For each team, once the stage is complete, the level is unlocked on the map in Story Mode and in Free Play Mode. The boss for Secret Zone is the secret final boss, Metal Hyper-Drive.

Other Modes

These are other modes to play in the game.

Free Play Mode

Play as up to 4 players and 4 teams. Choose stage or boss. Warp ring is already open. Mission does not have to be complete. A stage or boss is unlocked in Free Play Mode once that stage or boss is completed in Story Mode. It has the same five difficulties as Story Mode.


View individual cutscenes in the game, replays, and even trailers (for upcoming fanfiction games). With Wi-Fi connection, you can even put a replay in the Public Viewing area for other people to watch. Cutscenes are unlocked after they are watched (or skipped) in Story Mode. You can also listen to soundtracks for the game. The soundtracks are unlocked after the level or boss is complete.

Level Editor

Create stages to play, or change up stages in the game. You can put your levels in the Public Viewing area to let people try out your levels.

Public Viewing

Watch other people's replays, or try out levels that they designed.


These are the good characters in the game.



Attack/Fly Skill


(1A) Sonic


Spin Dash    Run/Air

+Speed    1 Attack


Honing Attack

1.5 Attack

(2A) Knuckles


Punch     Run/Still/Air

1 Attack     Melee


(3A) Amy


Piko Piko Hammer

Run/Still     2.5 Attack


– –

(4A) Espio


Ninja Skill    Run/Still/Air

1 Attack     Melee


(5A) Omega


Blaster     Run/Still/Air

2 Attack     Range

– –

(6A) Blaze


Firepower   Run/Still/Air

2 Attack     Range

– –

(1B) Tails


Boost     +Speed

Flight     5 sec.

(2B) Rouge


– –

Flight     10 sec.

(3B) Cream


– –

Flight     10 sec.

(4B) Charmy



Flight     5 sec.

(5B) Shadow


Boost     +Speed

Flight    5 sec.

(6B) Silver



Flight     5 sec.

Not Playable

(1C/4C) Vector

(2C/5C) Big

(3C/6C) Marine

A – Base Character B – Flight Character C – Guide Character

Tracking: After beings used, the edges of the screen will start to turn red when you get close to the Chaos Emeralds. Lasts for 60 seconds.

Psychokinesis: The character will grab the closest mobile object and move it around. For controls, look below.


Nintendo Wii only.

Horizontal (Wii Remote Only):

Left – Move Left, Push Left (Against a wall)

Right – Move Right, Push Right (Against a wall)

Up – Move Forwards, Climb Up

Down – Move Backwards, Climb Down

2 – Jump, Swim (When underwater)

1 – Attack (P1 only), Fly Skill (P2 only)

B – Skill (P1 only), *Pick Up Player (P2 only)

A – Fly, Stop Flying, Drop Player (P2 only, When carrying another player*)

1 + 2 – Use Item, Switch Team (Only in the final battle), Quick Pic


Left -- Move Object Left

Right -- Move Object Right

Up -- Move Object Forwards

Down -- Move Object Backwards

2 -- Move Object Up

1 -- Move Object Down


1 -- Halt (P2 only)

B -- Halt (P1 only)

Vertical with Nunchuck:

Left – Move Left, Push Left (Against a wall)

Right – Move Right, Push Right (Against a wall)

Up – Move Forwards, Climb Up

Down – Move Backwards, Climb Down

A – Jump, Swim (When underwater)

B – Attack (P1 only), Fly Skill (P2 only)

Z – Skill (P1 only), *Pick Up Player (P2 only)

C – Fly, Stop Flying, Drop Player (P2 only, When carrying another player*)

A + B – Use Item, Switch Team (Only in the final battle), Quick Pic


Left -- Move Object Left

Right -- Move Object Right

Up -- Move Object Forwards

Down -- Move Object Backwards

2 -- Move Object Up

1 -- Move Object Down


B -- Halt (P2 only)

Z -- Halt (P1 only)

Quick Pic: Immediately takes an image.


Please help me make up stages and bosses and put them in the Talk section.

  • Highway Hills
    • Interstate Grounds
  • Pacific Plains
    • Costal Land
  • Sky Speeding
    • Sky City
  • Angel Island
    • Emerald Altar
  • Blockage Battlegrounds
    • Secret Base
  • Panic Station
    • Robot Rampage
  • G.U.N. Fleet
    • Military Airships
  • Egg Fleet
    • Air Armada
  • Seaside Hill
    • Lakeside Land
  • Ocean Tide
    • Inland Island
  • Casino Craze
    • Pinball Panic
  • Cyro Carnival
    • Ice Pinball
  • Blizzard Beach
    • Frozen Lake
  • Frozen Fountains
    • Geiser Gateway
  • Danger Forest
    • Towering Trees
  • Lost Jungle
    • Treetop Terror
  • Rocky Road
    • Stone Village
  • Mayhem Mountain
    • Rolling Rocks
  • Robot Road
    • Frenzy Factory
  • Station Square
    • City Central
  • Green Hill

42/56 levels created

Secret Levels


Please help me find music to use in the game and put them in the Talk section.

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